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  1. Thanks fellas! To late.already redoped them. But that's a great point.
  2. Awesome descriptive responses fellas! Some nice klh gear in here! Lucky those twenties from what i read are essentially 4 ohm model 17's right? I was intrigued by them. Couple came up for sale in my area.
  3. Finally got around to redoping my Ar2ax. Next the pots. Sure it'll be a bit more difficult. Anyone have any pointers for me before I dive in? Ones that are not included in these instructional forums?
  4. Thank you! Very nice lineup you have. My time with the 28's has been limited. Storing them at my brothers. Closing on a house in 2 weeks and they will get a nice workout once I do. The experience i have had even with a not so ideal placement was excellent. I had no idea what to expect. As I have never heard a omni directional speaker before. They're very Klh-esk when it comes to low end. And I haven't even begun to redope the woofers. The woofers seem to be essentially The same 10" they use on the 17's. The mids to highs are pretty bright compared to other models I have heard. Not to a extent where it's not enjoyable and fatiguing. Actually found it to be a very nice change from the other KLH speakers I owned or heard. Much less brightness then say The JBL 4408A i own that have pretty bright titanium tweeters. But noticely higher then my other KLH. The Extra tweeters will prob do that. Also they're very immersive being Omni directional. Sound surrounds you. I love my 23's. Essentially the 6's with a larger prettier cab and heftier woofer. Couldn't believe how simplistic the crossover was. Recap took me 10 mins. 1- 4 uf cap quick solder and mount and these bad boys were singing. The bass is astounding. My brother being a big Advent fan gave the nod to these over his OLA. Bass is equal if not more. Mids highs very balanced laid back and detailed. The magnet on the back of these woofers is huge and heavy. But back to the 28. Considering how rare they're, unique and that they sound pretty damn good... I'd Def recommend them.
  5. Wow. You got yourself a great deal and paid it forward. I live in a prevalent area for gear.l(MA) Especially when it comes to KLH, AR, and Advents. I'm sure a pair is bound to come up sooner or later. Atleast i hope. Hold up with the AR-3a. Def enticing. Just found these at a relatively low price. AR2ax. Surrounds are dry so I'll do a redope. And you can tell the pots are in need of dire attention. Which come with the territory of owning classic AR's. And still they sound great.
  6. The 28 are mammoths. Heavy and large. Also being Omni directional require a good amount of space for proper placement.
  7. Beautiful. The model 5 and 12 are at the top of my wish list . Of course the 9 as well but they seem to demand big $. Never heard any of these 3 but hopefully soon. How would you describe the model 12's sound wise? Had the equilizers to. AMAZING.
  8. Matthew

    Klh model 28

    Used it on my 23's after a recap. Made a world of difference.
  9. Matthew

    Klh model 28

    Thanks! Would never subject my speakers to anything less. This is my 2nd jar. Great stuff.
  10. New to the page. I'd like to to do a introduction using my to date KLH collection. Model 23, model 28, and THE one that got me started. Model 6's. Also just added this model fifty two reciever. What's your fav KLH speaker? in order. R103 Radiance ts.pdf
  11. Matthew

    Klh model 28

    Grabbed these a couple months ago. Seem to be very rare. My take on them is they're classic Kloss accoustic suspension in the low end. Brighter than what I have come to expect from KLH. Probably do to the 6 tweeters. Giving them a redope this weekend. Anyone else have experience with these?
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