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  1. Dynaco Mk III RCA jacks recommendation

    Greetings, I have to replace the RCA jacks on my Mk III amps. I am keeping them as close to original as possible. Can anyone point me in the direction of a vendor selling original-style jacks? Thanks! Peter
  2. What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    Yep. I live in a good area for roadside finds. Maybe one day those will include some HH Scott stuff.
  3. What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    My main stereo is: A25, pair Mk III, factory wired PAT-4, KLH Eighteen tuner, NAD CD player, Thorens TD115 Mk II turntable. The Thorens is being sold for an AR-XA (two motor). One of the Mk IIIs was trashed picked, unused, still in the box, along with an unused PAM-1. The A25s were trash picked, too. They replaced a pair of AR-4x in the main system.
  4. KLH Model Eight preamp?

    Thanks JKent! That is exactly the information I was looking for. I hoped it would be in a walnut cabinet. Even unused it would be a nice curiosity to have in the collection. I will continue to look for a Model Sixteen then. So that is your picture I saw on google... L_P
  5. KLH Model Eight preamp?

    Good afternoon! Do the fine folks over here know anything about a KLH Model Eight preamp for connecting a record player or tape player to a Model Eight radio? There is a gentleman on AK that has one for sale, unused, still in the box. I have never heard or seen such a thing. I am trying to figure out what it looks like. All that I have come up with on the net is this: TIA, Peter
  6. My klh collection thus far.

    Back to the topic at hand. I can only comment on two models. The Fourteens sound really good in a small room. I am using a pair with the 27 receiver in my <8 x 10 kitchen. The Twenties sound rather meh to me. They were powered by a pair of Dynaco Mk III. It could be that I compared them to a pair of AR-4x...
  7. My klh collection thus far.

    Hi Matthew, I'll play along. Without trying to I have managed to collect: Model Twenty speakers (3 of them) Model Fourteen speakers (2 pairs) Model Eighteen tuner (used daily with a Dynaco PAT4 preamp and a pair of Mk IIIs) Model 27 radios (3 of them, one with the proper extension speaker) Model Eight radio (low s/n, solid walnut) Model 27 receiver (listened to every day in my kitchen with one pair of the 14s) I recently learned of the Model Sixteen amp. Now I am jonesing for one! Peter
  8. WTB: KLH Model Sixteen

    Thanks Kent. I don't have 17s...yet
  9. WTB: KLH Model Sixteen

    Of course, if i happen to find one, the KLH 18 will be the tuner. Which means that I will also be on the lookout for another tuner.... Does this madness ever end?
  10. WTB: KLH Model Sixteen

    Greetings! I just learned of the KLH Model Sixteen integrated amp. I would love to find one in good condition. I have the rest of the components to make a great KLH "teen" stereo: A Model Eighteen in fantastic condition, and a pair of (almost unused) Model Fourteen B still in the boxes. Thanks for looking. Peter

    Great stuff, Larry. That receiver was made less than a mile from my house! Peter
  12. Bungled AR 2ax repair

    You guys are the best.
  13. AR-7 refoam questions

    I refoamed the woofers with surrounds from speakerworks. Cutting the dust cover was a bit nerve racking. Recapped them last weekend. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet. I have confirmed that the veneer on these is mahogany. Did AR offer different veneers from the factory? P
  14. AR-7 refoam questions

    ra.ra, great tip on rotating the woofers. What did you do to tidy up the baffles? Just scrape and paint with flat black? That looks really nice.
  15. AR-7 refoam questions

    I was under the impression that early 7s were walnut stained birch. The grain on these is like no birch I have seen before. Here are some pictures of the tops. For some reason I can't upload the two pictures. Got it. If you look at the pictures of the tops, the grain on these is fairly open. If you click the picture and enlarge to full size, you can see the grain well. The s/n on these are 004837 and 004938