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  1. Finally the other pair of the AR18s arrive. The front baffle looks nasty, but it is the drivers I am interested in. My 18's need the original woofer so I swapped the woofer. The mid is very clean and transparent , but the base seems to be bloated! Moving them away from the wall and cutting down the bass to -1 on the amp seems to solve the problem. There is a difference in the rear of the woofer (magnet) between my old ones and these . Is this something i should be concerned about? Second picture shows the print on the underside of the cone from the donor speaker. So do I now have the original? Will be making the foam rings tomorrow to complete them. Will bother with the re veneering next month!
  2. Hello People, A very dear friend of mine from Nashville, Tennessee is looking for a Amplifier for a a AR-2ax he bought recently. I'm trying to help him find an Amplifier at a reasonable price. He is looking for a simple but clean Integrated amp with or without a Phono (although that would be a bonus). Any leads, kind people? Regards, Sudhir
  3. sudhir

    AR93 EQ

    This is my next dream! To find an unmolested AR turntable. Haven't seen one in India yet...
  4. sudhir

    AR93 EQ

    This reminds me of the Grado / ALESSANDRO arrangement! What I specifically wanted to know was if the inside woofers of the left and right speakers need to "see" each other ?
  5. This guy seems to be the Jeremy Clarkson of the audio world!
  6. sudhir

    AR93 EQ

    Hello All, I would firstly like to thank the members for helping me out with my AR18 rebuild in my previous thread. Now, for my 4th pair of ARs, I have come across a reasonably decent shape AR93EQ with blown tweeters. Now the other 18s which I bought for the woofers have the tweeters lying around. So from a little research I have concluded that the tweeters on the 18 and 93 use the same tweeter. So, it should be a straight fit. I am really interested in the 93s cause I know they will have pretty much the same characteristics of the 18 with additional lower frequency response. The question is how finicky are these speakers about placement. And how do the side firing woofers behave with a stereo rack in between them? Regards, Sudhir
  7. Update! I have bypassed the switch and put in the Solen capacitor. Now the speakers sound like a thin veil of cloth has been removed from in front of them! There is a fine layer in the Aqualung Albums guitar tracks which I've missed on these speakers. All looks good so far. Problem again: One speaker sounds lower than the other while playing. While assembling them back , I was checked the polarity with a AA battery. I noticed that one woofer sounded "less" than the other(in volume and different in tone too). And the cabinet which has this woofer sounds less louder than the other. So I went ahead and bought the other pair of AR18s available (the only other pair on sale in this country which I had mentioned earlier on in the thread). They are yet to come. All the drivers seem to be in good shape on them. However the cabinets not so. So I thought Id salvage the woofers and keep the tweeter as spare. Super Surprise: Dad calls a little later to tell me someone is selling an AR93EQ with shot tweeters (the seller has replaced them with some bose tweeters!) So I think the tweeters from the donor have found a new home already! Buyer is asking some 250$ for the pair. Seem to be in very good shape! I will post a new thread for the 93's later! Meanwhile , will update as soon as I do the woofer swap as soon as the donor arrives!
  8. Hello All, Finally plucked up the courage to change the capacitor. @ra.ra @JKent Quick question before i do this. Will bypassing a 40 year old yield a clearer signal path? I never had the need to use the -3db switch. Maybe my ears top end is rolled off!
  9. Hello All, Just wanted to update you on the progress! Had a friend bring these back from the US. And now to solder them. I got a few extra just in case! Now I have never soldered before. But it doesn't seem to be too much of a job considering these are big components. Will keep you posted on the progress! Regards, Sudhir
  10. @ra.ra I am just being paranoid about the corrosion in the switch after being in a equatorial humid weather for so long. I though I might have some improvement by bypassing the switch and resistance. I also just realized the resistance is in parallel and when in the switch is in "off" / "0" position position , has no effect on the quality unlike the capacitor which is in series! (I hope I am right!! :-) ) Hmm. I think I have seen something very similar in hobby shops! Let me see if I can find them locally. Which now leaves us with the usual debate about the capacitors! Mylar Vs Polypropylene! As this is my first rebuild and have no experience with electronics, I will again wait for your advice on the kind of capacitors! I am willing to go upto 10$ each for them! Regards, Sudhir
  11. sudhir

    AR speakers & lots of speaker parts

    @JKent I know this is an old thread , but would you still have the caps? I would like to buy the 6uF Kimber (Both) for my AR18 Project! I live in India but have a friend who is coming from the USA end of this month. Would you be able to locally post them if you still have them available?
  12. Spot on. I have musician friends and recording engineer friends and this is the difference between them!
  13. @michiganpat Thanks for the quick reply. I am not able to get any source online in India for the foam mentioned. Would you be kind enough to point me to your source in the US? Wouldn't mind ordering it online and having it shipped to my friend who will be coming to India in a month. And what kind of cutting technique do you use to get a good end finish?
  14. sudhir

    Book: The History of Acoustic Research

    Truth in Listening - The history of Edgar Villchurs Dream I am eagerly awaiting for more news on the book!!! Regards, Sudhir
  15. @ra.ra Thank you for your inputs. I will go have a look at the other pair coming week and pick them up. My cabinets look much better in the picture than in real life! I will work on new wiring for the speaker internals. Will keep the nut type connector and get rid of the 0/-3db switch on the rear. Will bypass it but keep it to complete the authenticity! Any good source in the USA for the capacitors? Girlfriends friend is coming in a month and I can have her bring them when she comes. Maybe some good wire for the internals? @djcheung your set looks so good! Is the speaker on the right (the one sideways ) the rear of the other speaker? Did you re vinyl your speakers? The originals have a black "ring" around the woofer to cover up the excess metal. What material is that. Any alternatives and substitutes? Regards, Sudhir