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  1. NLA recap... resistors too?

    thanks again for your posts. The photo of Larry's speakers served as my inspiration. I was able to replace the electronics in the NLA's. I refoamed and gave them a listen with the old stuff and they sounded dead. One worse than the other. Then the new caps and resistors and the speakers came alive! The only piece of equipment I have that might have been of their vintage is a small Marantz 2220b receiver, I think like 20wpc. Believe it or not they sounded pretty good with the little receiver. I was going to sell them but I think they have been granted a reprieve.
  2. NLA recap... resistors too?

    thanks for the info (and photos) Larry...
  3. NLA recap... resistors too?

    Yes my crossover looks the same as the photo above. It has the 1.0 resistor and the 1.5 resistor and the 13UF 50 V cap. Funny, it even has the same green oxidation on the very same terminal of the switch as the one in the photo!
  4. NLA recap... resistors too?

    Thanks both for your replies. What are the values for the caps and resistors in the NLAs? And which ones do you recomend? In another thread someone recomemded solen 16uf and a dayton 8.2.... but looking at your photo above, im guessing that guy was refering to the older "loudspeaker".
  5. NLA recap... resistors too?

    I have a pair of NLA's that need surrounds. I was going to do the caps as well. I was looking at some of the pages online about recapping but none really discuss the resistors. Do they not need replacing? thanks