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  1. Algorhythms

    I just purchased a nice looking pair of Advent 1 loudspeakers. This is the later edition with the stand off grill. I'd like to rebuild the crossovers. I'm looking for a crossover schematic for this version so I can assemble parts before opening them up. I've searched the archives here but came up empty handed. Anyone have one they can share? I'd greatly appreciate that. Thanks!
  2. Boston Acoustics A70 schematic

    Yeah, Knowing factory values and layout would be helpful in order to insure that left/right time constants match.
  3. Boston Acoustics A70 schematic

    No, I don't know if i will change anything until i open them up and measure. I just like having the schematic to look at as its easier to understand than tracing out the circuit from a blob of glue. I consider these speakers a platform for practicing restoration before attempting an AR or KLH.
  4. Boston Acoustics A70 schematic

    Looking to know what the value of the inductor is. I can't tell from seeing it as its covered with hot glue.
  5. Boston Acoustics A70 schematic

    Yes, that's exactly what I'll do if I dont fina a schematic. I most certainly will replace the caps. I haven't looked inside yet, wanting to see what the paper looks like. If there are inductor(s) and resistors, I'll replace them as well. As fare as film vs 'litics..... not sure what way I'm gonna go. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Boston Acoustics A70 schematic

    Just picked up a decent condition pair of Boston Acoustics A70s for my first restoration project. I want to develop some chops before tackling something more challenging. Does anyone have a BA A70 crossover schematic? (I had a pair of A40s back in the 1980's and really liked them. It was the first and only pair of speakers I ever bought without listening to first. I read the Richard Heyser review in Audio. ) Thank you.
  7. I am presently listening to Fred Hersch with my Marantz 2230 receiver. He sounds great and the Marantz looks so sexy. Still looking for the right vintage speakers though...
  8. External Jumper on AR crossovers

    Okay! That makes a difference. Thanks for correcting me. its appreciated. Michael
  9. External Jumper on AR crossovers

    Thanks for your reply. Interesting. I can see that may be useful.
  10. External Jumper on AR crossovers

    Hmmmm.... i don't see that. In that configuration the mid and tweeter is completely out of the circuit. BTW, I have no desire to do this. I just wanted to know why AR put the jumper external. ar-5_schematic.pdf
  11. External Jumper on AR crossovers

    I was looking at the schematic of an AR 5. For woofer only operation one connects negative to terminal 1 and positive to terminal T, leaving terminal 2 disconnected. Am I misunderstanding this?
  12. External Jumper on AR crossovers

    For that to be the case, one would have to connect the T terminal and the 1 terminal (neg) in order to complete the circuit through the woofer inductor, right? One would not use the normal 2 or pos terminal.
  13. This has probably been answered before. Why did AR put an external jumper on their crossovers? Why add an additional binding post and why risk the end user not having the jumper connected. Wouldn't it have been easier to make that connection internally to the woofer inductor? I'm sure there was a good reason. But I don't see it. Thanks for replies. Michael
  14. Advent or AR?

    I knew that but didn't want to correct you, being a noob here. And you're right. If the midrange isn't right, then forget it. Unless you live in a frat house and have Cerwin Vegas.
  15. Carl's Custom business undergoes a significant change

    Thanks! I have two of those U47s that see regular use. I love it here in Santa Fe. Been coming for visits for decades but moved from NYC and built my listening room/studio here about 2 years ago. You can keep your winters, thanks. :-) Winters are great here. Not too cold but plenty of snow in the mountains. I'm in CT in April recording a jazz project in a private studio near Easton. I hope to be a contributing member here as time goes on. Michael