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  1. Chris1this1

    Calling Frank Marsi

    Wow those are actually reasonable, concidering the cosmetics are excellent, looks to be all original drivers etc. Now on on the other hand, the True Blood Fangtasia edition LST2's would need new veneer, grill cloth, the correct woofers and at least one midrange replaced. With that kind of tampering who knows what else was changed and messed with, all for a bargain price of $1950?! What a clown.
  2. Chris1this1

    “ AR-LST, after Forty Six Years of Use”

    Hi Frank, Here's a thought, clean the contacts on your spectral balance switches. As a fello LST owner, I know there is a thump while turning the knobs due to capacitor charge dumps and inductor ringings (like a switching power supply) so possibly you could have an intermittent contact. Now for the tweeter experiment, keep in mind the LST has the tweeters in series/parallel arrangement, so all four need to be working if you want to really make judgement on how the AR9 tweeters will perform.
  3. Thank you to anyone who checked this thread out. I found a set of drivers so please disregard. I recently picked up a pair of late model AR2ax, requiring the smaller frame foam surround woofers, but no original drivers in the units. Looking to get these back to original. I have tweeters but need the mids and woofers, any condition cincidered. I would like to trade a rebuild service for a pair of tweeters (AR3a or AR2ax style) which I normally charge $70 each, for these components. Thanks!
  4. Chris1this1

    AR3a and AR2ax tweeter rebuilds

    Sal, There wouldn't be a kit since I reuse the original dome, plus the processes used to reinstall the coil assembly wouldn't lend itself to kit form. I can rebuild your LST2 tweeter if that is your end goal. Chris
  5. Chris1this1

    AR3a and AR2ax tweeter rebuilds

    PM sent
  6. Hello all, I'm offering another round of this rerebuild service if anyone is interested. I can fix dented domes during the rebuild, standard procedure is to replace the foam dampener behind the dome, and build a replacement former and voice coil, then resuspend and seal the assembly. This will repair dead tweeters, low output tweeters, and convert to a 2ax to 3a and vice versa if needed. I charge $70 each. Picture shows rebuilt on the right, original on the left. Chris
  7. This is all great info. I have limited experience driving the 4 ohm AR's, only had some for a little over a year so far. Although I've had LST-2's forever, they are 8 ohms and anything I would power them with played well with them. I can say that when I was using an Onkyo integra A8087 integrated (100wpc) to drive 4 ohm LST's it would occasionally go into protection, but never get damaged. I wouldn't say this was an upgrade, but I am now using a Kenwood Eleven GX, 125wpc, rated to handle 4 ohms, but this thing has never missed a beat, and I prefer the way it sounds to the Onkyo. It gets hot by the time an album is over, but no issues yet. I've even connected two pairs of LST's to it and it survived, although I'm sure that is pushing my luck.
  8. I can definitely picture that since the 901's have that demanding eq curve, and I've had my amp(s) go into temporary protection, but nothing has blown up. Did the Nikko survive the abuse?
  9. I'm not disagreeing that obeying amplifier specs is important, however, has anyone personally had amplifier failure when cranking up to right before clipping? Just interested in hearing stories and what types of failures.
  10. For instance, the AR3a tweeter circuits use a 4 ohm nominal impedance driver, and a 15 ohm pot, with a 6mfd capacitor. When the pot is at full on, you are basicly 15 ohms pure resistance in parallel with a 4 ohm impedance (which will be calculated as resistance to simplify things, although this might disprove this question) Using fc= 1/(2piRC) for crossover frequency: with tweeter pot full on, the load would be calculated to 3.16 ohms, and with a 6mFd cap, cover frequency would calculate to 8.4KHz With the tweeter pot at mid point, you would parallel 7.5 ohms with your 4 ohm tweeter, then add the remaining 7.5 ohms of the pot, so this works out to be a10 ohm load. Now the crossover frequency works out to be 2.7KHz. Am I on the right track here? Would this be the "magic" behind the potentiometers versus L pads, which offer a consistant load, differing from the variable load as described above.
  11. Bring it on! I took the summer off too for the most part
  12. Very nice work, but I should have mentioned, I really am in search of original dust caps in tact...for no reason other than I like that look over a replacement one installed.
  13. I say casually looking since my speakers are playing very well, just that there are cosmetic issues from a previous reform attempt, and would like to eventually replace the woofers. Anyone have a pair or one for sale? Needing foam or not is no issue. I also have a nice AR9 style woofer I can trade for an AR3a woofer. Thanks!
  14. Chris1this1

    Help identifying AR4x

    The RS speakers
  15. Chris1this1

    Help identifying AR4x

    Those actually look almost identical to a pair of radio shack speakers I found curbside, just mind don't have the port. I'll post pics when I get home.