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  1. That is very interesting. Thank you! I don't know for certain that the crossovers are untouched, but they are supposed to be original. How do i access the crossover? My grilles are removable now, fortunately, if it is done from the front. I have the tweeter attenuation switch on (attentuated). Woofer polarity should be proper within the speaker because Lloyd Faulkner here in St. Louis rebuilt the woofers and double checked the wire markings and polarity. (he showed me the cool 9v battery trick to check driver polarity!!!). The bass sounds excellent and full. I would notice if one were out of phase. If both were out of phase with the top module I assume there would be mid-range suckout? mid-range is incredibly good. All in all the speakers sound pretty amazing so they are not egregiously bright... So it is ery possible nothing is wrong. It sounds like changing caps, even to very wat caps like Audio Note, might actually give me more treble balance ... I really don't want that.
  2. I have a wonderful pair of original Snell Type A's. The drivers have been resurrounded and the woofer spiders replaced. They sound great, but I have had to change every cable in my system to tame the treble. I've owned two other pairs of Type A originals in the past and don't recall them sounding bright. Now this may be solely because my system is less warm than my systems of old ... However, I do wonder if at ~40 years old now, would the aging crossover start to make the treble sound hard? Or might it be the opposite? If the aging crossover parts could be responsible for hardening of the treble, is there any sense is replacing some of the parts? I'm very reluctant to mess with Peter Snell's genius and I know these are all hand-tuned. Might I screw them up by changing any parts, or if it is done with great care and parts selection, might the result be good? Thanks for any thoughts, experience or advice.
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