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    DQ-10 Crossover Rebuild - ready to solder - Help!

    You put some real effort in your crossover rebuild and used good quality parts! I am in the process of rebuilding a dq10 crossover. I was going to replace all parts with better quality parts but ran into a snag. As I was measuring the inductors with an ohmmeter I noticed that some intentionally had high resistance, by design. The inductor on the super tweeter was extremely fine wire and measured around 6-7 ohms. If I replaced it with the a new inductor of the smallest gauge wire available it would be less than 1 ohm. This would change the balance and sound of the speaker. I decided to use the original inductors as they all have the correct DCR. I am replacing all capacitors and haven't decided if I will replace the resistors yet. The inductance in the original resistors could be different than what is available today. This project is not as easy as it looks.