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  1. Hi, David! nice to hear from a Patriot that US made parts have to come back to their native country, but then you have to give us back pizza, prosecco and mandolini!! (Godfathers are an essential part of your economy, now, you may keep them!) Stop joking, if I may be anyway useful with the available parts, just let me know and I will do my best for get your Ones living a long, good sounding life. Best Fulvio
  2. Hi, Bill, and thanks for your feedback. Parts are already on Ebay, I thought that a direct contact with the most interested people could be of mutual benefit. I'm a part of the people that made Allison 'glorious years' in Italy at that time...
  3. Dear Members of the Forum, I'm a new comer, entering has proud owner of a pair of 1980's Allison One pair and 1986's Allison Five pair. Recently I had the chance to buy a pair of speakers which cabinet and XO were rebuild, but the speakers were all original OEM Allison 1980 parts. Knowing the difficulty to find on the market original parts in good conditions, I'm offering to who is interested the four 10" woofers (to be refoamed, but never worked with the damaged suspension), two 6,5" midrange and 2 4" tweeters, both in almost mint conditions. I'm located in Italy, but the parts may easily be transported in US by myself of by colleagues during business trips (at least mids and tweets), or shipped if you need them urgently and you are willing to get fast forwarder wallet fat... Attached some pics of the woofers, other available upon request, as my private contacts. Best, Fulvio