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  1. EPI 100 crossover

    Simple crossover and new binding posts on masonite plate for 100v.First pic shows original. Audyn 10uf cap and binding posts from Parts Express. Foam gasket from left-over packing stuck with double-sided tape. Held in place inside by four screws. Outside covered in birds-eye veneer for bling factor. Box also braced front to back while I had it open.
  2. Any Genesis Fans Out There

    Bought some replacements from vendor Avidspeakers on ebay. He said he used to work for EPI and Genesis and we've been having an ongoing conversation about the G-IIs, They just arrived and I installed them last night. Not quite the same as originals or humanspeakers. They do sound good, but since I didn't have the originals I don't know what to compare them to--but they sound way better than the RS woofers I had in there. I wouldn't mind refoaming an old pair of original drivers and am on the lookout for them. They're still in the garage until I can finish rebuilding the original rear plate and cross-over. In the meantime I'm using some custom plates I made with a 10uf Audyn cap and new Visiton inductor, new binding posts and new wire.
  3. EPI 100 crossover

    Hello all. New here, but rebuilt a pair of EPI 100Vs last year. Got lots of information/inspiration from Huw Powell's HumanSpeaker site. Refoamed the woofers, braced the cabinet, replaced the fiberglass with polyfill, rebuilt the crossover and plate (simple10uf capacitor, new binding posts and slightly heavier wire). Then went a bit further--stripped off the vinyl (easy with a hair dryer to heat it up), filled all the little dings and banged corners, and covered it with tropical birds-eye veneer--real wood. Redid the grills with linen grill cloth and put some EPI badges on them. Love the sound--and gave them to my daughter. I am working on a set of Genesis IIs right now and listen to a stripped-down-box set of KLH Model Tens in the garage that I'll reveneer soon. (Of course that was the plan five years ago when I bought them.) Looking forward to reading and learning about more of these classics here.
  4. Any Genesis Fans Out There

    New here, but am glad to contribute to the discussion. Picked up a pair of Genesis IIs and have been working on them. The boxes and grills are in very good shape--not perfect but more than presentable. Of course the green foam was rotted on the passive radiator. Both tweeters sound great, but the woofers were replacements--turns out they were radio shack replacements and after refoaming the PR the speakers sound awful with incorrect woofers. Am getting some new proper woofers next week, am rebuilding the crossover, and can't wait to hear them. Will keep you posted of the progress.