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  1. Very nice bass. Pretty well balanced overall but I've only been able to listen in the garage which is not ideal. Here's a picture of the crossover. I haven't looked inside yet.
  2. Hey Pete. I believe they're from around 1958-1960. The inside has a rudimentary "maze" of plywood leading to a port on the bottom. Once I get rolling on fixing these up, I'll need to put some type of grill on the bottom to keep my cat out... if my wife lets me keep them! I did get inside and determined that the high balance on one was disconnected and hooked up to half a stereo control internally. Turned that up and the highs were good. But mids are a bit off compared to the other speaker. Hoping to get to cleaning the mid balance pot and see if that takes care of the problem. They sound pretty good so far.
  3. Looks like the RF416 has two tweeters. According to the catalog you pointed me to, the MSS491 has a 15" w, an 8" m and a single tweeter. If I measure from the mounting screws then that makes more sense. I really appreciate the info you've provided! Thanks. Mike
  4. Hey thanks! I checked out that page before but was thrown off by the DJVU files. Found an app for those and things are better now. I'm thinking they may be MSS491s with my measurements off slightly. Hopefully Sunday I'll get the backs off and I can take a look at the pots and crossovers. My biggest problem right now is finding a room they'll fit in.
  5. Hello! I've frequently come here for info but finally joined up. I picked up a pair of Stromberg Carlson speakers recently and was hoping to ID the model and maybe find out some info on them. I thought they were RH416s but once I got the grills off it appeared they were not. They have a 12", a 7" and the single tweeter. On the back there are pots for High & Mid Balance. Right now one sounds very good and the other doesn't quite have the highs working. I'm hoping it is a simple need of cleaning the pots or possibly changing the crossover caps. I haven't gotten inside to see what the crossovers consist of. Any info is appreciated! Thanks. Mike
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