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  1. What "passive" speakers are you talking about? As far as what's best is up to you but I see no reason under the sun to hook up anything else other than the ads's. What are you trying to achive.
  2. This is what we replaced. EC100/PS100
  3. I tried a dynaco st70 on top with the krell on the bottom for a while but the krell on top and parasound 1500A on the bottom works better for me! The ADS speakers respond fantastic to biamping when you hit the right set up there will be no doubt.
  4. Absolutely due to age of parts and better caps available today, plus upgraded the ic''s to the TI chips. And new rca jacks. I can't afford one of the "boutique" brands either so I use the nak (best bang for the buck) before the nak I used the rane. As with other equip the rane did it's job but the nak does much better. The allessi (according to my friend) is a great deal and functions very well better than the rane. You do need to get away from receivers and go up to good separate amps and pre. So your going in the right direction. The rane''s are inexpensive and readily available the allessi is a little harder to find but they are out there.
  5. It's all about money spent. The pro units as I see (hear) them are for live music and not really good for home use (quality of sound) but some of them work well. A friend uses an allessie unit (I will ck on the model) he likes it a lot . (I got the rane from him). Another friend (my tech) has used the nakimichi for 30 years . They are rare it took 6mo of hard looking. To find one on the bay at a good price. They can go front a hundred to a grand (all over the place) mine cost me 150 plus the mod and rebuild (another 100.00) so I consider it a steal. But the benifits of biamping are immediately obvious when set up right ie external xover. What amps and pre are you using?
  6. As far as "other models go's there are other high end brands for home use but they all seem to be in the multi grand level and up. The only other choice is pro and they are a 100/400 range.
  7. Nope they only made one.
  8. Here''s some picts.
  9. The nak was built for HOME use (as opposed to pro) as part of nakamichi''s "BLACK BOX SERIES" Great quality build and as simple as it gets. L/R Gain controls and frequency adjustment knob, that's it. No other circuits to add noise or distortion. Much quieter and great detail and dynamics, outboard power supply it's basically set and forget. Very easy to rebuild and upgrade with modern caps and chips! Just allaround superiority over the rane! They are very hard to find and can go for stupid money sometimes. I think it would take a couple grand to beat it with "modern xovers" just one of those "big bang for the buck" units from back when. All it is needed to do is split frequencies into two parts set by the frequency control knob and that's all "without" adding any noise or artifacts of it own. If you can ever find one buy it! Or spend a couple grand and maybe you can beat it.the Rane is just one of the pro units that were fairly well built and used more in studio applactions than live music. It does a good job compared to most pro units. Biggest draw back is that it's (the nak) is not balanced. Am very happy with the proformance of the nak.bottom line it's just sounds better by a large factor.
  10. One of my best friends is a retired ADS sales and warranty service center owner and service manager, his experience in servicing and selling ads is he has never found a service issue with ADS xovers! Drivers blown yes but never a bad cap or board. So it's possible you have the first but highly unlikely! Check drivers, connections, wiring, before xovers.
  11. The dbx isn't bad at all however my research has shown the RANE AC22B is (as far as pro units go) one of the better pro units as the parts used are supperior. Also it is used in many studio application's due to its quality. And they are pretty cheep. Worth looking into, I used one for a couple of years until I fount the nakamichi. The RANE is also highly upgradable with new chips and can be balanced or unbalanced.
  12. HI DavidDru one thing to realize is you MUST use an external xover! Otherwise your amps will still be amplifing full freq. And therfore no REAL benifits will be had as to the T.I.M. the difference with and without the external xover is substantial. Without the xover it is a waist of time and far as the "bass" amp goes use one. With as high a damping factor as possible (mine at 800) . In these speakers set to 350htz.and below to the bas's amp and 350 and above to the mid/high Amp. Trust me on this!
  13. Have had several listening sessions now and for the life of me can't find any draw back to this set up. These speakers respond to biamping better than several others I have experimented with and just continue to amaze me every time I turn it on.
  14. After a 4 hour listening session I have to say these speakers WERE DESIGNED to be biamped! Done modesty can bring great results. Done better can blow your mind! (Just saying). The increase in bass impact is wounderful. The mids are so detailed and the highs are though the roof. Gonna spend some more ear time.
  15. Just set up my L1590''s for biamping using a parasound 1500a for the bass and my Krell for mid and highs going thru a Nakamichi electronic cover EC-100. Crossed over at 350hrz.