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  1. glenwcar

    Allison CD7s in oak - fo' free (see below)

    Hi John. Those CD7 are actually in MA. Contact the original poster. It is a great speaker, shipping from Mass shouldn't be too much
  2. Certainly wish these were closer. I have a pair of oak Sevens. Truly a great speaker.
  3. glenwcar

    Allison CD7s in oak - fo' free (see below)

    Location? I am in Colorado. Thanks, Glen
  4. Hi. Great offer, great speaker. Where are you located? Glen in Colorado
  5. glenwcar

    Allison Four speakers for sale

    Beautiful! I have a borrowed pair in house right now. I would love to own. (my friend won't sell). They have an awesome room filling sound. G
  6. glenwcar

    AR-2 in Heathkit AS-2 clothing

    Hi Kent Thanks for your input. and the links. My apologies, my CSP notification went to spam. Hence my tardy reply. Random. I am coming off a busy month, ready to get back to the audio desk. I will update when I get to these. We have local audio show/swap annually called Vintage Voltage ( http://danacain.com/vintage-voltage-expo/ ) I am a vendor this year hoping to sell off a few odds and ends, but mostly to see what the other vendors have to tempt me. Cheers, Glen
  7. glenwcar

    Allison Seven Speakers Restored

    Agreed on the sound. I think I may do the caps on the Fours that I have, they are a little reserved compared to the Sevens. Thoughts on that? The Six pair probably astounded me the most, overall. I have a pair Of Twos, five of six years . I have them for sale now, the versatility/size/sound of the others suit me better in my current situation.
  8. glenwcar

    AR-2 in Heathkit AS-2 clothing

    thanks for the input, and the scans. These are coming in for a listen next. They will need some new grill cloth, I may have something that is suited to the original. I may replace the caps. Any thoughts there? Thanks again, Glen
  9. HI I have just acquired a pair of Heathkit AS-2 speakers. I have not listened yet, but woofer seem pliable, and no noticeable damage to the drivers. I am wondering if these were offered concurrently with the AR-2 which I am told they were badged AR OEM. Any input/ comments would be appreciated. Thanks Glen
  10. glenwcar

    A Nice set of LST's on CL in Albany

    HI A pair in Colorado for reference. I have no affiliation. https://boulder.craigslist.org/ele/d/legendary-acoustic-research/6462094467.html glen
  11. glenwcar

    Allison Seven Speakers Restored

    HI. I hope someone is still following this thread. I have a pair of Sevens as well. Blond cabs. Did the cap replacement make a difference in the sound. In most off my vintage speakers I replace the caps. I have read in a post re: Model four caps that they were still in spec Any thoughts on the replacement? Actually in either Model, as I have just come into some Allison Fours as well. Thanks, Glen
  12. glenwcar

    Dynaco A25 Seas 25 tv-ew woofer needed

    Hi Rick I have one. The cone has a repair in it. I recollect that it works fine. I can send some pics and ohms. Drop me a line. Cheers, Glen I have a tweeter as well.