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  1. Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    Thanks Craig! Those are excellent instructions. I will do this one evening this week. Peter
  2. Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    Ah, got it! The simple test. Are there any tests with a multimeter that will show anything wrong with the voice coil?
  3. Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    Thanks! Kent, what am I checking on the drivers themselves? Impedance? Analogman, can you describe the DC check for me? I am pretty good with restoring speakers, but I am just learning how to test and work on amps.
  4. Symptoms of a blown Fourteen B?

    So, my wife yesterday was listening in the kitchen to my KLH Twenty Seven with the Fourteen Bs. She had her phone connected via the aux jack. I have a feeling she had her phone volume low and the receiver high. When she finished her show, she flipped the selector to FM without lowering the volume. I heard the most horrible noise from outside, with the windows closed. She immediately shut everything down. When I powered it back up, the left speaker was all sorts of scratchy. I verified that it is the speaker and not the receiver. Can you tell me what likely happened? Fried voice coil? Thanks!
  5. Dynaco Mk III RCA jacks recommendation

    Greetings, I have to replace the RCA jacks on my Mk III amps. I am keeping them as close to original as possible. Can anyone point me in the direction of a vendor selling original-style jacks? Thanks! Peter
  6. What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    Yep. I live in a good area for roadside finds. Maybe one day those will include some HH Scott stuff.
  7. What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    My main stereo is: A25, pair Mk III, factory wired PAT-4, KLH Eighteen tuner, NAD CD player, Thorens TD115 Mk II turntable. The Thorens is being sold for an AR-XA (two motor). One of the Mk IIIs was trashed picked, unused, still in the box, along with an unused PAM-1. The A25s were trash picked, too. They replaced a pair of AR-4x in the main system.
  8. KLH Model Eight preamp?

    Thanks JKent! That is exactly the information I was looking for. I hoped it would be in a walnut cabinet. Even unused it would be a nice curiosity to have in the collection. I will continue to look for a Model Sixteen then. So that is your picture I saw on google... L_P
  9. KLH Model Eight preamp?

    Good afternoon! Do the fine folks over here know anything about a KLH Model Eight preamp for connecting a record player or tape player to a Model Eight radio? There is a gentleman on AK that has one for sale, unused, still in the box. I have never heard or seen such a thing. I am trying to figure out what it looks like. All that I have come up with on the net is this: TIA, Peter
  10. My klh collection thus far.

    Back to the topic at hand. I can only comment on two models. The Fourteens sound really good in a small room. I am using a pair with the 27 receiver in my <8 x 10 kitchen. The Twenties sound rather meh to me. They were powered by a pair of Dynaco Mk III. It could be that I compared them to a pair of AR-4x...
  11. My klh collection thus far.

    Hi Matthew, I'll play along. Without trying to I have managed to collect: Model Twenty speakers (3 of them) Model Fourteen speakers (2 pairs) Model Eighteen tuner (used daily with a Dynaco PAT4 preamp and a pair of Mk IIIs) Model 27 radios (3 of them, one with the proper extension speaker) Model Eight radio (low s/n, solid walnut) Model 27 receiver (listened to every day in my kitchen with one pair of the 14s) I recently learned of the Model Sixteen amp. Now I am jonesing for one! Peter
  12. WTB: KLH Model Sixteen

    Thanks Kent. I don't have 17s...yet
  13. WTB: KLH Model Sixteen

    Of course, if i happen to find one, the KLH 18 will be the tuner. Which means that I will also be on the lookout for another tuner.... Does this madness ever end?
  14. WTB: KLH Model Sixteen

    Greetings! I just learned of the KLH Model Sixteen integrated amp. I would love to find one in good condition. I have the rest of the components to make a great KLH "teen" stereo: A Model Eighteen in fantastic condition, and a pair of (almost unused) Model Fourteen B still in the boxes. Thanks for looking. Peter

    Great stuff, Larry. That receiver was made less than a mile from my house! Peter