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  1. Does anyone have an Accurate AR11 b schematic? the schematics I find online are not accurate. there should be 5 resistors, and a 120mf woofer cap. thanks.
  2. AR Restoration Meeting--1

    who is who in these pics? nice to see a comradery of ar fans.
  3. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

    I dont believe anyone could really articulate what you are looking to find ra.ra. I believe what this is about is proper set of electronic equipment eliminating electronic crosstalk or things like that.
  4. I know this is a Older rebuild. Great job! great job showing how the caps were Off spec. So I am wondering if you are still enjoying the AR9? how is it? Did you get the woofers to seal tightly? Harry
  5. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

    yes, He responded after you did. Thank you I got my ar9's up and running. they are really good. However, I can hear they need caps. I am preparing.....
  6. AR 9 Mid and HF Cap suggestions

    Aha. Ok. Thank you Carl.
  7. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

    Is there a reason for juggling 0.1 And. 0.01?
  8. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

    AR Surround so its been a while.......how are the AR9's sounding? still pleased? would you do anything different? Thanks.
  9. AR 9 Mid and HF Cap suggestions

    I am not sure what you mean by this........ can you elaborate?
  10. AR9 cost

    No doubt that has the tools in the tool box to run....... over my price range....by about 9500 usd...
  11. AR9 cost

    I would love to see that shootout.....a FRESH set of AR9's vs......... somebody set that up!!!!
  12. AR3 sells for over $3000!

    I LOVE IT TOO. actually, the prices are not out of line. Inflation adjust them, and wala.....not overpriced. yes, other vintage speakers are less $, but they dont sound as good. If they did....THEY would get premium too. Plenty of JBL's get high $. Thankfully I have another set left!
  13. Bob Carver has a trick he wires into the tube amps, makes the tubes last 30 years. I have NO interest in tubes.....I prefer the Carver 4.0 plenty of BALLS, with great sound. Right now I have a tfm 42 hooked to the Nines...... gets really loud, and the meters just start to move LOL I have to thank my brother for the Carver gear.......
  14. AR9 Teledyn Big LF Caps where?

    interesting Roy. I just got a set. You have found the original caps being good?
  15. AR3 sells for over $3000!

    yea, however I think this is too conservative in its calculations... gvt inflation figures arent inline with reality. Many economists have commented the gvt has changed their metrics to hide true inflation. While this offers a convenient view of prices, in reality most things have risen more than this I dont want to start a debate on the topic though. Its fairly obvious the public gets ripped off through inflation, as costs rise, even with production efficiencies and outsourcing for cheaper labor on top of it. Point? A good sounding wood veneer speaker produced today in a First world country would cost How Much? Todays price would reflect all sorts of production efficiencies and a questionable labor pool that would be paid 10-12 dollars an hour with crappy health benefits. There is Demand for nice sounding speakers, but the market isnt producing a wood veneer great sounding speaker for 1500 dollars today. From what I see, most of the "better speakers" cost between 5000 to 10000 dollars, and there isnt a 12 inch woofer inside. The ar3 was the Gold standard in speakers.........or one of the few that kept up with true inflation. Luckily for me, I got mine under the original price of the 1960's. Best Regards. ps. a clean 1969 Camaro, Mustang, Barracuda also surpasses these phony gvt cpi figures as well........ as does many of the quality items of the past.....including a vintage firearm. I am not talking about Art either.