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  1. okay now my project really became tweaking Little update ( i guess im gonna do it from time to time) placed Morel MDT32 as a rear tweeters, added 2uf cap to cross it at 10Khz and as for now it sounds amazing, ofc I might find some bad stuff but as for now im really surprised it worked well. if you guys have any tips for rear tweeters i would love to hear them.
  2. you might want to try some old Russian capacitors, the big ones, like this: (what i got) http://www.ebay.com/itm/6x-30uF-160V-10-USSR-MBGO-2-Russian-PIO-Capacitors-Now-Old-Stock-/201975868772?hash=item2f06b32d64:g:n8oAAOSwHLNZW5To I compared between the russian and mundorf mcap on the mid, the mcap gave more detailed crisp dynamic sound, but suffered the same problem as you describe i guess. the russian is more laid back but felt like a better match.
  3. The current amp is Harman citation 16A and citation 11 pre, also got onkyo integra, which is less powerful but have fun warm sound (120W into 4ohm). I did my best to make sure the acoustics of the room are good, and made some custom stands for the AR98lsi, not something special but does the work, i also tried them in a bigger room (my listening room is small) but it made no change. thanks, i will as for the crossover i did change the capacitors with some Jentzen caps and non-polarized type at higher values, cant comment on a change because i did it before i even heard them (long story why) what do you mean too dramatic? not a statement, an opinion\guess, I never hard the ar9. im not tweaking anything, this is a DIY project opened the thread to know if i got something i could replace the current mid\tweeter plate with, thats all. btw Im hoping to get a listening session with the AR90 anyway, i dont think there is another ar90 (if any ar9\9ls) speakers in my country so this is is pretty rare opportunity.
  4. im not trying to rival the ar9 here, just trying to just make high quality speakers and I "discovered" the AR being good match by a chance. this was morel-based speakers from the start.
  5. i know that it was suppose to be an improvment, though as you said some people dont think that way, to more accurate the majority of the people think the ar9 is better. IMO there is two main reasons, the AR9 looks much better, and the 9LS has kind of boring sound, (i guess due to the mid\tweeter being closer and this way there is more balanced sounding? I consider the 98LSI extrememly balanced) Actually had a chance to get AR90 few days ago but i declined, I find my 98LSI very good sounding speakers but they bore me very fast, and im pretty sure the ar90 will have the same problem. this is one of the reasons i want to replace the mid\tweeter, the sound is not very engaging. pretty sure that what i plan to build will exceed the ar9 by a mile, the mid\high right now sounds MUCH better then my 98LSI. also will probably replace the midbass and add subwoofer... & on top of that turn them both active but this is gonna take time. (using morel drivers btw)
  6. you have any idea who would preform better?
  7. hey guys, im building speakers and i have found the my 98lsi mid\tweeter plate a very good match for my speakers. though i feel bad to leave my 98lsi like this after i spent so much time&money on them, so im asking myself if the AR9 tweeters will be good alternative, note that I want to get identical if not better results. im open for suggestions on other tweeters that might exceed the current configuration, with the same sound signeture ofc (the high-mid crossed at 5000hz-5500hz tweeter crossed at 5500hz, so basically looking for tweeter that goes down to 5000hz)