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  1. Teledyne Era AR's

    Good tip. I let the system run for about 10 hours right after I put the new caps on and have been clocking about two hours a day on them since. Nice to hear these speakers sounding full of sunshine even at the -3db setting, but if they ever start sounding a bit dull it's great to know I've got somewhere to go. Switching to the 0db setting would surely bring the highs out. BTW Stimpy, you may recall that I used a 6uf cap in one speaker and a pair of 3uf's in parallel in the other. No difference as far as I can tell, but the next time I order caps I'll add a 6uf Solen to the list and drop it in, just to be sure.
  2. Teledyne Era AR's

    Here's a very pleasant update: First, the refoam worked perfectly. I did that over a month ago and began using these in my office, running them with a Marantz 2270. Right off the bat I noticed they were a quality pair. Unusually large sound stage for a room that is only 8' x 16'. Great imaging too. I like the punchy bass they give out AND the fact that they don't dig into the deep octaves. Just a well balanced sound. Now, about a week ago I decided they were keepers and recapped them with Solen's. They opened the sound up even more and added a degree of brightness that made them a little too hot for the room, so after a few days I switched the tweeter control over to the -3db position. They are now really dialed in, at least for classic 1970's pop hits like "Magnets and Steel," "Brandy," etc. I also notice they play quite loud with the 2270 with no real effort on the amps part. That's a real bonus. Now that I've done this pair it might halt my restoration of a pair of EPI 150's. They need EVERYTHING. Caps, tweeters and woofers. After all that effort and money I expect them to sound similar to these AR 17's. Might put them back out into the wild.
  3. AR18J Restoration - information and help

    Ah ha!!! Can't wait for the weekend...this might yield some great results. I've noticed that one speaker is slightly duller than the other. Putting these new caps in might make the difference.
  4. AR18J Restoration - information and help

    Yikes,,,this might be just too easy!!! I found some Solen's I had here....a 6uf and two 3uf's. My only question is do I need to just twist the wires together on the pair of threes, as in side by each other? Or do I need to set them up one after the other, like links in a chain?
  5. AR18J Restoration - information and help

    Answered my own question...I remembered I took a pic of the cap. Now that I've seen the ones here I knew what to look for....yup....6uf!
  6. AR18J Restoration - information and help

    Reading this thread has convinced me to re cap my set of AR17's. I got them a couple months ago, re foamed and have been using them in my office. Rather than pull a woofer and tear out the filler to check, does anyone know if the cap value on the 17's are the same as on the 18's? When I first got these I recall reading, perhaps on this site, that they were same, but I could be wrong.
  7. AR's reason for being

    I love this post. These companies were money making enterprises and the entrepeneurs that ran them had visions of a great bottom line way more than the vision of a great product. Good old fashioned American competition. The proof is how many of these Giants eventually dropped the quality of their product way way down in order to make more profit. I've never wanted to meet my heroes because you always find out that there motives are less grand than you thought.
  8. Those 5 grand AR3's sold.......

    Thanks for the input Roy. BTW, I live a stones throw from Woodstock NY, where Villchur spent time working on sound. We've all seen the pics of him and Roy Allison doing those outdoor concert comparisons between live acoustic instruments and his speakers. My AR3A may very well have come from his personal stock.
  9. Those 5 grand AR3's sold.......

    Jeez...maybe I should clean up my one AR3A after all...
  10. KL30 vs KLH6 and KLH 17

    Just saw a pair of Model 30's. Quick inspection showed that they need the cloth surrounds gooped up. Pity there is only an rca input on them. What are they worth in good shape? Ten bucks?
  11. AR17 caps

    Working on these way cool AR17's right now. I've never seen this type of cap before and wonder if anyone here can weigh in on whether it should still be in good shape.Also, look at the size of the magnet on the 8 inch woofer!!!
  12. A Nice set of LST's on CL in Albany

    Yeah, I think I first saw those in mid summer. $1750 is a big number.
  13. Teledyne Era AR's

    I've read that tests have been done on Allison Tweeters that show the ferrofluid to still be good, or at least that the drivers continue to produce the frequencies they should. I hope the AR tweeters do the same.
  14. Teledyne Era AR's