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  1. Lucky Pierre

    AR-5 crossover questions

    Thanks everyone. Looks like I have to do some more research re: the tweeters. These will be (at least one pair) of my forever speakers. I want to make sure to do things right.
  2. Lucky Pierre

    AR-5 crossover questions

    Greetings, I recently picked up a pair of AR-5, s/n K 17388, K 17389. The PO refreshed the veneer, refoamed the woofers, and cleaned the pots on one of the speakers. That speaker sounds great, the other not so much. Weak muddy highs and mids. I am planning on cleaning the pots on the one that wasn't done and recapping both. I have the big, wax block caps. Is there a way to test them in place, or should I just plan on replacing? If I replace, should I cut the wires at the block and leave it in place? Can I use a brass brush on the pots, or should I stick to a salt and vinegar soak? Thanks!
  3. Lucky Pierre

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    In the future, if you insist on using poly on projects, I highly recommend General Finish's Arm-R-Seal. It is a wipe-on, poly/tung mix. It is really easy to apply and (in my experience) doesn't orange peal. Also, allow at least 48 hours between coats. Lightly sand with 220 between coats. You can go up to 600 on the final quote. L_P
  4. Thanks Kent. I saw that earlier. I had a nice chat with Craig as NOS Valves earlier. HE gave me some good pointers on what to check before I replace the pot.
  5. Greetings, I picked up a sweet Scott LC-21 preamp this weekend. It sounds wonderful, other than the fact that it favors the left channel and the on/off switch on the pot doesn't work. I understand the on/off/vol pots go bad on these. Has anyone rebuilt one of these pots? Or, can you suggest a suitable replacement? Thanks, Petre
  6. Lucky Pierre

    Opinions on Fisher vs Scott preamps for A25s?

    I'd prefer a single, stereo preamp.
  7. Greetings, I posted this in the other forum, but have no replies. I had a bit of good fortune this week. To celebrate I am going to buy a new old preamp for my pair of Dynaco Mk IIIs. I am currently using a factory-wired PAT4. Speakers are Dynaco A-25. I am considering a Fisher 400c or a Scott 130, or any other tube pre of this vintage and price range. I'd like a Marantz 7, but they are way out of my price range. One caveat: I am only interested in unmodified equipment. Will you share your opinions of these two preamps? Are there any other tube stereo preamp, late 50s - mid 60s that I should consider? Is an Eico HF85 a viable competitor? I have a Sherwood S-5000 integrated and S-3000 tuner.. Did Sherwood make a separate preamp of this vintage? Thanks!
  8. Lucky Pierre

    Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    Thanks Craig! Those are excellent instructions. I will do this one evening this week. Peter
  9. Lucky Pierre

    Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    Ah, got it! The simple test. Are there any tests with a multimeter that will show anything wrong with the voice coil?
  10. Lucky Pierre

    Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    Thanks! Kent, what am I checking on the drivers themselves? Impedance? Analogman, can you describe the DC check for me? I am pretty good with restoring speakers, but I am just learning how to test and work on amps.
  11. Lucky Pierre

    Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    So, my wife yesterday was listening in the kitchen to my KLH Twenty Seven with the Fourteen Bs. She had her phone connected via the aux jack. I have a feeling she had her phone volume low and the receiver high. When she finished her show, she flipped the selector to FM without lowering the volume. I heard the most horrible noise from outside, with the windows closed. She immediately shut everything down. When I powered it back up, the left speaker was all sorts of scratchy. I verified that it is the speaker and not the receiver. Can you tell me what likely happened? Fried voice coil? Thanks!
  12. Lucky Pierre

    Dynaco Mk III RCA jacks recommendation

    Greetings, I have to replace the RCA jacks on my Mk III amps. I am keeping them as close to original as possible. Can anyone point me in the direction of a vendor selling original-style jacks? Thanks! Peter
  13. Lucky Pierre

    What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    Yep. I live in a good area for roadside finds. Maybe one day those will include some HH Scott stuff.
  14. Lucky Pierre

    What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    My main stereo is: A25, pair Mk III, factory wired PAT-4, KLH Eighteen tuner, NAD CD player, Thorens TD115 Mk II turntable. The Thorens is being sold for an AR-XA (two motor). One of the Mk IIIs was trashed picked, unused, still in the box, along with an unused PAM-1. The A25s were trash picked, too. They replaced a pair of AR-4x in the main system.
  15. Lucky Pierre

    KLH Model Eight preamp?

    Thanks JKent! That is exactly the information I was looking for. I hoped it would be in a walnut cabinet. Even unused it would be a nice curiosity to have in the collection. I will continue to look for a Model Sixteen then. So that is your picture I saw on google... L_P