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  1. I was using the RYthmik L12 servo sub . I highly recomend. Very fair price. for a quality sub. that will produce the lower pipe organ notes and match the output of the DQ10s nice at only half way up on the volume. I was running crossover at 30hz before my domes started sounding bad. I need to replace the domes before I can go back to listening to them I miss them but they do need a sub that can take care of the uner 35hz area the DQ10s eill not reach down to the 20-25hz area and I listen to DVD audio disc that do go down in that areaI do't like over powering bass but i do like to be able to hear the low notesand Rythmik does just that at a fair price.You will need Y connectors to hook the sub up to you mains on the pre amp outs
  2. hi everyone. does anyone have other options for the mid dome and tweeter dome other than Regnar.They seem to e overpriced?They don't have to be exact just close.Ilike doing business withe Parts express because of their reasonable pricing and return policy.So you are able to try and return if tthe one you pick is not close enough. . ut they are no help in helping you pick for the Dahlquist. The speakers are too old.I really enjoy the sound of the DQ10s before the drivers started to die. But i'm very limited on funds to spend to repair them exspecilly thru Renar.I known they would have direct drop in that would be the closes but they are way to expensive for my limited budget.Even if someone just has the specs so I can do the searching would be very helpful.I would go used but I would be afraid of getting the same as what I already have.They are 35 years old and there is no old new stock that I can find only used on ebay.