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  1. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    According to the link these are paper caps. Should these be checked and possibly kept or just replaced. From what I've read the consensus seems to be to keep the oil ones and replace the paper ones. There seem to be plenty of period ones on fleabay. Or what do you suggest as a replacement?
  2. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

  3. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

  4. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

  5. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    I finally one open to see what was inside. I was expecting to see either the wax square or the one in oil. Any ideas? sprague cp41b1df405k https://tedss.com/2020059927
  6. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    I drove out to Brooklyn last weekend and picked up a set of the original midranges.
  7. Boston Acoustics HD7 refoaming

    This pair is from 1993. Any opinions on the crossovers? Age wise, do you think I'm due for a recap. If so, any suggestions on which type?
  8. Boston Acoustics HD7 refoaming

    I'm refoaming my first pair of speakers and have a question. How do you clean the cone after you remove the surround? Meaning, what kind of soap or solvent should I use.
  9. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Thank-you, and everybody thus far with this.
  10. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Opinion on the woofer?
  11. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Just says 2a
  12. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Thanks, I've been reading the ar3 restoration guide. I picked up some Deoxit yesterday. Yes, I was definitely referring to "woofer only" option. This the first time I'm dealing with speakers older then me. So I'm quickly coming up to speed.
  13. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Ok, I popped it open and here's what I got.
  14. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

  15. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    Ok, after years and years of reading about other people's "barn finds" in Goodwill, Salvation Army and curbside, mine finally happened. I pulled into GW just as they were putting a Sony STR-6800sd and a pair of AR-2a's out. I didn't know anything about them until I brought them home and read as much as I could. Serial number D 10185 on one I forget the other. I fired them up and as typical, nothing discernable came out of the tweeter & mids. So I'll assume the pots are shot. Then I was giving the grillcloth a critical look and noticed they didn't look like the others I'd seen. So I Googled some images to confirm that. I did some more reading and found out that this pair was probably upgraded to the 2ax. They have the square badge and the "A" pin. What I thought was interesting is the terminal setup. So I can run a external tweeter (and mid i guess) if I prefer. Id like to restore them since they are in really decent shape. But im also fascinated that I could throw a heil on top. Any thoughts? I can't post any pics until I get home. I also need to take the grill off and that looks to be an issue.