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  1. graydy

    dynaco speakers

    sorry no pics of innards, already redone.
  2. graydy

    dynaco speakers

    did dynaco ever use Philips drivers and tweeters. Have a pair similar to dynaco modle that lay horizontal with wood tops and bottoms, trying to figure out if they are dynaco or not. 8inch six sided drivers
  3. graydy

    speaker pic

    which speakers will pair better with st70 all original. Have klipsh r28f and dynaco a25. Have tried both sets and both have there strong and low points...what do you guys with st70 think, or recommend another speaker...graydy
  4. graydy


    no one??
  5. graydy


    Would a nad 1020 preamp be good with dynaco st70. Just getting into tubes and have the nad sitting in the den. any advice would be appreciated....Pete
  6. graydy

    dynaco stacking issues

    ebay prices are all over the place, I'm in northern Ontario Canada, north bay. This older stuff is hard to find up here and depending on equipment it can be very expensive.Check out this site\\Kijiji.ca, go to Ontario, there is alwys a few sets for sale usually around 200.00 to 250.00 Canadian, but I think shipping would kill....Peter
  7. graydy

    dynaco stacking issues

    All good now, raised stands 2 inches, new 1 inc isolation pads between speakers and stands, sound fantastic now, even put in a 10 inch powered sub and very close to what I was thinking this set up should sound like..Any idea what I could get for a very nice set of a25 with old cloth in good shape and new grills done, thinking I don't need 3 pairs...Peter
  8. graydy

    dynaco stacking issues

    Well I found what I think was a ground issue between my components, there was a very slight hum to the speakers, that was amplified at higher volumes.I ran copper chasis grounds from and to each component and this seems to help conciderably. Now to build higher and heavier stands and see what that does . Looking for a st70, or pair mark 111 monoblocks, and move the Marantz upstairs with other pair of a25. Time to get the tools out, good day for it as its snowing like crazy outside...Cheers and thanks...Peter ill keep ya posted
  9. graydy

    dynaco stacking issues

    no boomy bass with only 2, I have 3 pairs and have tried all kinds of combos, I uusually pull speakers away from walls when I play lps, cd etc.But there is no change in sound when stacked. Last night I tried stacked with a set of taller homemade stands , about 16 inches tall and the boomy bass was gone, thinking the smaller stands also homemade were causing bass from bottom speaker to bounce off hardwood floor.But doesn't when only one speaker on small stand. Kinda got me baffled, pardon the pun. Havind stacked on tall stands kinda unsafe,and not to sturdy, don't want granddaughter knocking them over. Just have to keep trying I guess. .Furniture is 2 large leather couches sitting on gig area rug, back wall is treted with home made accustic panals,all glass are covered with heavy linded drapes, room is 22x 26.stands have foam strps on bottom for isolation, and there is a thin isolation mat between speakers. I sealed all drivers when I recapped, resealed the cabinets as well, figured with them being so old that they may have dried out and wood glue may have failed, that helped tremeandisly in sound. Going to go through all my interconnects today, gotta try to figure this out. Thanks for reply, and sorry about spelling,,,Peter
  10. graydy

    dynaco stacking issues

    Hello everyone, new guy here..This has brobably been discussed here many times. I have stacked a25, and finding the bass very boomy. I am using Marantz 1090 pre amp, 2 ma 500 mono blocks. Speakers wired in 4 ohm config. amps are 180 watts at 4 ohm.Just cant seem to resolve the bass issue no matter what I do, speaker placement, etc.I have treated my bare walls. Is the equipement I'm using giving me problems?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. finally got everything up and running...Marantz 1090 preamp, 2 Marantz ma 500,running in 4ohm load at 180 per amp,marantz 2100 receiver, old Toshiba turn table,nad cd...4 dynaco a25 stacked, sound very nice and powerfull.