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  1. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    All I can say is try it (I'm not selling nuttin) but I now know 5 people in my area that bi/tri AMP ADS speakers (this way) and to a man they have fallen in love and won't go back! They/we have been down that path ie: trying most of the other ways and have found what works for us.
  2. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    Seem's the long way around. An external xover is what you need period. Any other device is just injecting other circus in the sound path that are not needed. RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB!!!
  3. WTB Pair ADS L1590 Stands.

    Those are not my speakers, used just for the pictures of stands.
  4. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    Also you are reducing (if you will) stress on the power supply in the high frequency amp, as it no longer has to reproduce frequency's it is not using anymore. Same with bass amp, it no longer has to deal with all the high frequency's anymore. Amps don't have to work as hard and deliver cleaner and more dynamic sound. Subject to what amps you are using and of course the quality of the xover (externail) the ADS''S are designed for this and really proform at thier best this way. Not necessarily the same results with other speakers I have used. The ADS''S just come alive and fill the room with amazing sound.I can not recommend this too strongly on the ADS'S.
  5. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    There's a lot more going on than just the internal xover. More mportantly you are reducing T.I.M.
  6. What would you do?????

    I'm sorry I thought I had a" signiture" here. My bad. I'm using a Krell 250A and parasound hca 1500a,Perreaux SA33 Pre, nakimichi crossover, denon dp1200/ATOC9ML, Lehman black cube SE phono pre and the L1590 biamped. The friend of mine has the l1590/1 and is driving with Classes ca2200/2100 biamped.
  7. WTB Pair ADS L1590 Stands.

  8. What would you do?????

    Look at my signature as it lists my system.
  9. WTB Pair ADS L1590 Stands.

    As above would like a pair of ADS stands for L1590. Thanks!
  10. What would you do?????

    Pretty much my point. Looking for ideas.
  11. What would you do?????

    If you had a pile of cash, say 2/3K what would you buy (vintage of course at that budget) to "upgrade", improve over, or in any way "better" the sound of the 1590''s. Really curious as I can't think of a brand or type (in that budget) that could do it. Opinions please. Can it be done to start with? How much money would it take? A good friend may be in this position soon. I'm saying just buy another pair of 1590''s or WHAT???? I'm really at a loss to recommend anything to even look at. ???????
  12. ADS 910

    What "passive" speakers are you talking about? As far as what's best is up to you but I see no reason under the sun to hook up anything else other than the ads's. What are you trying to achive.
  13. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    This is what we replaced. EC100/PS100
  14. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    I tried a dynaco st70 on top with the krell on the bottom for a while but the krell on top and parasound 1500A on the bottom works better for me! The ADS speakers respond fantastic to biamping when you hit the right set up there will be no doubt.
  15. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    Absolutely due to age of parts and better caps available today, plus upgraded the ic''s to the TI chips. And new rca jacks. I can't afford one of the "boutique" brands either so I use the nak (best bang for the buck) before the nak I used the rane. As with other equip the rane did it's job but the nak does much better. The allessi (according to my friend) is a great deal and functions very well better than the rane. You do need to get away from receivers and go up to good separate amps and pre. So your going in the right direction. The rane''s are inexpensive and readily available the allessi is a little harder to find but they are out there.