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  1. Hej Dan Trevligt med en svensk till på detta förnäma forum. Välkommen i gänget mvh. Birger Hello Dan Nice to have another swede on this famous and respectet AR forum. Welcome Regards Birger
  2. Hello and good evening to all. So, I saw them on a Swedish auction site, and I could not resist . I made a bid and when closed I was the highest bidder. ( 100$ ) later today I drove to the town nearby and picked them up. A nice guy ( around my age 65+ ) opened and there they where. WOW . He was the first and only owner of those 2ax's On the way out to the car he wondered if I even want the original boxes the where delivered in? Yes ,Please if I might. Even so the labels on the back are still in good shape and the serial numbers are side by side ( 33218 & 33219 ) Back home I made a short checkout. Both Woofers need refoam and probably the crossover needs an overhaul, otherwise all drivers are working well. They will fit nicely between the 4x's , LST-2's and finally the LST's. Regards from Sweden Birger P.S. He has an AR XA as well, which I will try to get later on.
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