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  1. Yeah. I've been playing them for about a week now. I unplugged a set of Allison Two's to give the Maestro's a try. The Allisons are great speakers and while the Maestro's won't beat them they come pretty darn close. A major feat considering the Allisons are worth like a few hundred bucks and the poor Maestro's can only bring like $50 to $100.
  2. So I just got around to the re-foam of these speakers. Think they are going to surprise me tomorrow when I hook them up. Looking forward to it.
  3. The tweeter on the left in the bottom pic has magnetic shielding on it. Could be the only difference. The magnet might be the same size as the one on the right. Speaker companies were using shielding back then because the magnetic fields would wreak havoc on the video signal that ran though the big and heavy tube television sets back then when speakers were set close to the screen. Remember, this was the beginning of home theater.
  4. Was watching an episode of HBO's "Girls" last night. The one where Hanna, the show's lead character, goes to Patti Lupone's apt. to do an interview. In the living room background I saw one Allison tower sitting there. Either a One or a Two. I don't know who's apt. was used, but I can imagine Ms. Lupone being the owner of speakers like these.
  5. I agree. Many of us have been swept up by the Allison raves only to discover issues that are really tough to overcome. I've got a pair of Fours here that I refoamed and bought a replacement tweeter for. The tweeter cost well over $100. I've since learned that Allison put ferrofluid in the Fours tweeters. I think they are too delicate to be taken apart for a fluid replacement and if I try it and blow it there's no other replacement tweet anywhere on the horizon. Point is I now suspect that I'm not hearing these fours as they were meant to sound.
  6. The Allison One's in Albany on CL are now down to $775.
  7. Just checked. Price has been dropped on the Ones. Will be interesting to see what happens now. https://albany.craigslist.org/ele/5983622974.html
  8. I'm gonna echo Newandold's take on these. In this economy I'm afraid vintage speakers, no matter how good and/or how rare, remain hard to sell at top dollar. I know of a pair of mint Allison Ones for sale at $1200 and they have not budged for a month. I've had my own pair of Mint Fours up on CL for a couple weeks at a bottom feeder price of $295 and no one has even inquired. I don't know where you are, but if those were near me ( New York) the seller would be lucky to get $1500.
  9. I'll tell ya, the 4's seem to be a superior speaker to the 2's. That placement you see in the pic is not what I'm using, but I'm still messing with where I place the 4's. Throwing convention out the window I just tried them in corners about two feet off the floor, angled in about 30 degrees so the outside tweeters shoot against the side walls and the inside tweeters toe in at about a 35 degree angle. The room is small, only 8 feet wide and 16 feet long. Speakers are placed on the 8 foot wall and I'm listening at about 12 feet back from them. Guess what? So far this is the best set up. Great bass and the imaging is much better. Later on I may take the 4's out and put the 2's in the position just to see what I get.
  10. The drivers in my A4's look just as good. Now that I'm using these regularly I wonder about power. I'm using a Marantz 2235B with 35WPC. I wonder if this is a bit light for these.
  11. Yeah Bill, these are the old types, so I was very careful getting those wires out of the posts. I barely even moved them so as not to create a kink anywhere. On another note, amazing how similar the Two's sound to the Fours I have. They just work better in a larger room. Woofers go pretty deep for their size and they produce bass just the way I like it. Deep, tight and buttery. They make kick drums sound real too!
  12. What a difference a couple months makes! A couple weeks ago I just decided to do the foam surrounds on these. Once done I started messing with the tweeters (after I found one on the bay for lots of $) and it turns out that they only needed a spray of deoxit on the brass posts to come to life. I now a fully functioning pair of Allsion Two's! Yay!
  13. We will see what I think now! I just found a free pair of Maestro's that is salvageable. This winter I'll give them a little TLC and see what I get out of it. The lack of interest on these suggests that what I have here is a solidly mediocre set of Speakers that were probably sold in a Sears or Montgomery Wards back in the early 90's.
  14. I'll probably regret this posting, but I've got a pair of Allison Two's that I realistically will never get around to restoring. I've got a pair of Fours that I did earlier this year and love them. Tired of waiting around for the two tweeters needed for the Two's. Also have not re foamed the four woofers. I know first hand that Allison parts are scarce, so if anyone wants my set of two's and is ready to drive to near Woodstock NY to get them I'll let them go. Am I allowed to mention $ on here? I know they frown on it over on AK, but I'm thinking $200 for the pair. I can photograph them if anyone is interested. Grills are good, veneer on one has a chip in the corner, etc.
  15. You bet. I've got a pair of Two's here as well. They need new foam. Not sure I'm going to do it now that I've heard how good the fours are with good, clean, high power at moderate to high volume.