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  1. Guido57

    T-Nut Alternative?

    One might rebuild the ripped section of the baffle with something like Elmer's Damaged Wood Repair. It's an epoxy product that once cured will be stronger than the original particle board and can be worked (sanded, drilled, etc.) like wood. It has worked well for me on speaker baffles and more demanding applications.
  2. Guido57

    AR-410 refoam (never again!)

    Just curious; has anyone tried GooGone to clean up speakers for foam replacement? I've used this on other types of projects where acetone and alcohol evaporated too quickly to work but I've never tried it on speakers.
  3. Regarding the Genesis inverted dome check out Human Speakers web site which puts the crossover at 1800. I think (speculate) there currently are more dome tweeters available to reach below 2000 than back in the day.
  4. Guido57

    DSP Crossovers

    https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/new-build-for-shootout-in-las-cruces.852428/reply&quote=12350123 On point of interest in a DSP with an analog source is having a programmable crossover for prototyping, another is that doesn't involve physically building one. The miniDSP https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2x4 actually looks like this is one of it's features. They're also available at a cheaper price than analog active crossovers. The top link is to a builder on AK.
  5. Guido57

    DSP Crossovers

    I've been considering it. Somewhere, I believe on AK, one builder was planning on using one to get some new speakers ready for a meeting then building a more traditional crossover later. His concern with using a DSP was possible effects from the analog to digital back to analog conversions while the traditional crossover keeps everything analog. As the DSP is programmable it may be a viable prototyping option but many prefer to limit analog<>digital conversions.
  6. Guido57

    Advice on New Large Advent

    My bad. They didn't look like the air cores I see in the catalogs so I ASSumed they weren't. Never thought to stick something trough them.
  7. Guido57

    Advice on New Large Advent

    None of the Large Advents, or pictures or pictures of the crossovers I've seen, has had an air core inductor as standard. Did you replace the original on your first rebuild?
  8. Guido57

    Advice on New Large Advent

    The NLA's inductor is only a .3mH, so they're not too pricey even for air-core: http://www.erseaudio.com/Products/XQCoils14Gauge/EAV73-14-300#recommendations plus others available through Parts-express; though the large inductor for the OLA at 1.6mH is much more expensive for the air core. I will probably use ajfink's advice on my pair of OLA's. By the way, how are people securing new grill cloths to their Advents? I know I can get the 1/8" staples online in quantities of 10,000, but I don't have THAT many Advents.
  9. Guido57

    Advice on New Large Advent

    RTally is right. Pete B is the man for Advents and has many posts here and at Audiokarma in addition to the link in RTally's post. The inductor is steel core. Summary of things I learned from reading Pete's posts: The original inductor is ok but if you have the cash go for the air core particularly if it's part of you main system; if you go to metalized film caps to upgrade add a .4 ohm resistor rated at 10 watts in series to account for the lower ESR of the metal caps. If you put new surrounds on find suggestions here or on Audiokarma for the best ones available. My personal experience is the metal caps give a slightly nicer sound and my preference is replacing the foam with fiberglass. Just trying to save you a little time searching the forums. It can take a while to get through all the stuff out there.
  10. Pair of NLA's from 1978 for sale. New surrounds and recapped. $100. Original owner, never abused. Cabinets solid but scratched. Located in central Connecticut. Can be auditioned here. I can deliver anywhere in western CT or bring to the Winter Frankenfest if anyone has a serious interest. Full disclosure: new surrounds are attached to the Front of the cone per the directions I had a the time. I also have a pair of OLA's that I would be willing to sell for $125 instead (with correct placement of the surround), price is higher because I like these a tad more. Also has new caps. Only selling ONE pair. Having trouble uploading pictures. Will post them later.
  11. Guido57

    All Advent questions answered

    In order: Need to clean? No, not strictly, but it doesn't hurt to hit them with Deoxit. If you mean where the wires from your Sansui are attached; masonite originals were hot glued on so you can re-glue them. Metal originals were held by staples and glue, re-glueing should suffice but you do want a tight seal. The grill covers may have been yellowish to begin with. They seem to be some type of burlap and the shade did vary over the years. Search the forums and you'll find discussions on replacing the material, I've yet to see anything about cleaning it. Lots of threads on Advents more current than this one. Try http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/profile/180451-rickb/
  12. Guido57

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    I believe there is a technical/theoretical reason behind Pete's recommendation to not just add series resistors. Pete knows a lot more about this stuff than me. My point being there are some speaker 'selector' boxes out there that claim you can run multiple pairs of speakers with no impedance problem but for the most part they just add series resistors inside a black box. Just beware of these items. (Anything more sophisticated than that quickly gets expensive.) My (limited) understanding is while this may protect the amp it is not good for sound. I've run stacked Advents with an Adcom 535 which I believe is 60 w/c without distortion, but it was just too much speaker for the medium sized room they were in so I never really pushed the system. 535's can be found for under $150 but newer models, anything with a suffix after the 535, go for more.
  13. Guido57

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    Here's the link if anyone is looking http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/large-advent-line-level-baffle-step-compensation-bsc-build-instructions.647441/page-2#post-10244574
  14. Guido57

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    As noted before, Pete B has a wealth of information on the Large Advent both new and old. Some seems to be easier to find in this forum, some in AudioKarma. Now my two cents worth: From what I've seen the original concept of stacking the Advents was originally for the OLA's with speculation that the distance between the woofers was significant. Anyone else read or heard this? The woofer placement on the NLA and OLA are different, with woofers on the OLA being closer to the bottom of the cabinet. I believe Pete's opinion is the NLA and OLA tweeters are not interchangeable( unlike the woofers), you need to match the crossovers for the tweeters. The inductors for the woofers are also different. My experience with stacked Advents and a 5dB BSC proved to overaccentuate the bass. If you do a BSC you might want to consider either making a few different values or going with a variable one as was done by one AKer. There is also the question of whether the Advent is a true 8 ohm speaker, running two on one channel can cause problems if the amp isn't up to it. As I said, my two cents worth. A bit from experience, most from reading these forums for the last two years and some other searches into the Advents. Frank, your picture above is awesome.
  15. Guido57

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    Pete, are you going to post this to AK? I looked there but couldn't find anything.