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  1. Hi Glenn: Thanks for the advice. I just bought some Polk Floor Speakers and they atuall sound good and pair well with my wall speakers. So I might "retire" the KLH 6s after 40 years. As much as that is a big change for me to do! I am over in White Plains. Neil
  2. Kent: Think you are right... both speakers went when stopped working. Now both working. Must be a short or corrosion back there. I noticed when I moved the speaker it went out again. waited removed it toggled the switch and back on both tweeter and woofer are working. So I think your diagnosis is correct! Thanks! Neil
  3. Hi All: First Happy New Year to all! SO about my one KLH 6 not working. I unhooked the speaker wires, Toggled the back volume switch re-connect and it started working again! Been working for a week. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Neil
  4. Hi Kent: Going to give a try over the holidays. This the same release/version of the KLH 6's have: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-six-rule.193462/ so the question can I get to the control connector through the front removing unscrewing the woofer or have to cut it out from the back? Neil
  5. Kent and Geoff: Thanks guys I will give it a try. To answer Geoff's question about my "soldering Skills", I used to build Heathkit equipment (if you remember that company). Built a color TV and my first stereo amp from Heath kit but that was a long time ago. But I never made cold solder joint so we shall see! My instinct says the capacitors went bad as I recall from old days those things had paste in them and prone to dry out. Will give it a try meantime so I can listen to my jazz, ordered some Klipsch Bookshelf speakers (online). Not the best way to buy speaker without listening but no more stereo stores exist at least in NY. I wonder and will find out now if new speakers are better than the old ones but KLH has a nice audiophile warm sounds like my vinyl compared to my CDs. Much appreciate the advice and information. Neil
  6. Thanks Kent! What type of sealant and what is a "re-cap"? Neil
  7. Hi Kent, Thanks for the response. The KLH 6's I have have 2 terminals in the back with a toggle switch for change to high, mid, low etc. The Woofer is attached by screws (after removing the cloth grill). So Your suggestion is remove the woofer and i can get to the back and see where the control is that the speaker wires attach? I would think there is a failure there since both tweeter and woofer are not working. Neil
  8. I have a pair of KL6 Speakers purchased in 1975. All of a sudden one produces no sound (the other is fine). I checked to confirm not an issue wit the channel on my amp by switching speakers. So the speaker is not working. Is there away to find out if it is one one the two speakers or the speaker connection mechanism in the back? How hard would it be to fix as seems very difficult yo open up these speakers and get internal access. Thanks, Neil