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  1. Production dates L1590/2

    They're a little older than I thought. Thanks for the info. That' close enough! LOL didn't want to pull a driver just to get a date.
  2. ADS 1290 - have drivers updated? Driving me insane!

    It might help us help you if you listed the associated electronics you are using with them.
  3. ADS L1 ?

    Just curious saw a pair of L1 in my area a little ago.
  4. ADS L1 ?

    Do you perchance live in the Tampa Bay area?
  5. KLH 6 ???

  6. KLH 6 ???

    Thanks for the input Kent. Ya the Clarity aren't cheep, but..... I've had such good result's with them. I'm so anial I fear when I go cheep I would always wonder "what if" and this will drive me crazy. LOL. My theory is "if I spend too much I've waisted some money, if I spend too little.... now I have issues and have to do it over. So like I said I'm anail!
  7. KLH 6 ???

    What caps do you guy use? In previous previous restorations in other brands of speakers I've used Clarity caps usually a sa or ers. What is your experience with using those Brands and or what brands have you used at what level. My attitude is even if the Caps are good there's got to be some drift in them so I'm so I can replace them regardless this due to their age alone. Does anyone have a schematic to the crossover? If the crossover is changed by year these are serial number 06126 4 and 6 3 respective.
  8. KLH 6 ???

    Ya I've been reading about that. I have to get the serial # and confirm that.
  9. KLH 6 ???

    Looking at a pair to purchase.
  10. KLH 6 ???

    Are tweets available. And other parts for restoration? Just not familiar with the with the brand.
  11. KLH 6 ???

    Anything special or just another old speaker????
  12. Production dates L1590/2

    My experience in pulling drivers on ADS speakers outweighs my curiosity. Hence question regarding serial #'s. If i ever have a GOOD reason to pull them I will check. LOL
  13. Production dates L1590/2

    Does anybody know how to I'd production dates by serial #''s I have 003343 and 003344.
  14. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    Haven't heard the 980 yet. 710,810,910,and 1590 so far.
  15. Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    I will up the parasound when deal presents itself but happy with the krell. Before I'd go sub I'd spend the money upping the 1500a and maybe use it for a sub but the bass is so good as is I just don't feel they need the support.