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  1. Snell Type EII Refurbishment

    I brought the speakers back home a few days ago, and I'm thrilled by the improvement. Kudos to Steve and Joyce at Atomic HiFi! Highly recommended!
  2. Carl Richard (Carlspeak) RIP 11-11-2017

    What a kind and capable gentleman! Carl repaired my old Spica TC50s and made them sing again.
  3. Snell Type EII Refurbishment

    New member here, hello to all from Coastal CT! My Snell Type EII speakers are undergoing refurbishment at Atomic HiFi in Ashland MA: New front tweeters and new woofers. Not an inexpensive procedure, but it will be nice to enjoy them again. I purchased them new when I lived in NJ and they have moved with me from NJ to MI and most recently to CT where I now live. Atomic hopes to have them finished yet this week. Will report back when I come up for air. Robert