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  1. Hi I acquired a pair of EPI 100V w/ EPI Gold Ring Tweeters with these 8" Cambridge Soundworks Woofers. No apparent crossover mods have occurred. Round magnet woofers are stamped Cambridge Soundworks and dated April 5, 1995. No part number or serial numbers. I've always thought the 8" square magnet (EPI/Genesis/Epicure) were OK to interchange but my question is ...are these CS woofers suitable for this speaker and crossover to work as the speaker was designed? any help is much appreciated.
  2. ADS L520

    Thanks again. I will try to post some photos tonight and play around with your suggestions really appreciate all the help on this site.
  3. ADS L520

    Thanks Glitch. I think either would work? I did test the " bad" one and tested direct from my receiver and no sound. I did not disconnect it from the crossover because it's soldered and I don't know how to solder. When I touched the speaker wire for my receiver to the Woffor clips no sound but the Tweeter worked fine through it that way. So I think I'll switch woofers and see if it works that way just to eliminate a crossover problem. Does that make sense?
  4. ADS L520

    BTW- this record collection I picked up while buying his speakers...OMG over 300 LP's 60's, 70's rock. My wife is NONE too happy
  5. ADS L520

    Well...one dead woofer. The other speaker sounds excellent. Now I need to find a replacement woof. There are no part numbers on the driver. There are a couple of drivers on eeebay, both listed for the L520 but they have different part numbers. 206-0326 and 206-0323. ?
  6. ADS L520

    And they do have rubber surrounds. The best part...the gentleman was getting rid of his vinyl collection and I bought over 100 albums! Some real classics...
  7. ADS L520

    I have found out more...they are indeed an earlier model. I did aquire them this afternoon. Other than the cabinets, they appear to be in very good shape and at first listen, I think I'm going to love these. They are vinyl covered and have fabric grills. Drivers look very good. Thank you all for the advice, VERY much appreciated.
  8. ADS L520

    Seller is asking $100 but agreed to $60. I thought 100 was a bit high...
  9. ADS L520

    Thanks so much. Great advice! Here is the only photo that I have. Seller tells me they are all original and all drivers working. Going to see them in a day or two.
  10. ADS L520

    I've never owned any ADS speakers but am very curious to hear and play around. Have an opportunity to buy a pair of L520 for $60. I've only seen some photos of them on the CL ad. Cabs are in rough shape, chipped corners and what looks like peeling vinyl. I have read that the cabs are wood veener. Did they make these w vinyl coverings? Looks to have cloth grills, not metal. Maybe an earlier version? Am going to look in a couple of days so hopefully some can comment. Opinions? Decent value? Thx Tom
  11. Looking for a set of KLH speakers

    I have a beautiful pair of Model Fives that I had JKent rebuild the crossovers on. I have never heard a more pleasant sounding speaker and I've owned dozens of pairs including AR, Advent, older Infinity, vintage polk, klipsch, etc. They are just amazing for me. And very attractive. JKent did a great job and was very helpful in my restoration process. They will be willed to my son when I die!
  12. SOLD 8/7/17 pair Snell XA 90ps speakers for sale. Black. Includes original remote. In very good cosmetic condition. There is an issue w/ amplifier that powers the 2 lower subs on one of the speakers. The other speaker is fine. Pick up in Columbia, SC Offers: tomknow86@gmail.com
  13. Looking for a pair of the brass (?)plated badges with the Green lettering for my Model II's (early version.) Thanks tomknow86@gmail.com
  14. Acquired a nice pair of Model II's, vinyl cabinets w/ light colored grill fabric. No badges. These had the brass(?) plate badges w/ Green lettering. The model II's had a larger badge than the model I's. Anyone have any for the Model II?
  15. Snell XA 90 Powered Sub Amplifier problem

    I think I'm at that same conclusion. There's an excellent tech here in Columbia, SC. Thanks for the dialogue. Tom