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    I traced the crossover and found it is similar to KLH 17 except a choke (value unknown) is added in series with the woofer and a 4ohm resistor inserted between the HF network and tweeter, padding the tweeter down to the woofer level (attenuated as a function of the inductor) making the crossover point a bit lower. The interesting thing is that, in theory, one could bypass the choke and 4ohm resistor to arrive at a transfer function identical to model 17. Since the two models (17 and 33) share the same drivers (except for doping on 33's woofer) high probability exists that the modified 33 (basically a 17 in a bigger box - 30 v 20 liter) will sound similar to the stock 17 with the added benefit of deeper bass. Model 33 has a bass half loudness point of about 45hz (similar to KLH 6) vs 55hz for model 17. See my post on audiokarma: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-thirty-three.130713/page-2