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  1. Spensar

    Those 5 grand AR3's sold.......

    I see stuff like this from time to time that makes no sense at all and wonder if there is money laundering or transferring going on or what.
  2. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Nice Glen, thanks. I love the variety of sound from different types of speakers.
  3. Spensar

    Dynaco A-25 Cabinets - Tackling Water Marks Ideas

    Ended up trying the Howard's Restor-A-Finish walnut (medium brown) Debated going with neutral so that scratches would not pop as much but the walnut is better for other vintage gear as well. It did a great job in taking care of the water marks and rings. The top in the picture is the left hand one in the top picture. I read up enough to know it will only color in scratches but that is ok, the finish looks very presentable now and if the sanding urge strikes when the weather is warm I c an always go that route.
  4. I recently was able to get a pair of A-25s that sonically sound terrific and the grill cloth is very good but the cabinets need some help and the top of one in particular has some water spotting and rings. The other sides have various scratching but thankfully nothing to deep and no chunks missing. I have not tackled a speaker cabinet before and would appreciate any ideas on the water and rings in particular. Thanks.
  5. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Year plus later and feel obliged to post that though I passed on the ARs (and have not seen a pair since) I did recently jump on a pair of Dynaco A-25s and a Dynaco SCA-80Q amp for $60 and they do sound great.
  6. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    I did consider just saying I bought them, as I thought passing on them could get me a immediate and automatic life ban from the forum
  7. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    I did consider just saying I bought them, as I thought passing on them could get me a immediate and automatic life ban from the forum
  8. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Your eagle eyes were right on the money, they are AR4x speakers - pictures below. The condition was very good, papers attached on the back were complete, wood needs some work - normal scuffing on the top, sides were pretty nice. I was the first to them, had them in hand, but I actually passed and let another person buy them. Before letting them go we chatted a bit and he knew his stuff, knew his ARs and restoration - rueful smiles they were not AR3s. I was happy that someone would save and restore them and not just use them as bangers for a while and turf them. So I got my vintage fix and let them go to good hands. I love a good deal but have limited space and and will keep looking for something a bit higher up the speaker food chain. Final deal was he bought the 4 for $50 in total. Does my rationalizing still sound credible :-) Unfortunately, there was not another spec of vintage sound gear in the place. Thanks again to everyone for the ID help. It let me keep my head and not just do another impulse buy.
  9. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Thanks to everyone for the 4x assessment, exactly what I was hoping to find out. Jkent, the picture is appreciated and it sure looks like a match.
  10. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    The story for now is that they are at a sale starting tomorrow, but getting in line to be in the first tranche will take a good amount of time - they were 3s it is a no brainer of course. Thanks for ruling that out. I was trying to guage the height from the box beside it that looks to be 14"-15" tall. AR2s are 24" and 4s 19". From picture perspective it's hard to tell but 19" looked to small. What I am also hoping is that some of the hardware associated with them is lurking around - 4 speakers....quad stuff :-) I guess it will be an early morning. I will report back on what they actually were. The condition does look very nice.
  11. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Can't see these until the weekend and only have this picture for info but trying to figure out what model these may be from the picture. Only grill badge is AR Inc. Thoughts?
  12. Spensar

    AR Grill Badge Numbers

    New to the forum, but have lurked and visited the classic speaker library - great site. I have a question on AR grill badging. It seems that a lot of grill badging identifies the model number, but others just have the AR Inc. badge. I have seen pictures of 2AX's with just an AR badge and wondered if the 3s were ever sold with just the AR badge or if the ones I have seen have just lost the "3" badge on them. From what I see the 3as and onwards all have a badge with the number. Getting back into audio with the kids moved out, but only going vintage. In the late 70s 80s I had a pair of Advance A IIs, then got Chartwell LS3/5as and had them until a few years ago and am missing them. There are some ARs around that I am looking to check out now as I just have some left over modern speakers holding down the fort. I recently got a vintage Heathkit recevier and a couple of Dual TTs so need to match them up.