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  1. Hmmmmm.... Now I gotta do is come across some JBL 123A’s! The only reason I didn’t particularly like the TDC-1028 drivers ( even with the addition of the inductor ) was the bass had that constricted quality that the AR woofs don’t. But appreciation of sonic qualities is of course a personal preference thing and maybe someone might like ‘em more than I did. Lou
  2. Yep, time was that the classic AR driver components seemed to be dime a dozen. At one point, I had a pirate stash of most of the goodies from the various 10" classic iterations. As it was, I ended up using or mostly giving away items which are now commanding relatively steep prices. Oh well, you live and learn. Say, are you the Craig that I chatted with occasionally on the H.H. Scott listserv?
  3. KLH Model Six Restore

    Hello Willcee, To echo Kent's reply, do not use calk or anything but the butyl wondergoo described above. I had used a product that had been described as being good for the task by someone on another forum and much to my dismay it was the worst! The surrounds were sealed, but as time went by they became quite stiff. I described the removal of the product in another post earlier. It worked, but as Kent said, don't use anything but Roy's stuff. It works.
  4. In August of last year in the AR forum I described using shoe goo for a sealant material. As was suggested, it was indeed not exactly the best goop for the purpose. While it did seem quite pliant when first applied, the stuff did stiffen as time passed. I had used it not only on a pair of AR-2ax but also on my KLH 6. The surrounds had stiffened to the point that there wasn’t much response below 90 hz or so. When looking at the shoe goo manufacturers website, they did list a number of solvents which would temporarily resoften the stuff. One of them was listed as being gasoline. I chose to use it since MEK was likely to dissolve the glue holding the cloth to the frame and the cone. It did work, and quite well. Softened and scraped right off. After allowing it to dry adequately, there was just enough remaining in the fabric to allow for sealing. I was left with a pair of woofs that actually were now quite floppy again. Just to see whether they would stiffen up again from the little amount remaining in the cloth, I chose to exercise them for a while. I ran a couple watts into them at 7 hz in free air for about ten hours. They remained nice and floppy. I reinstalled them and they once again are properly working, with a resonant hump measured at about 43 hz. But that’s in the workroom with an sm-57 on axis at about two feet and so of questionable accuracy. They sound like what I expected, so oil wells that end well.
  5. Hi Roy, Thanks for the pointer. After being given these woofs, I ended up acquiring a replacement for the dead AR original. Now I have returned them to original ( with the exception of the minor change from 6uf to 8uf midrange cap ). With that, I don't have an immediate need for these. Maybe someone else does? Lou
  6. Hi all, If anyone is interested, I have a pair of the TC-1028 10" woofers and adapter rings that Larry at Vintage AR has been offering. His take on it seems that they are as good of a substitute as he's seen in a while for AR-2Ax, AR-5, AR-LST-2, AR-12, AR-14, and AR-48. I tried them out (the rings came from Larry, the woofers were a gift from a buddy who got them from PE ) and they do work nicely, The tonal quality just wasn't what I was looking for. If any of you want to try them out and see whether your mileage differs, I can send them your way. Lou
  7. AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Over the years I have had various iterations of the model 4. The first was in the early 70's and the last was in the late 90's. I mostly ended up giving them as gifts when I was outfitting friends with systems. Almost all of the gear I have ever acquired has been of garage / estate / rummage / thrift provenance. I now regret having disgorged every pair of 4's as I'd really like to put a pair above the kitchen cabinets for tunes to cook by. All the rest are too big to fit between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling..... But I still keep looking! Regarding the badges, I'm looking for a pair for my 2a's, everything else is properly adorned. Lou
  8. Carl Richard (Carlspeak) RIP 11-11-2017

    Rest In Peace, Carl.
  9. AR-2a thoughts ( again )

    I seem to have found the sweet spot by replacing the Aetna-Odious rheostats with ohmite and changing the 6 uf mid cap to 8uf. They will now be ensconced in the reading room. S/N’s 42762 & 38461
  10. HiVi q1r install

    After the last couple evenings of listening to mixed program material, I am quite pleased with the sound of these tweets. I do find it frustrating that my hearing is declining, specifically in the right ear. The sine wave test into the 2ax’s shows that the left still hears up to about 14 kcps and the right is dead to anything above 9 kcps. A couple weeks back at the CSO, hearing Haydn, Bartok, Bach and Beethoven I came to the conclusion that the orchestra was muffled and needed a bit of EQ tweaking. I’m sure it’s not my ears.
  11. HiVi q1r install

    Stock capacitance, polarity reversed, mid value on pot ( white dot-ish ) seems to be most pleasing. When I called the Bride in to the workroom to render judgement, she listened for a few minutes and proclaimed that I finally got this pair right. Final approval remains to be granted on the pair of 2a which I have been playing with recently though. Thanks all, for the pearls of wisdom offered on this endeavor. Lou
  12. HiVi q1r install

    Ok, so my old ears seem to prefer a bit more in your face high end these days to compensate for their declining response. That being said, the pots are the original but cleaned up Aetna- pollock, I did glue the 1/4” spacer in and have yet to add any capacitance in series. This leaves the question of phase. I’ll try both and see how they sound. thanks! Lou
  13. HiVi q1r install

    Sounds like a plan, I’ll implement that tomorrow evening. thanks for the heads up, Lou
  14. HiVi q1r install

    Dang! Sounds good!
  15. HiVi q1r install

    Never mind, I answered my own dumb question.🙄