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  1. Guido57

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    Pete, are you going to post this to AK? I looked there but couldn't find anything.
  2. Guido57

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    I'll be there if I can make it. Wanted to go to the October event but missing a family event has a low WAF. I'd like to see and hear what others find worthwhile. My systems are based around refurbished Large Advents (with Pete's BSC) and I want to hear something else for comparison. Plus many of you guys seem to know a lot more than I do.
  3. Guido57

    Woofer coil bypassed in NLA

    But wouldn't it allow more overlap between the woofer and tweeter, and wouldn't that muddy the sound some?
  4. Guido57

    Woofer coil bypassed in NLA

    Does anyone know why the woofer coil is bypassed in the extended setting on the NLA? Also, what are the connections in the three way switch?
  5. My bad. I didn't pay attention that every one here was referring to the OLA. It's bypassed in the NLA.
  6. Guido57

    EPI 100V with Cambridge Soundworks woofers?

    I cannot get the images of your woofers. If they look like the images I've attached the answer would probabley be no. This speaker is from a Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble "Subwoofer", which had a low pass filter at about 130hz. Unlikely it could reach to the 1800 hz the EPI woofer was designed for. The woofer from the Model 6 might work but probably would not have the same roll off characteristics as the EPI woofer. JKent's reference to Huw Powell is spot on.
  7. Does anyone know why on the Large Advents the extended setting bypasses the woofer inductor? Pete B.? Just curious about this.
  8. Guido57


    What is the cutout size? I don't have anything in hand but I might soon.
  9. Guido57

    NLA recap... resistors too?

    I originally bought my NLA's with a 22wpc Yamaha receiver. When the Yamaha was replaced with a 75wpc the improvement was tremendous.
  10. Guido57

    Cabinets for 5012

    I think a pair of large advents may have the same basic cabinet. They are defiantly more common. I'm thinking of rebuilding a pair of large Advents as 5012's. You would need to build new crossovers as the LA's use a different tweeter (though I think very similar woofer) than the 5002/5012's. A reverse engineered schematic for the 5002/5012's is listed elsewhere in this forum.