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  1. One of my best friends is a retired ADS sales and warranty service center owner and service manager, his experience in servicing and selling ads is he has never found a service issue with ADS xovers! Drivers blown yes but never a bad cap or board. So it's possible you have the first but highly unlikely! Check drivers, connections, wiring, before xovers.
  2. The dbx isn't bad at all however my research has shown the RANE AC22B is (as far as pro units go) one of the better pro units as the parts used are supperior. Also it is used in many studio application's due to its quality. And they are pretty cheep. Worth looking into, I used one for a couple of years until I fount the nakamichi. The RANE is also highly upgradable with new chips and can be balanced or unbalanced.
  3. HI DavidDru one thing to realize is you MUST use an external xover! Otherwise your amps will still be amplifing full freq. And therfore no REAL benifits will be had as to the T.I.M. the difference with and without the external xover is substantial. Without the xover it is a waist of time and far as the "bass" amp goes use one. With as high a damping factor as possible (mine at 800) . In these speakers set to 350htz.and below to the bas's amp and 350 and above to the mid/high Amp. Trust me on this!
  4. Have had several listening sessions now and for the life of me can't find any draw back to this set up. These speakers respond to biamping better than several others I have experimented with and just continue to amaze me every time I turn it on.
  5. After a 4 hour listening session I have to say these speakers WERE DESIGNED to be biamped! Done modesty can bring great results. Done better can blow your mind! (Just saying). The increase in bass impact is wounderful. The mids are so detailed and the highs are though the roof. Gonna spend some more ear time.
  6. Just set up my L1590''s for biamping using a parasound 1500a for the bass and my Krell for mid and highs going thru a Nakamichi electronic cover EC-100. Crossed over at 350hrz.
  7. These are series 2 with the "heat resistant " coils so less issues with the fluid going away than the series 1's. But..... it's a good deal he offers for 250.00 or so. But they seem to be just fine so far.
  8. Here''s a pict.
  9. The finish is Mohogany. As far as the sound goes, these will probably be with me till I die. Can't think of a speaker that could replace them for less that several grand used! Grilles are in very good shape. They really don't need anything done to them.
  10. Already posted.
  11. I've had l810 apart to the xover and that was a multi hour project. So few if any have had issues L1590/2 as this info is not readily available. May never find anyone that had to get in there. My tech was an ADS service center for a dozen years or more and never had to go inside a pair for any kind of service. So "If it ain't broke don't fix it".
  12. It made quite a difference. But what really surprised me was the improvement in imaging. The cabinets all but disappeared. Tells me I had the cabinets placed correctly for my room but didn't expect that much difference. My L810's had to have the grills on for best sound.
  13. Just curious how many play with grills off? I like mine better with the grills off at least for critical listening.
  14. GD70 I agree towers are not my favorite look but these are exceptions. The wood is beautiful and as far as towers go these aren't skinny, or modern looking at all but big monsters with a lot of attitude!
  15. Took um home!