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  1. I look forward to getting my 20xw Sherwood back from my tech and running some 17s with it! I have some 5s as well, but I thing the 17's will be just fine.
  2. To revive and OLD post, how do the 22s sound? same drivers as 17s?
  3. Yeah, the woofer cones look way too smooth to me and the dustcaps are larger than what I'm used to seeing.
  4. Can you post the close up shot of the single woofer?
  5. Something seems off, almost looks like reconed woofers. Also looks like a vinyl covering instead of walnut veneer. The SNs seem low too, so maybe this is what the early model looked like. They grill cloth looks replaced, too. How much are they?
  6. Well, I got both crossovers finished. The first one was done well, but I wanted the second one to be laid out in a neater fashion. The first one was definitely a learning experience. The Mac crossovers were WAY simpler since those speakers don't have tone pots. The first speaker, belonging to the first crossover, had a dead tweeter and a Model 6 woofer. I think I'm guilty of the woofer swap- I suppose it made sense at the time... The second speaker is all working and has the correct woofer. There is a pair on everyone's favorite auction site, but I'm hoping I can find a single. A replacement tweeter is on the way as well. The woofer surround needs to be redone, luckily I have a jar of vintage-ar's compound in the garage. Attached is a pic of the second crossover, I'm happy with its layout, much more so than the first one!
  7. Hi David, it's definitely a Model 6 driver. I think I might've done the switch years ago, before I knew better.
  8. Just purchased a pair. Thanks! Thanks!
  9. I took a real close look at the incorrect woofer, there is a faint "6" on the cone, so that answers what model KLH it is out of. I got a tweeter for $25 shipped, so that's not too bad. I'd love to find someone who has a 5 woofer and needs a 6!
  10. So, I finished replacing caps and resistors in one of my Model 5 crossovers. The tweeter is dead, no sound when hooked up directly (bass rolled off, low volume), and the woofer is not correct. It's a KLH driver, it's got a noticeably smaller magnet than the other. Any ideas on what the mystery woofer is? It works fine, it just won't sound as strong (I'm assuming) as the other, heavier driver. Off to everyone's favorite auction site
  11. All the parts arrived earlier this week. I did the McIntosh crossovers first since they are more straightforward. To echo Jkent's advice, always replace resistors. Both Mac speakers had BAKED resistors in the woofer circuit- see the attached pic. I have started wiring extensions to the capacitors for the Model 5's and even installed the 25 cap and a couple of resistors. I love redoing crossovers; it is very gratifying and it's probably the only kind of electronic repair I'm capable of performing!
  12. All parts ordered from Parts Express! It was great because they also had 6 ohm resistors for the Model 5s, I also needed four more for the McIntosh speakers I'm redoing- the vendor I used for those was out of stock. It's almost comedic the different brands/styles of caps and inductors used in KLH models! Are any two crossovers exactly the same? I am, of course, kidding. So lo and behold one of the crossovers has two broken wires in it. Gee, I wonder if that had something to do with one speaker sounding not quite all there?
  13. Thanks Kent- I appreciate your input. I will have him show me how to bypass in the very slight chance that the pots are inoperable(which I doubt). They will get some DeOxit love for sure
  14. Good question- less parts to change and I never use the tone controls on the back of the speakers. Do you feel like it's a foolish idea?
  15. Thank you! I am going to show the crossovers to my tech and see if he can show me how to bypass the tone pots. Thanks again!
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