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  1. kurt45

    HELP. AR38LS

    Marco that looks in great condition. Nice find
  2. kurt45

    AVID 232 1981

    My cousin just mentioned to me about the Avid dynamics 232AB speaker they have. He's not sure of the year. We will take a look at it right after we finished installing the tonneau cover and new tires on his truck. Good resource Kent, thanks!
  3. kurt45

    Should I attempt to repair an AR3?

    This is going to be an interesting repair.
  4. kurt45

    AR 14 tweeter cutting in and out

    That's a good reference. Hope you will get good result.
  5. kurt45

    AR 14 tweeter cutting in and out

    Too bad it seems in bad shape. Hope you can find some professional to do it.
  6. That may take a while but congratulations in advance!
  7. That sounds a great set up Lakecat. Nice!
  8. kurt45

    AR9 Teledyn Big LF Caps where?

    Looks like they got good ones.
  9. kurt45

    AR9LSI Adventures

    Howdy! That's a nice AR9LS Bruce! I myself is researching about AR9LS. My boss is giving one for me and he said it needs some repair.