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  1. you will find these are very accurate and offer alot of detail you never heard in other speakers. I highly recommend putting a 2.5 to 3.0 resistor in line on the mid dome and see if you like them more.(orange wire) this is part of the LSI upgrade, but you can do a simple test and see.... the caps are old, but arent as bad as the older 90-9-91 series with black caps. the jap unicon caps are ok.....but do sound better with a regular NPE dayton cap. dont get carried away with caps. I see some blue ish caps on yours? enjoy....these are tremendous speakers.....far more detail than ar3a's and will produce very high levels of sound without distortion with a proper amp.
  2. put a 2.5 to 3.0 ohm resistor on the mid dome....and the 9LS will sound just like the LSI. that HOT input on the MID dome on the LS sounds aweful. easy fix.
  3. Frank The only 12 inch woofer AR speaker I haven't had the pleasure of hearing and taking in is the LST. Someday.
  4. Hi AR Surround The only switch I ever adj is the Midrange on the ar9. that depends on the recording Mostly.....I go from -3db to 0db. As for the ar9lsi....it took a while for me to get it where I think its perfect. It was a long struggle fighting the previous owners cap selection, and I added a touch more resistor to the Mid dome. I also played with the stuffing... There are occasions the ar9 is better, due to its smoothness and better balance, However the ar9lsi is the superior speaker for me. Its more versatile, has more clarity, better soundstage, adapts to nearly all music well. Its Not perfect, but the best I have heard. The tweeter is slightly warmer, yet the 9's tweeter is also great, but more neutral. This does not mean the ar9 is substandard by any stretch. It was my favorite until I got the LSI where I like it best. However, I cannot tell a lie.....I prefer the 9LS/LSI. It wasnt always the case, and certainly AR did not release the speaker to market ready for an audiophile. It would be better With switches on the upper drivers. The LS is really off....tooo much midrange..but easily fixed. Also, of note, is the difference in Bass....the 9 is more engulfing of sound into the room, whereas the ar9lsi is more coming at you and very much more detailed. I have many hours distinguishing the differences on many different music types. These are ELITE speakers. I am listening to my ar3a's in my office right now, spectacular, nice.....but the 9 series is superior in big rooms in every way, except the larger footprint. They are highly undervalued.
  5. helps if you put speaker on a bench so your not bending over it for hours. smaller table......etc I prefer removing boards if possible.
  6. The AR9 is great. Great Lows, clear mids and brilliant highs. Smoooth speaker---smooth sound. Sometimes a PIA to place, and dependant on placement and room size. This placement and room dynamics can make this speaker seem mediocre, but they arent mediocre. It shines in big wide rooms. Great on Classical and acoustic music. There is NO 3 way that can compete with the ar9...in terms of detail and things you miss in the 3 ways. I own and enjoy the ar3a, had 11's, have 58s, they just miss things. The ar98ls gets close, but not enough Meat on lows. The AR9LSI is Greater. Better Lows, More detail everywhere, EASY to place in any room, and a Unbeatable soundstage. For me, it needed some shuffling of the stuffing. Also, be careful choosing caps, too fancy and polys? ruin them. Plain ole dayton NPE caps Baby................. It takes the Gold. I still let them prove themselves to me, LSI wins nearly everytime. The AR9LS is the same as the LSI, without the upgraded resistors in the circuits , mostly to calm down the midrange. No switches, so they wired in the changes. all this can be found with a few searches. All three are winners and benefit with large amps........200 w @ 4 ohms and up....... you asked, so I gave my Opinion
  7. No I dont! 😆 But I have been lucky....... Lucky women hate them!!!!!
  8. Tom When you rebuilt the ar9lsi, did you realize the 10inch woofer was a 4 ohm driver? This throws out the "automatic transmission" crossover superiority of the ar9...over the ar9lsi. If the simpler bass circuit of the ls can handle 2 4ohm woofers, it calls into question why such a complicated woofer circuit is really neccesary on the ar9. secondly, the total bass output of the ar9 and ar9lsi are not the same. They are distinctly different. I know this for a fact. I own both, as a matter of fact 2 pairs of each have been in my hands. They are distinctly different. I enjoy both of the ar9 series speakers. They are phenomenal. However, they are distinctly different in sound, even though graphs may say otherwise. I also believe the ar9lsi was "detuned" to keep the ar9 as the king.....by overstuffing it. Just like other manufacturers keep their beloved models on top.....Ie..corvette vs grand national/camaro......and even Ken kantor''s special speaker by limiting him to smaller woofers at Acoustic Research! I am lucky enough to have found these, repaired many, and experienced them all.
  9. Nice progress. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  10. i have experimented in the ar11 in a number of different ways. so far, the ar11 tweeter in the ar11 box is worst to me. overall, im not a fan of the ar11. I dont like its sound and that includes the bass, most offensive to my ear is the midrange. I think that crossover design is makes it sound this way. I am in progress of a modified crossover on the ar11.....see soon But I wasnt going into that. I was referring to the tweeter only.....and the Hivi is much sweeter and enjoyable than the ar11 tweeter
  11. lol.........its ok to disagree Roy...... How does Larry feel about his AR9lsi?
  12. Roy So you are saying the Ar-9 tweeter is the ar11 tweeter with a recessed dome. That means the dome structure is identical? material? All I know is my impression of a AR11 tweeter is not pleasing, while the ar9 tweeter is very good and does not exhibit the negative aspects that I hear with the ar11 tweeter. 2 COMPLETELY different sounds. The ar9 tweeter is extremely good and brilliant.....while I wouldn't run a ar11 tweeter in anything I own. Its night and day to me. What I am getting from your comment is the sound is affected by the recessed dome? The ar9lsi dome is even further recessed! that is a pleasing tweeter and also exhibits none of the harshness the ar11 dome has. The ar11 tweeter is sharp and outputs the "S" too much .... The Hivi is slightly recessed....and that tweeter is also pleasing and exhibits nice tones and none of the harshness the ar11 tweeter exhibits. The hivi is a bit colored , but its a nice tweeter. As for dispersion.....I do find the ar9 tweeter to be more narrow projecting......certainly more narrow than the ar9LSI series tweeter. Dispersion is an interesting topic, but for me not so important ....in that all sorts of sound changes occur as you move in the room and or the speakers actual placement. I cannot expect a tweeter to perform the same in such a wide area......But I do want it brilliant and crisp, but not irritating.........and I find the ar11 tweeter irritating. so back to the point.....if you are stating the ar11 tweeter is essentially the same as a ar9 tweeter except the recessed (and releaved- like a countersunk screw) dome....you are saying that the total sound difference is attributed to that?
  13. my brother is sending me a full recap 42. ill know that answer soon.
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