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    Used to Work at Cizek

    Hey All, Just stumbled onto this page and have really been enjoying the posts. Especially the posts from GarryB, TWKRIN, and KFOM. I grew up in Bloomington IN and owned a pair of Cizek (in typical Indiana drawl we pronounced them as SEE ZAK) speakers in the early 70's. I think I was 16 or 17 when I bought my speakers at a local stereo shop. The first new speakers I'd ever owned. I'm pretty sure they were the 10" two ways (don't remember the size of the tweeters) and I don't think I paid over $I00 new for the pair. I don't even remember them having model numbers at the time. I definitely remember they weighed a LOT. They did look a lot like AR-3s with very thin white grill cloth. You saw a lot of their speakers in Bloomington at that time as they were the best you could get for the money. I met Roy and Ronnie when I was working at The Guitar Gallery on Kirkwood. They came into the store occasionally as all of the "hippies" hung out around there on Kirkwood. I also met them again when I had a problem with one of the speakers and I hand carried them back to their factory for repair. At that time the "factory" was located on Walnut street right across from The Penguin. They did move around a lot and it was always pretty much known that they always had trouble paying the bills. I remember going there two or three times to make sure I got my speakers back. I also remember that in my dealings with them Roy communicated with the public through Ron? Roy would say what he wanted to in a very soft tone and then Ron would repeat it at a level you could hear. At that time they didn't have any administrative staff that I saw. I left Bloomington in 1978 and unfortunately my speakers didn't leave with me. I was always surprised to hear how successful they'd become after leaving IN. Cool to have them associated with my hometown.
  2. I had these exact speakers in about 1971. I'm from Bloomington and bought them new. As far as I remember they didn't even have model numbers back then.
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