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  1. My ARs do not have the "muffled" sound nor any kind of distortion after testing (me being a neophyte) with a new amp/receiver (yamaha R-N602 for wifi connectivity). Good for me since I thought I had blown the speakers I rebuilt. Not possible without the support/advice from this list BTW. Bad for wasting any ones time. Apologies. Thinking my speakers were shot I got a pair of Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-160M. I have been using an Echo/Spotify as my music source for way to long! I may return the Klipschs if I am happy enough with the ARs. Though at first listening they have more power and range than my ARs. I do not know if comparing the two would be fair. Once again thanks to everyone on this thread for helping me rebuild my late fathers speakers which were a fixture in our home as I was growing up.
  2. Help the speaker sound better. The external tweeters were on a whim. I friend had a pair...I plugged them in to see how they sounded. Roland
  3. The external tweeters were used only once months back and returned to their owner. I will leave the wiring as I have it and test in the coming days on a new amp. Regarding "but no added resistor - - by owner choice, I presume". "by owner ignorance" might be more correct. I am a complete neophyte and have no idea. If my speakers turn out to be fine I would be interested in adding a resistor if it would help. Any extra info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks to all for the feedback. Roland
  4. Hi JKent I may be repeating your observation: My yellow (middle) goes to the tweeter and my far right green goes to the capacitor. It sounds like they should be reversed. If you have the time would you look at my supplied neophyte diagram and photo for confirmation? Thank you very much for your attention.
  5. Yes. If it were only one speaker that had the issue. Both do. I checked and tried all manner of combinations for the speaker wire +/- connections to the speaker and receiver. If it is the "tweeter circuit" I would open the speaker and check my tweeter connection and any "joins" in the wiring? What kind of trouble shooting can I do? Thanks so much for your reply. Roland
  6. Hello I may have done something stupid. I connected some external tweeters, to the speaker connections in back, and now the speaker sound is muffled. How can I trouble shoot I may have broke something? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  7. I finally finished the rewiring of my AR-4x speakers! The sound is excellent. I was a happy guy when, after all the work was done, they worked. I got stuck on the soldering. Going no where with my attempts I shelved the project until last month when I collared my handy brother-in-law to teach me how to solder. The lessons were "hands on" on the very speakers and both were done in one night, abet long night, long with a few beers. The speakers sounded fantastic at 2 in the morning which is when we finally finished. I used my ipad, google play with the audio jack input going into a JVC receiver which the speakers where hooked up to. I reused the same stuffing, used marine wire, as was suggested in this thread, when I used new wire. The wiring to the speakers I left alone. I did use new cord caulking to seal the woofers, I never took out the tweeters. I used a screw mounted mount which accepted a strap to mount the capacitor which at my brother in laws suggestion has some foam for cushioning. See attached photo. I got most of my kit from skycraft surplus in Orlando which just seem to be a "makers" heaven. I did screw up the threads of two of the woofer screw mounts when I used the wrong screws. Ace hardware did not have a replacement, which if I every find I will mount with epoxy. Ace suggested contacting a furniture maker. Any suggestions are welcome. Going forward I was thinking of cleaning up the speaker linen with Oxyclean and possibly refinishing the veneer, though not high on the priority list. Thank you very much for all the input. The color photos supplied by JKent helped me the most with the wiring, me being a neophyte. The speakers sound great and they are an important heirloom of my father who passed a couple of years ago.
  8. Excellent! The supplied photos help a lot. Regarding JKent's photo: "Clip old capacitor wires, solder new cap as shown". and his first rebuild. What happens to the old capacitor wire? Do they just sit there? It's not clear to me. The second photo also shows me how I can get more slack in my wiring. Speaking of wiring what size wire would I use? Not that I am up to the challenge but would best practice say replace all the wires? Also, do I need to hold down the capacitor with something? In one photo I see what appears to be a pink/red tie down holding down a capacitor. Regarding the capacitor, I see the Zend capacitor has its wiring coated should I wrap mine with electrical tape just to be safe? Thanks for all your help.
  9. Hello list I finally got the capacitors and l-pads for the rebuild of my AR 4x speakers. My woofers look good, as far as can tell.The spiders look good. My understanding is the wires that came from round spool (resistor ?) to the woofer, which I cut to get the woofer out, will now go to the capacitors which will be mounted somewhere. The l-pads look more like a straight forward replacement if I get the wires right. The Restoring the AR 3a has this solder shopping list (I have not soldered before) "Solder 0.032 or 0.065-in diameter rosin core / solder wick finely braided copper". All I could find at HomeDepot is in the photo. The solder is .040". Will this do? Any pointers and/or references to the "Restoring the AR 3a" or links would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I started on the take apart stage. First I have numbered the speakers and set up registration marks from the baffle board to the speaker with chalk. Most likely don't need it but I thought I was being clever. Following "Restoring AR-3a" pdf as a reference I took out the screws for the tweeter and woofer for one speaker. They came out easily and are the same size and did have "Mortite" (black stuff) on them. The screws have been saved in a bag which I will label. Upon removing the woofer I ran into my first stopper. The leads are soldered. I have a solder iron somewhere. Before I unsolder my concerns are: Dripping solder into the material below. Holding the woofer up while I work on un-soldering. Damaging the tweeter (still in place) and woofer while working. i.e. bump, puncture, drop, blowup Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  11. larrybody, Excellent photos and description! Thank you so much! With my lack of technical understanding, I can say I am impressed with how you got the linen covering coloring right and that the pull tab is a common sense alternative to the original staples. I am thinking I have the same type of grilles as yours. But I am not understanding your description: " which I reinforced with glued on poster board gussets and painted black " I do see that the wood is black but I am not understanding a poster board gusset. I am also thinking wouldn't something like that add to the depth of the grille and make it protrude from the speaker face? Thanks!
  12. Thank you for all the excellent advice and the picture Kent. I have a lot to digest since I am totally new to even understanding speaker technology. I will update the thread as I go and again thank you so much. Roland
  13. Kent, Thank you. This very encouraging news. For me, this is sounding like an excellent DIY project. I grew up with these speakers in the house. I will study the guide, thank you classicspeakerpages, and start looking into getting the capacitors and L-pads. If I am not able to clean up the grilles much what is the conventional wisdom? Stay with them because they are original or replace the fabric? Thanks!
  14. Hi nefertem Is it a given that the spider needs replacing, given the age of the speakers?
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