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    Altec Lansing 9 Series 2

    I got lucky with mine and only had to pay a professional to replace the woofer foams and the more tricky midrange surrounds. I still haven't found a suitable cap to glue to the back of the mids but aside from that these are really wonderful speakers. I've read in a few places that this was the best Altec ever released that didn't have a horn. I've never owned that level of their line but these fill the house with beautiful music at even the lowest volume.
  2. noirwestern

    Ohm Model E

    Good to know. I have a pristine set of Es all set to be a winter project to bring them into the 21st century. Will start gasket shopping early to avoid the christmas rush. I should have a set of Ls by the time I get started and imagine gaskets wouldn't hurt there, either.