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  1. AR17 caps

    Working on these way cool AR17's right now. I've never seen this type of cap before and wonder if anyone here can weigh in on whether it should still be in good shape.Also, look at the size of the magnet on the 8 inch woofer!!!
  2. A Nice set of LST's on CL in Albany

    Yeah, I think I first saw those in mid summer. $1750 is a big number.
  3. Teledyne Era AR's

    I've read that tests have been done on Allison Tweeters that show the ferrofluid to still be good, or at least that the drivers continue to produce the frequencies they should. I hope the AR tweeters do the same.
  4. Teledyne Era AR's

  5. Teledyne Era AR's

    Here is why I asked. I saw these and they looked good enough to grab. Can't wait to re foam them.
  6. Teledyne Era AR's

    I brought this up over on AK a few days ago. I'm trying to get a sense of the speakers generated by AR under Teledyne. To me, the tweeters look very similar to those produced by Roy Allison in his Allison speakers. Was he involved with AR under Teledyne? If not, whats up with those tweeters?
  7. Orphan AR3a for sale

    Oops. Sorry. I'm in the Hudson Valley up near Kingston. I know you from last year when I was messing with a pair of EMI speakers. If you are interested in this AR I could meet you half way or something. I used to live in Suffern NY, are you near there?
  8. Orphan AR3a for sale

    So my AR3a project is never gonna happen because I don't want to pay the high prices for a second one to make a pair. So I'm letting the one I have go. The original woofer has been refoamed. The highly coveted mid range driver is fully functioning. The original tweeter is gone, but the one in it works, as do the pots on the back and the crossovers. The original binding posts are intact and are not stripped or anything. The cabinet is solid, but there is moisture separation on both sides on the top of the speaker. There is no grill with this speaker. Bottom line: this is a fully functioning, restorable AR3a. I hope someone out there can pick up where I left off. Come get it today and I'll throw in a pair of original pots from an AR2a speaker. $200 or best reasonable offer.
  9. AR3 sells for over $3000!

    These have been for sale near me for a month. No takers. https://albany.craigslist.org/ele/d/pair-ar-lst-speakers/6176438387.html
  10. Advent Maestro Review? Anyone?

    I'm wondering bassment142's Maestro's had bad woofer surrounds or maybe drivers not screwed in tight enough. Granted, Mine have been in a medium sized room (16 x 18) with lots of stuff in it, so maybe I just got lucky with a perfect room/speaker match. As for power, mine are run by a Marantz 2270. Not wimpy but no powerhouse either.
  11. AR TSW 610's?

    Anyone have any idea about these? Got a line on a pair, just not sure it's worth grabbing them. Both woofers and mids need foam, one tweeter shot, etc.....
  12. New Score

    http://stores.ebay.com/looneytune2001/ This guy is named Rick Cobb. Tell him exactly what drivers you have and he will hook you up.
  13. Anyone here know anything about these? They deserve to be here as they have a very New England sound. Just got a pair and I'm trying to figure out the capacitor value for the tweeters. I can't read what's on the original caps.
  14. Allison One

    I think $200 for that pair is a great deal. I personally would not part them out, but that's just me. You WOULD make more $ parting them out though. Tweeters: probably $150 each. Mids about the same, woofers, I don't know, but should be above $100 each. Look at Ebay's sold history, if you know how.
  15. Allison One

    $200 is an extraordinary deal for a pair of Ones. Plus, your particular pair looks to be fantastic. Advice: if the tweeters don't work spray the leads with dioxit BEFORE you write them off as not working.