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  1. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    You got some nice stuff there glenn. The 9 and 90 are exceptional, good luck finding! They certainly don't get the premium they deserve, most likely it's their size. The 90 is about as tall as a 3 /3a on a stand...........but wives can nag I guess??? Lol!!! Not mine, I got 9,9lsi,90 in the living room. The 3 gets the most premium, it's true. That's a statement
  2. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    Mr Sonnar Yes those are beautiful. Very. I do notice the hard surfaces, sort of like my garage. My 3a are there, and I love them. I find the midrange is awesome. Hope I find a set of 3''s to evaluate. Enjoy!
  3. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    I prefer the thunderbolt. .
  4. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    Did they have a 427 falcon????
  5. ar90 side grills

    Has anyone here installed new fabric on these? they are different than the ar9, where the staples are exposed.......these are hidden behind the flange. I dont want to pry them open if thats not the way to get to the inside. Hard to find a replacement frame. thanks
  6. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    3a. It's classic,simple and awesome in sound,clear with beautiful soft deep lows And I own the ar9 and it's brother the ar90 which are incredible sounding speakers. It's a totally different approach, more clear (clearest I've ever heard) with deep lows. The ar3a still wins, produced longer, was the pinacle in the arguably best period of the usa.....late 60''s to 70's....like the muscle car peak. But that's my opinion.
  7. Undertaking An AR-3A Update

    Hi Patrick Nice 3a's you have there...
  8. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    The Quintessential AR Speaker This question is which speaker embodies AR the most. I am in Total Agreement with Steve F. AR3a Steve Perfectly described it. I will qualify myself as the current owner of 11 different models of AR speakers currently. I own the AR9, AR90, AR9lsi, AR98ls, AR98lsi, AR50 connoisseur, AR40 connoisseur, AR58bxi, AR11, AR5, and the AR3a. I could go into describing each of them, but that is not the question. For me, Steve answered the question, and answered it perfectly. Merry Christmas.
  9. My 3a's are a little to bright for me......

    THAT IS A GREAT SET UP WOW LST in the corners..........LOL
  10. ar3a midrange vs ar11 midrange

    Roy, Why does the ar11 have a pronounced open sounding midrange, with the same driver and nearly same cap size and same coils as the Ar3a? Completely different sound in mid circuits. Why and How? That's what I'm trying to figure.
  11. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    thanks Stimpy I hope this prods you to get yours done. My brother picked up a set of 58s's . he did some work to them and has them sounding spectacular.
  12. ar3a midrange vs ar11 midrange

    Thanks Roy The ar11 produces such a different sound from the ar3a in the midrange, I just wanted to make sure its not the driver. Its all in the crossover design. I prefer the ar3a mid sound, so much that I have tried to mod the ar11 crossover to mimic it. No luck Yet. seems the ar11 is wired on the negative side to the coils, and the ar3a from the positive side. does this have any effect? or is the difference in the resistor set up on the 11 vs potentiometer set up that creats the difference? The ar11 mid produces are very pronounced open sound.......whereas the ar3a is more tighter and pleasing to me. I have been trying to find a spare 3a crossover to conduct this test, no luck yet. My brother is attempting to wire this into a ar11 crossover, some progress.........not there yet. seems there is alot of electrical wizardry that i dont understand...lol.......but the potentiometer changes things.......with the electric coils are the same, caps values slightly different......but the 3a is just far for pleasing to me. any ideas? pic is my Brothers latest thrashing to mimic the 3a in the 11....
  13. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    Thanks AR surround Yes, the Dayton NPE is really good. In my first few recaps I did, I was mezmorized with all the info on caps out there. On my second ar3a recap, I conducted an experiment in just doing it all dayton NPE. The results was excellent. great detail and smooth. No harshness. I am so confident in them, They will also go in the AR9lsi soon. Its really all you need.....for far less dough. Since then, I have stuck with the dayton NPE on all caps, and have used the Dayton Poly or Audyn Poly on the ar tweeter circuit (since the ar speakers I have usually need a tickle more highs) and the results have been excellent. The AR90 surprised me. My Brother told me "they will be like the ar9, just need to add +3db on the bottom 3-4 freq on the eq) he was right. Placement is important though, like the ar9. The ar90 in the garage after the recap sounded good, but Much better in the living room with the wall behind it. The Bass output from the side firing woofer creates a different effect than the Front firing woofer of the Ar9lsi. Placement is more critical with the side firing woofer. I was very surprised how the 2 10 inch woofers performed....No typical 10 inch thumpyness. The one difference so far in the ar9 and ar90 is one the midrange setting. I started out with -3db on the mid on the ar9, then went to 0db. I am still on -3db on the mid on the ar90. time will tell. But NO harshness, no irritation......and midranges can irritate my ear very easily. ar9, ar90 are really good out of the box, the ar9lsi needs alot of tailoring to get it right, but once you get it, its Tremendous. thats the sum up of the 3 ar towers...LOL They really are great. The 90's do need new Grill material.
  14. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    Stimpy I just picked up a set of ar90''s They sounded terrible when I brought them home. I recapped them today, what a huge difference. Now smooth,detailed and just flat out awesome in the living room. I used auden poly on tweeter circuit, and plain Dayton NPE everywhere else with .01 poly bypass on mid and mid bass circuit. Simple. Easy. Great improvement. These really do sound like the AR9 with a touch less bass (when you give it 2.5db on the eq). I'm Impressed!!! You need to finish yours.
  15. I want to know if these are Identical I know people sell the ar11 replacements as the same as AR3a , but are they really the same? visually, they do look a little different, and they sound different. thanks