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  1. poolguy

    KLH SCx3 General Info

    Great info..... thanks guys. I'm not sure what the story is on these speakers. Research Series may mean they loaded them up with all the spare parts laying around and did some "research" to see how they would sound. I finished one (w new 5ohm pot) and wasn't impressed. I listen to OLA's and BA100's in my primary system and imo these speakers don't compare. I'll finish the other one this weekend and give the a try for a while to see how they sound. Mark
  2. poolguy

    KLH SCx3 General Info

    I did try to clean the pots with no luck. Blew them out w light air, then Deoxit and still no good. I had a couple of capacitors and resistors that were burned and replaced all. I did find schematic from KLH, and after a lot of searching with some help I found the 5ohm pots. Hope to get around to replacing them soon. I was curious though.... can you replace the pots with an L-pad? The 5ohm pots were a challenge for me. I wasn't sure exactly what I needed when it came to all the different configurations. So it looks like you guys know the history... what's the story with the A-P pots? klh_research_ten_SCX3.pdf
  3. poolguy

    KLH SCx3 General Info

    Yeah the post are shot. I don't know what type of environment they were in. Cleaned with air and used Deoxit, no help. Sometimes a good thump works though.🙂 Added a couple of pix of the original crossover. There are two inductors mounted to the cabinet as well. I'll be interested to see how they sound when finished
  4. I've had these speaker for a year or so and finally getting around to repairing the. If anyone has any information / history on these it would be appreciated. I have replaced all the foam, capacitors, and resistors. Looking for potentiometers now. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help. I'll get a pic or two together and send soon.
  6. Did that. Seemed to make them worse or less stable. They now cut in and out with vibration.
  7. Carl, I just came across this discussion and it looks like you're the crossover guy. This is all out of my wheelhouse so any help would be appreciated. I was given a pair of Research Ten series SCX3's and seem to be having problems with the crossovers. The drivers have been re-foamed, tweeters and mids sound good (as best I can tell) but are cracking in and out as you rotate the adjustment knobs . I guess this because of the bad resistors. Is there a simple way to bypass these or is it more involved?
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