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  1. An 11 year old thread...Has anyone heard from "Guest jones" ? Does anyone know how to contact him. Do we have stuff here about Snell speakers that I am missing ? Thanks, Jim. Guys/Gals forget about the above. I think I found what I needed....
  2. Check that. I thought I had found the answer in another thread but it was not as specific as you were. Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I had seen one on ePay for like 80.00 this AM so if anyone is looking...
  3. Also, would the AR 5 midrange be the same well usable in the AR 3 ? From what I read they are both 1 1/2 inch and look the same facing the front anyhow.
  4. Really late to this conversation but worth the post. I also have a set of 3's and at least one of the mids has a slipped magnet. Sent it to Roy (thanks Roy) and he helped me with a number of things. One of my mids is the original deep set round three bolt type and the other is the shallow but huge round magnet type. I am guessing there was work done in the past on these speakers because of that. I still have not decided what I am going to do as far as what type to put in but I do know this their are mids out there with slipped magnets that cannot be repaired so I will not consider buying a set of the originals. I am going for the AR 3 or later mids with the crossover change if and when I decide to do this. I appreciate all you guys for helping as you do here on site.
  5. Just wanted to stop by and re read the thread. Yes, I still have them and yes I have been a bum. Have not finished the PL 700 either. Other things have come up and working on those but the AR's are around the corner ! Oh, I picked up a pair of Snell type J/III's and I really like them. Took the SDA 2'bs out and put them in. May well need some advice on those as well.
  6. I know this thread is from the stone age but I just gotta stop in and say I love this place. Reading here is a blast. Dyna A25's And Dyna ST 70 here.
  7. That is good to note. Funny, I am so used to replacing every part besides the inductors in my other speakers that it totally slipped my mind that the AR 3's I have do not use any resistors. One inductor, two pots and the two in one capacitor. Kind of wish I knew what material that capacitor was made of so I could possibly get capacitors of the same material. I am not putting any "boutique' capacitors in these. As far as the pots go I have new ones, well at least old stock ones that are like new but I will have to put them in an enclosure. I will keep the old ones and clean and electroplate them in time for re use. Thanks, hope to talk back with you soon.
  8. Shoot I have just last week moved them out of storage and into the shop area. I have the pots and since the cabinets do not leak at all I am going to put them in and build the crossovers with new caps and resistors as needed. They are on my mind that is for sure. Once I get all the internals working properly I may well take them to a local cabinet shop to be re done. It all depends on the old cash flow. It's like when I was working I had plenty of cash and no time now that I am retired I have some time and no cash !! I have a Phase Linear 700 series one on my shop bench going thru a complete rebuild right now as well. May make a pair with the two. Don't worry, I have Don Imlay's protection relay board going in. I had finished up my Phase Linear 400 ( with the board as well) and I was going to pair that amp up with them but man once I found the 700 in very nice shape I could not resist. Thank you for thinking about me brother. You guys have been a Godsend.
  9. Sorry it took me so long to respond Glenn. I guess if I knew if they were walnut oak or whatever wood I could do just that. I just know nearly nothing about wood. I cannot tell birch from walnut or whatever. I could do some research and find out though. Then if I may ask where should I source the new veneer ? Do you have a good place to recommend ? I will be perfectly honest, I do not care too much what they look like I want them up to snuff sound wise.
  10. Cool. I thought that would work. I did not want to use the PE parts / pots for some reason. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, I found some 15 ohm rheostats here in my shop. These should work just fine if I enclose the back side right ??
  12. Thanks but I was referring to the water damage on the bottom of one of the speakers. As in I think one of the speakers bottom was water damaged not both. I agree with you that both mids need be done though. Thanks.
  13. Oh I meant to say that I need take the time to check both. I think it is just the one that is so bad.
  14. Lol, she is happy when I am happy and vice versa. I do want to restore the speakers in time and I will however I am more interested in getting them up to snuff sound wise than anything else. I kinda like the idea of the way they look as opposed to the way they sound. One could look at them now and say no way that sound is coming from those speakers ! The mids I am sure need doing. I suppose you PM Roy about this ? Thanks guys, I love to learn and I will listen too.
  15. I wanted to come back and thank you all for responding to my cry for help, lol. I am sure you all know that finding parts and information for speakers this age can be a daunting task. I think I am one of the lucky ones as it seems that I always seem to find someone who is willing to help. I wanted to throw another one out at you guys just to see what you think. I would like to keep my stock pots and I have read that they were silver plated. I think mine would work very well if they were re plated. Has anyone had this done to yours ? Has anyone attempted doing this at home ? I thought about this as I used to work in jewelry stores and we did some plating from time to time. Thanks, Jim.
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