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  1. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    Hi Roy, Thank you for enlightening me in regards to the 10" woofer diameters. I have had almost all the variations of the model 2(*) speaker combinations but all of them were the older cast basket/cloth surround woofer. I was blissfully unaware of the diametrical difference with the later foam surround woofers. In the interest of maintaining the differentiation between the strictly repair / restore and mods / tweaks subject matter I'll move further discussion of this to the Mods & Tweaks forum.
  2. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    I ended up with a pair of the TC-1028 woofers being mentioned here. A buddy had picked them up from Parts Express last year. Larry is now is the sole source of them. They will NOT fit the AR cabinets ( too small ) without an adapter ring (Larry sells these too). These are four screw mount and the adapter ring has holes for this and the six screw AR pattern. They are not bad drivers but seem to be just a bit stiff and for the less than 2 cubic foot enclosure don't seem to work quite as well as the originals. I tried them in my Franken-2a ( now 2x{ish} ) and reinstalled the original cloth woofs after evaluation. If I had nothing else I'd certainly use them, but a refoamed original is in my experience by far the better route.
  3. What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    WOW! Lucky is right! I never see any miracle finds by the roadside anymore. Back in the mid 80's I found a pair of Heath W-6's in the trash while walking the dog. ( carrying them back while restraining the mutt was quite the feat ) Now Illinois has the no electronics in the trash law so all of it has to go to the recycler. Being in Maynard, maybe someone will put out the mythical motherlode of missing merchandise from the HH Scott stash.
  4. Interesting, half a century later, to note that the pursuit of accuracy was even then rather esoteric. The boominess, nasality and harshness referenced in Mr. V's articles have plenty of enthusiastic devotees in the HomeTheatre world.
  5. What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    I have been posting on another one of the forums without realizing this was here. After many different Dynaco acquisitions and disposals including the A25 and the later big box speaker ( can’t remember it’s nomenclature) as well as pas, Mk3’s, my only remaining Dynaco are a rebuilt PAT-4 and an ST-150, somewhat modded. Those are in relatively constant use as the ( currently ) main amplification of the workroom stereo.
  6. My pair of 2a have been found wanting by my bride. The pronouncement was one of the obvious; the high end has all the sparkle of a wet wool blanket. Tonight I affixed a pair of the current production phenolic ring tweeters which have been suggested as replacements for the 4X tweeters to wood mounts and used a simple 6 dB 10 uf 1800 hz crossover. The existing hf units were taken out of circuit. They were met with the approval of the boss. I will cover the midrange opening with plywood and mount the replacement tweets in the opening for the phenolic dome. In essence, I guess I’m converting them from 2a to 2x, but they do sound a wee bit brighter than I remembered the 2x I had sounding. What’s most important is that the objective ears are pleased....
  7. Started my 3A restoration

    No, she's not even an audio geek in any way. But she does know fabric and where to source it. Yes, I should'a looked closely at the guide, would have saved me more than a little time.
  8. Started my 3A restoration

    Even after a year with 'em, just can't get over how nice these 3a's sound.
  9. Oh, what fun! Just to think that audio has become such an obscure thing. Chicago had a much more diminutive version of Cortland in the west loop, perhaps on Madison or Jackson. Lafayette, EDI and a number of others were there. Allied Radio and Olson Electronics had their big stores much further west on Western avenue. Chicago's little Radio Row stores all winked out by the early 70's as well as Allied and Olson. I was 15 when Allied closed on Western. By that time, the location had deteriorated to the point that nobody in their right mind wanted to go there. In the final days, Allied marked everything down to absolute fire sale prices. I took the L down and returned home with a pair of Jensen Triaxials for $15 each There isn't any place I know of in the states that is similar in any way to Radio Row.
  10. Nah, that's a klipsch!
  11. I recent brought the 2a's back into the rotation. After a bit of use the cone mids seemed a tad lackluster. Thought it would be fun to try switching out with something new. Just tried using hf units from a pair of 80's Philips powered studio monitors. AD 5060/Sq8 midrange and AD 0160 T8 tweeter crossed over at the ar-2a frequencies Sounded really nice, if totally different than the AR's. Going to try crossing the mid over at 800 hz as soon as I get the inductor. Alas, didn't have any 1.5 mh in the stash.... I didn't try mounting in the cabinet, put them in a pair of small Garrard Satellite cabinets.
  12. Another Amp for AR 3's

    How lucky you are. Radio is sadly pretty poor in most parts of the states. If NPR isn't ones cup of tea, that leaves just one classical and one low power jazz in Chicagoland. Rock is limited to the top 100 compressed as hell and the other chicago's finest rock station. Forty years ago there was a significantly greater variety in this market and from what I've noticed it's about the same everywhere else.
  13. Another Amp for AR 3's

    I had one of those. Really liked it. I regret that when I had it i ran it hard. Replaced most every cap. I used it with KLH 6, which took everything it had and didn't blink.
  14. Interesting read

    Having been in the near west suburbs of Chicago at the young age when the HiFi bug bit me, I had no shortage of stores to visit. Within an easy bus ride, I had Allied Radio, Radio Shack, Olson Electronics, Musicraft, HiFi Hutch, Tech Hifi, Lafayette Electronics, EDI (electronic distributors inc.) and this was just in 1971! By that point in time, the StereoSnob sales technique was on the wane, primarily due to the fact that a large percentage if not the majority of purchases were being made by high school / college age customers. Kids would be annoyed and go elsewhere if confronted with an attitude like the salesman was vastly superior to the cretin about to fork over his cash. At that point in time the stores like Musicraft had used as well as new merchandise for sale, as much of their sales volume was stimulated by the fact that a five year old item could be traded in on the latest piece of silicon. My first Scott 299B came from Musicraft in such manner, along with a pair of AR-2's in glorious unadorned pine. The smart salesperson applied a veneer of friendliness since he (no girls allowed at that point) knew that the kid would soon be coming back for a step up in the sonic vistas offered on the carpeted shelves. I'm sure that I wasn't the only kid in the early 70's outfitting not only his bedroom with precious electron hungry hardware, but also his private psychedelic dungeon where sound, smoke and blacklight occasionally escaped but everything else that happened there was uncharted territory to all adults. 3600' at 3 3/4 ips on a reversing reel machine could play for hours to the delight of all who dared enter the magic pit of sound. I really have to wonder where the indulgence, tolerance and forbearance of the denizens of the adult world came from. Now that the audio hobby has retreated into relative obscurity, I would imagine that the supercilious salesperson selling magic speaker cable has returned. When you have to pay for a retail business with a diminishing clientele, maybe it pays to insult the customer again?
  15. Why walnut?

    I inherited my mom's set of Russel Wright designed bedroom furniture. It was originally blonde, but not with the whitewash basecoat. This was done with yellow tinted organic varnish which became more orange-ish as time went by. In the early 80's she had a local wood refinisher strip and put a medium chestnut 'ish stain on and recoat in satin. The refinishing probably took any value out of them but heck, it made her happy.