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  1. srkitchens

    Powered Advent Refoam - Who to send them out to?

    Late replay - I should monitor the forum more often. Good score on the PAL's. The black acoustic foam disintegrates into a sticky mess with age. I couldn't find a cheap replacement that was fire rated so I opt'd to use fiberglass on my PAL rebuild. The transformers vibrate a bit (see earlier post) and I might one day attempt to reseal them. Isolation washers took care of the majority of the vibration. Do the amplifiers work. Mine required two costly repairs (one was self inflicted when I attempted to repair a several blown resisters and created a far worse failure) but are now happily playing in the basement office. You should be able to use any NLA metal frame woofer. Re-foam is pretty easy and if you mess it up you can always pay a proshop professional to redo your work. I've done numerous OLA and NLA re-foams using Simply Speakers kits (I like their glue). Watch one of their re-foam videos and decide it you can do it yourself.
  2. Vintage RARE Pair Powered Advent Loudspeakers PAL Stereo Speakers w/ Amps 1970's They sold for $810 + $225 shipping and the seller could only report that they both powered on. Pictures showed that the woofers required a re-foam. I'm hoping the buyer will join this discussion and pass on their experience with what was purchased. My pair are back in operation after a major rebuild on the 2nd speaker's AMP. I did learn that untrained (read me) DIY repair can add to the cost of a Amp repair.
  3. srkitchens

    Advent/1 recommended foam & caps

    I have used Simply Speakers foam kits on OLA and NLA rebuilds. They have a large number of videos showing how to refoam without removing the dustcap/shimming the voice coil. I like the glue they supply. Any CAP's I've replaced was a like for like values from Parts-Express.
  4. srkitchens

    Dented tweeter on Advent/1

    I have read that the New Large Advent Loudspeaker (attached pictures) used a Ferro fluid tweeter (event though it resembled the Orange Fried Egg arrangement of the Original large Advent Loudspeaker w/cutouts in the wire cage for the lead wires). I believe all of the Black Advent tweeters were also Ferro Fluid. If that's the case you don't want to penetrate the dome leaking any remaining 40 year old fluid. Your best bet is to pickup a replacement on Ebay. I have had some luck pulling out dents on various tweeters with a vacuum (you must control the vacuum pressure or the dome will like peel away) and tape (attach and lightly tug/repeat). Lastly if the speaker sounds good with a slightly dented tweeter dome then I would use it that way. ps I replaced my dented OLA tweeter just because I knew it was dented and it bothered me.
  5. srkitchens

    Foam fill replacement for large powered advents

    I'm very happy with how the units sound when filled with fiberglass. I plan on posting images of the foam that was in the Powered unit and some I found in non powered units. The Powered unit contained a rigid black foam that was turning into a sticky dust. The others (two pair of Original Walnut with an A2 and a single Utility speaker with an U4 serial numbers) all contained a softer yellow foam. None of the Yellow foam appeared to be failing. I would have expected the Powered and the Utility to be approximately the same age.
  6. srkitchens

    recommendation on Transformer hum - Powered Large Advents

    I would say frame-wound - I've attached a picture of a matching transformer from another unit. Any recommendations on what type of glue to use if I decide to repot the unit? Thanks
  7. srkitchens

    recommendation on Transformer hum - Powered Large Advents

    I have placed neoprene under the transformer feet and under the mounting screw heads. This has almost completely removed the transformer vibration/buzz. Small progess.
  8. srkitchens

    Foam fill replacement for large powered advents

    Replaced 2lb of dry rotted acoustic foam (nasty sticky mess) with 2lb of unbacked R30 pink insulation. Sound has actually improved (I speculate because the foam "dust" and chunks were pooling between the speaker frame and the cone). Still looking for a recommendation on a foam that can be used near the electronics (looking at one of the amp boards revealed a repair from past fire inside the cabinet).
  9. The foam inside my Power Advents is disintegrating. Any suggestions on replacement products. Since the unit has an internal amplifier I'm assuming a fire rated material will be needed. I'm temped to use fiberglass similar to what is found in the original large advents.
  10. srkitchens

    Reconing an OLA Fried Egg Tweeter

    Rubbing alcohol desolved the glue around the outside rim of the tweeter. Once softened I was able to lift the cone edge and see the spider (I was surprised to see a spider on a tweeter) and solder points for the leads. The center dome is glued to the top of the voice coil (I have not yet attempted to remove it). Without removing the cone from the voice coil I can not see how to get a soldering iron under the cone. Still pondering.
  11. When powered up there is a noticeable vibration on the APALs. It is not coming from the Woofer but metal Amp mounting on the back side of the unit. Just soliciting opinions on how to silence the vibration (only noticeable at no or very low volume). Thanks in advance
  12. srkitchens

    Reconing an OLA Fried Egg Tweeter

    New member and a first time posting. Has anyone ever attempted to recover a damaged OLA Orange Fried Egg Tweeter. It would seem to be a relatively simple procedure if anyone fabricates the a cone/dome replacement. The tweeter was damaged when the Masonite plate pulled away from the base. The lead wires broke free and tore away from the cone. Currently own four Walnut OLA's, restoring a set of OLA Utility and just received set of Powered Large Advents for Christmas. I had a pair of used APALs for a summer in the early 80's. I returned them when one of the Amps intermittently failed to power up. Just before Christmas I stumbled across a set at a pawnshop. The wife swooped in and picked them up for me. $125 electrical repair later (one unit continually went into protect mode) and I now have a working set for just under $500. My pair of OLA's from High School are still in service at my Home Room Teacher house.