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  1. AR9LS restoration

    Yes, I find Midwest surrounds to be the worst performing in terms of leakage. Awful customer support as well. I will post info on it soon, great vids sir!
  2. AR9LS restoration

    Hi David can you snap a pic of what your using? the black solvent sealant thanks
  3. Picked up some more AR speakers

    I guess the original owner got some stuff replaced under warranty? What is your plan on surrounds....ie type and which seller? what will you do for dust caps? what differences are there in the 8 inch 20027 and the AR18 woofer? I see NO reason for any difference in BASS output with those drivers......pictures always are nice of course.
  4. Cloth surrounds

    according to you Kent..... Posted September 5, 2016 Welcome DK! As you probably know, those speakers are very collectible and valuable. So proceed with caution! MOST IMPORTANT: That information about Permatex in the AR-3a is outdated and should NOT be followed. Permatex will gradually cure or harden and ruin the woofers. The good news is, CSP/AK member RoyC cooked up some butyl sealant that is exactly like the original. You could send him a PM or buy some from ebay seller Vintage AR. Keep us posted! -Kent
  5. AR9LS restoration

    this topic is not discussed enough the dust cap. I am under the impression that ar woofers are to have sealed dust caps. As a matter of fact, many of the older woofers have a sealant applied to the dust caps as well. without this seal, I am not sure how the woofer will seal. However many of the speaker surround sellers dont understand this or are playing dumb? In fact some are selling and recommending mesh dust caps. many of these vintage speakers have already been refoamed, so many times we dont know what was original what are YOU (everyone) using? solid paper dust caps? sealant? or?
  6. Cloth surrounds

    Are people still using this?
  7. AR9LSI Adventures

    Congrads on getting one of the BEST AR speakers ever made. also, I think the kenwood m2a that you asked me about is a great choice to power them. I Now have my AR9LSI to near perfection. It took me a while, but I think I am there. BASS MONSTERS.
  8. AR's reason for being

    and the bean counters put the nail in the coffin. easy to see
  9. Ar90 #2 recap

    That's possible. Any thing is possible. The last cap jobs I have done, ar9,ar9,ar9lsi,ar90,ar9lsi are all Dayton npe, no bypass. Smooth as glass. All of them. Inherent speaker character is part of it, and further illustrates bean counter elimination of POTS and their importance in fine tuning the end sound. I'm a novice.
  10. Ar90 #2 recap

    hard to say. I guess you could email those company's and ask if they make the caps for parts express.
  11. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Thank you Larry I will contact Rick Cobb........i guess ebay is easiest.......
  12. Ar90 #2 recap

    thats what I run.
  13. Never heard the 12" at its best

    I own the Connoisseur 50. 2 issues that originally affected Bass as compared to say a 3a. 1. Polypropylene woofer has diff bass output than a Paper woofer. I have performed swaps and I know there is a difference. The POLY has an advantage in clearness, but the Lows go to the Paper woofer (most likely its Mass) 2 Stuffing. WAY overstuffed. I removed the POLYfill and replaced with fiberglass and less of it.....BASS improved. Its deep, full and enjoyable. I own all the BIG dog AR's....and the 50's are a Large room speaker. They need space and can fill it up well. Very flat response.....clear mids, and strong highs with that tweeter without harshness. Its a good one. The Ultimate ar9 would be close to what they made, except for me.........1 forward facing 12 inch and 1 side firing 12 inch. There is benefit to forward facing and side firing...... AS far as Bass is concerned, the AR9lsi hits Harder than the ar9. yes, I know....I OWN it too.
  14. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    All my 8 inch ar90 and ar9 woofers are square magnet. my brother pointed out to me some other ar speakers with that bead around the inner roll area......as well as infinity speakers using that too. So there is a definite reason for that. I still want to get to the bottom of why some surrounds seal, others dont. I understand there are shades of sealing....from drum tight, to hardly any seal. How much this affects sound is unknown.
  15. Ar90 #2 recap

    I saw the 10pi I also await your response on them. I have a set of ar11's that I am not pleased with. I have plans on them, Ill get to them soon...