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  1. Thanks David, been an interesting journey learning about fixing up these older speakers. Since these, I've done some JVC-SK1000ii's and some JBL LX44's - who knows what's next !!
  2. Hey all, just thought I would pop back in and give an update on progress with the AR90s. They're done ! And they work ! Hah hah, sorry got a bit excited there. I've had huge help from the guys at Audiokarma during the restoration and I'm really please with the results. I used Aileens Tacky Glue, shimmed the coils, took my time. I haven't touched the crossovers as I am very, very inexperienced with electronics / soldering so I don't want to stuff anything up. I'm working on some small projects to get my confidence up (soldering my own speaker connectors etc) before I progress to something like crossovers. Here's a couple of pictures and a video clip of how they sit now :- Final setup with AR90s by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr
  3. Hey thanks guys, great to feel welcome :-) I'll give a little back story on how I acquired this kit for anyone who's interested....... I recently started reading Audiokarma quite a bit and saw all the cool old gear that people are finding in thrifts etc so it got me wondering what I could find in a tiny little country like New Zealand. I prowled the few charity shops in the city where I live (fourth largest in NZ, population around 150,000 !!!) and all I found was modern plastic junk and VCRs. One day, however, I went to a large charity shop just out of the city centre and actually asked one of the staff if they ever get any older electricals, hifi etc and the lady said yes they do. She told me to talk to a guy who tests all the electrical stuff down in their warehouse. I popped down there, got chatting to the tech and then saw the contents of their warehouse - cha ching !! Some old amps (two of which I now own), loads of old speakers (mostly junk, the best ones liberated by me), heaps of Techincs / sony / Onkyo / Sanyo components (again mostly low to mid level stuff). So after a few visits, the tech agreed I could have a dig through the stuff and take what I wanted away for testing. Once I tested the kit, we agreed on prices which were mostly in the $10 to $20 range (NZ). I went down one day and there, in the doorway ready to be thrown away, were the AR90s. I donated $10 for them and loaded them into my car :-)
  4. Thanks mate - I'm getting there, slowly !
  5. Hello all. I just posted a quick intro in one of the other sections but I'm mainly here to learn about the AR90. I just saved a pair from going into a skip because the drivers had 'gone' - I found that they actually need foam (all of them) so I've got some on order and I've stripped / prepped the drivers with shims. I would be very grateful for any helpful hints / tips / do's and don'ts as these are my first refoam mission ! I would also welcome suggestions about amplification - I'm not into room blasting volume levels and my amp collection currently consists of an Akai AS-960 and a Pioneer SX-880. I'm also considering picking up a newer-gen amp, the Sony GX900ES. Work in progress..... by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Dr Shims woofer workshop. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr
  6. Hello everyone, I'm Justin - a UK expat living in sunny New Zealand. I got bitten by the retro audio bug recently and through a series of lucky connections I have acquired some nice vintage kit. I'm a total noob in terms of my ability with electronics (although I'm a senior IT engineer) so I'm enjoying learning lots about all this lovely stuff. Here's a few pics of my key components to get things started, firstly Acoustic Research AR90 with refoam pending :- Teledyne Acoustic Research AR90L, pair. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Some 'SEAS Soundkit Professional 302' speakers, apparently built from the same components as the Dynaco A40XL (??) SEAS Professional Sound by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Pioneer SX-880 amp, in need of a little work to stop it getting stuck in protection when cold :- Pioneer SX-880 after quick clean up. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Technics SL-10, rescued from a pile of garbage :- Technics SL10 closed. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Akai AS-960 'quad monster' in need of some work - aux / phono work great but FM is WAY too loud ! Akai AS-960 relamp. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Pioneer amp with JVC-KD55 cassette deck on top of AR90s Growing the retro stack by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr AR90 refoam progress - caps cut back and shims fitted, waiting on glue and foam :- Dr Shims woofer workshop. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr Most recent acquisition - JVC SK-1000ii in good overall condition, need foam though. JVC SK-1000 ii, pair. by Justin Robert Bailey, on Flickr
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