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  1. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    I drove out to Brooklyn last weekend and picked up a set of the original midranges.
  2. Boston Acoustics HD7 refoaming

    This pair is from 1993. Any opinions on the crossovers? Age wise, do you think I'm due for a recap. If so, any suggestions on which type?
  3. Boston Acoustics HD7 refoaming

    I'm refoaming my first pair of speakers and have a question. How do you clean the cone after you remove the surround? Meaning, what kind of soap or solvent should I use.
  4. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Thank-you, and everybody thus far with this.
  5. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Opinion on the woofer?
  6. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Just says 2a
  7. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Thanks, I've been reading the ar3 restoration guide. I picked up some Deoxit yesterday. Yes, I was definitely referring to "woofer only" option. This the first time I'm dealing with speakers older then me. So I'm quickly coming up to speed.
  8. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Ok, I popped it open and here's what I got.
  9. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

  10. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Ok, after years and years of reading about other people's "barn finds" in Goodwill, Salvation Army and curbside, mine finally happened. I pulled into GW just as they were putting a Sony STR-6800sd and a pair of AR-2a's out. I didn't know anything about them until I brought them home and read as much as I could. Serial number D 10185 on one I forget the other. I fired them up and as typical, nothing discernable came out of the tweeter & mids. So I'll assume the pots are shot. Then I was giving the grillcloth a critical look and noticed they didn't look like the others I'd seen. So I Googled some images to confirm that. I did some more reading and found out that this pair was probably upgraded to the 2ax. They have the square badge and the "A" pin. What I thought was interesting is the terminal setup. So I can run a external tweeter (and mid i guess) if I prefer. Id like to restore them since they are in really decent shape. But im also fascinated that I could throw a heil on top. Any thoughts? I can't post any pics until I get home. I also need to take the grill off and that looks to be an issue.