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  1. It got my attention. But I gotta say that with my now aging back even the 3a's are getting a bit heavy for casual schlepping!
  2. Aargh! The boss would give me a quizzical look and ask “ Why is is again, that we need these extra two speakers and all these confusing controls? “
  3. Hi Bill, Back when I was in high school I remember that a buddy used a Dynaco Quadraptor. It was kinda cool, a soundstage was created which complimented most material nicely. IIRC he had a pair of large KLH for the front and a couple of 8" Fisher (maybe XP-56) for the rear. I hadn't thought of using this preamp to take advantage of the effect. Since this is for the living room system which also is a Video setup with 2 channel audio, this could be fun. The only smaller ones I have right now are a pair of diminutive DLK 1/4. I have a Crown D75 I could use for the back channels. I'm imagining that balancing the whole mess can be tricky. Aaaahhh.... So much fun, So little time....
  4. Hi Bill, I had gotten the 2000 about a month ago. It is quite spacious under the hood. Mr. Carver could almost have put it into a pack of Kools! After receiving it it was unbalanced and grainy. Replacement of the caps helped, but I experienced the phenomenon of "capacitor aging" I had always sneered at. After running it continuously for a week or so the sound quality was astoundingly better. Think it'll be a nice pairing with the DH-120. Lou
  5. Hi Kent, Yes, I have had a few of the Dynaco pieces along the way. The only one I was less than impressed with was the 120. I had that in the late 90's, it was recapped and had the output transistors replaced when I first got it. Just didn't have the robust character I had associated with the Heath W-6M monoblocks that had disappeared from our rehearsal space. Currently, a rebuilt ST-150 runs my pair of 3a. I had not ever used a Hafler piece previously, nor an amp with mosfet finals. Just received it Friday, in good condition as the photos suggested. Checked it out to see whether there was significant DC on the terminals, there wasn't. Nice layout in it, it'll be easy to work on. The date codes on the caps suggest that it was made in 1987. I have replacement PS caps on order, smaller electrolytics in stash. Looking forward to having a but more oomph than the 1965 Scott 388 is capable of.
  6. Hi all, I was the lucky recipient of a nice auction site find yesterday. A darn near pristine Hafler DH-120. Planning to pair it with a Phase Linear 2000 preamplifier after it has had the electrolytic caps replaced. This will be the first Hafler amplifier I have acquired. Also, the first mosfet final amp. These will go into the rotation up in the living room, bumping the Scott 388 receiver I rebuilt a few years ago. The 388 rebuild was mentioned briefly in a post on AK; https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/scott-388-rebuild.729576/ They will be driving my pair of 2-ax Has anyone had experience with a Hafler / AR pairing previously? Regards, Lou
  7. Or at least practice on something less unobtainium.
  8. Has anyone used the 3a replacements offered by Simply Speakers?
  9. Still need the truncated frame high compliance drivers....
  10. Awww.... That's a shame. I work in Skokie, about twenty minutes away from the listed seller's location. I could do the work to replace the baffle board. I have mids and HiVi tweets and even some Ohmite 16 ohm pots, but no woofs. I'm actually sorely tempted to offer the seller $50 if he'd do local pickup. I could just imagine the look on the Boss's face when I'd arrive with these saying "But think of the finished product!"
  11. Still using an almost completely stock single motor AR-XA. It has had maintenance lubrication twice in the last ten years. I replaced the original black beauty cap with an orange drop. It originally had an M-44E, now has an M-91ED with late production Shure replacement stylus. I also have a couple of the Tonar stylii that really aren't too bad. I tried a V-15 III but the arm seemed to be a bit high mass for that cart. Folks hearing it for the first time can't believe the reproduction that this fifty year old vinyl scraper is capable of.
  12. Isn't it great when someone is a kindred spirit in the appreciation of good audio brotherhood? Glad it worked out that way for you. The tweeters are commonly available on the auction site.
  13. If you choose to use the later foam surround drivers you'll need to obtain the Masonite adapter rings ( available from Vintage AR ). The hole pattern and diameter of the earlier die cast drivers and the later foam surround units is different.
  14. Hi Ivan, The cloth surround AR-2 series woofers do pop up on the auction site fairly often. I keep a pirate stash of my own as I too have applied too much power to the series two woofers. After receiving the replacement, it's a good idea to determine whether the cloth doping has disappeared. My experience with the cloth surround drivers has been that the surrounds are all porous to some extent. The proper sealant, judiciously applied, will make a world of difference. Use the correct stuff (available through Vintage AR or others ) or disaster may befall you. I had read that Shoe Goo was a nifty sealant for this purpose and so had used it on a pair of KLH 6 woofers. It was great at first but the stuff continues to harden as time goes by and soon the cone was not nearly as compliant as needed. Luckily, Shoe Goo dissolves with gasoline and so I was able to remove it without dissolving the original glue adhering the cloth to the cone. So a word to the wise is to do it right the first time! Best regards, Lou
  15. Ugh... Laminate.... Baaahhhh I acquired a pair of KLH 6 many years ago that had the nasty woodgrain vinyl covering. I tried to heatgun it off but it didn't want to leave it's moorings. I ended up filling the crunched corners using wood putty, washed the vinyl with acetone, applied adhesive back cherry veneer for the sides and hot melt cherry banding for the front. It actually turned out pretty nicely.
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