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  1. Thanks Robert. Yes, this is one of the ones I picked up in the spring. The cabinet restoration came out really nice. I was laid off at the end of March, and just started working again. All the hobbies were put on hold during the interim. I don't think too much catnip. Just a big, 14 pound cat looking for a comfy place to sit! Peter
  2. Thank you for the advice. This pair is a slow moving project. They are on the shelves for now. I'm just looking for ideas to have in the back of my head for when I do get back to them. Peter
  3. Greetings, This was a 4x woofer. Should I consider having it reconed or just look for a replacement? L_P
  4. Got one! I'll be posting about it when I can start cleaning adn evaluating it. Peter
  5. I agree that you have a very valuable pair of speakers. I also echo ar_pro that you should do nothing to them. You can check ebay sold listings for sold prices.
  6. I think this project, along with a few others, is on hold for now. I am awaiting news on a new job. Upon which, a new house will be in our future. My time now is occupied with prepping our current home for a potential sale. I'll post updates once things are more settled. Peter
  7. Be careful with your woofers. The white dust on the magnets is cadmium corrosion. It IS toxic. If it is not too late, you should wear nitrile or latex gloves and wipe it off with a dampened rag. Windex or other gentle cleaner will work. Then promptly dispose of the rag and gloves. DO NOT try to blow or vacuum it off. As other have said rebuilding the crossovers is pretty straightforward.
  8. Thanks Glenn. I will consider sending the mids to Roy, but I can't imaging them sounding better than they already do. What prompted you to send yours to Roy? The plan now for the cabinets is: sand, stain, seal with shellac, they a few coats of gloss lacquer. I will definitely post pics. Peter
  9. Excellent! I will try the lens paper idea, then color it once the glue has dried. Pictures will follow.
  10. Great tips! Thanks again. I'll post pics when I start on the cabinets.
  11. Thanks Robert. I don't know how they sound yet. I have not hooked them up. Maybe rolling papers instead of coffee filter paper? If I go that route, should I just span the tear and glue from the front? I think I can carefully brush glue on and around the tear and work from the "short" side of the tear to the "long" side and have most of the cone adhere to the patch. Or, should I glue the patch up to the long side of the tear, let that set, then glue the patch across the long tear? Does that make sense? Or should I just not worry about it and sell them to my brother when the rest of the resto is done? P
  12. So, the weather is getting warm enough to spray lacquer. Does anyone have any tips for lacquering over stain? I have been trying to get some information on the original stain used, but the company is not returning my calls. I was going to try to steam out some of the dents in the veneer, but I think I will leave them as battle scars. I plan on sanding 150, 180, 220, then staining red mahogany. I have only used oil-based stains in the past. I assume that if I use an oil based stain I should let it cure for at least a week before I lacquer. Do I need to use a sealer between the stain and the lacquer? I plan on using multiple coats of gloss lacquer, followed by a final coat of semi-gloss. I will probably use rattle cans, unless I can borrow a HVLP sprayer. Thanks! L_P
  13. Greetings, What is the best way to repair a small tear in the tweeter? Should I try to separate the entire tweeter from the baffle and repair from behind using a paper coffee filter? Or could I glue it from the front using a small hook out made out of a thin straight needle and go in from the front to hold the cone in place while glue dries? Thanks!
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