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  1. I have read a few threads regarding Kenwood's classic KA 8006 and the fact that there is no pre-amp output. The output is a full pre-amp level without volume/balance control. The output is used for a QUAD generation setup. If you are into QUAD, there ya are. But for and ol' skool stereo rocker who is looking to bi-amp speakers, it worthless. Without a little tinkering. And I tink. The Kenwood KA 8006 is a pretty gnarly integrated amp in its own right. But you have to make a modification for the pre-amp output. Output to an electronic crossover such as a DBX-223, the high output back into the Kenwood to power the tweeters and the low output to my ol boat anchor Phase Linear 400 And those drive my Wharfedale 8 Need Help? Contact me