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  1. Hi Klaus, my plan is to convert a pair of AR11 to AR10pi
  2. I just purchased 2 complete sets of AR10pi Crossovers. Before I do anything with them, does anyone with the instrumentation and tools, have any interest in plotting out some data? The only cost associated would be the postage back to me.
  3. Thank You for that very helpful info Steve F. I'll keep it mind as an alternative project in the event the 10pi plan turns to scrambled eggs. DaveTerry
  4. Sorry it took so long to respond to you guys......too much other stuff going on. First, I want to say thank you to Tom Tyson for the excellent technical information, and also to Roger for his insight. My initial idea, was to try and determine if there is an Autoformer out there, new or old, that would compare to the Hyde transformer that AR used in the 10pi. After that, try to purchase one, or wait and watch the 'net for a 10pi crossover. I'd like to use an AR10pi/AR11 woofer as a separate sub woofer, along the lines of the AR9 concept, supplementing my AR11's. The fun and interesting part will be to copy/modify the 10pi Woofer Equalizer, and not burn down my house lol.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond Tom. Perhaps I should rephrase my question about the Hyde Transformer/Autoformer used in the 10pi. Is the transformer an Impedance matching transformer, is it a multi-tap step up transformer, or was it something custom made for AR and we can only guess and make assumptions? I don't have one to test, and there isn't any published data on it that I can find. The patent for the circuit used in the 10pi doesn't give much insight unfortunately. Thanks Again, Dave Terry
  6. I know this is a stretch, but I'm hopeful that it won't go unanswered. Does anyone know the specifics concerning the Hyde Transformer that AR used in the 10pi? I haven't found anything, and I've done a lot of reading. Thank you to who ever is able to help. -Dave
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