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  1. Thanks guys. I tried using clear coat fingernail polish and ended up having it break again. A friend gave me a bit of locktite epoxy. It seems to be a better fix.
  2. Did you use dialectic grease on the pots? It will help extend the life somewhat.
  3. I recently restored a pair of AR-2axs and found my pots to be in questionable condition. So rather than take the chance of putting it all together and having them not work and to save money over buying new pots I purchased and installed l-pads. I've been using the speakers for a couple of months and they sound great. A couple days ago I had to repair one of my woofers so I decided since I had it out and I still had the pots I would try installing them just to see how they worked. The pots work fine. But what really surprised me was the difference they made. There is better control of the driver levels and I was able to dial in an overall sound that I couldn't get with the l-pads. I will definitely be changing the other speaker over tomorrow. Just wanted to share my personal experience in case anyone is interested.
  4. Had nothing to lose. Soldering wasn't as risky as I thought, just a bit tough.
  5. Hi guys. I thought I had blown one of my cloth surround woofers on my freshly restored AR-2axs. The voice coil measured open with my meter. I decided I'd take the cone and coil out just to see what happened. The coil looks fine. So I started looking around a bit and found a broken wire. I scraped away some of the epoxy. I'm thinking that soldering it would be pretty risky. Is there any safe way to repair this wire? Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot. Still working on the other one. I had something come up before getting it as dark as I wanted it and it dried. I cannot seem to get it to darken now.
  7. I don't have the skills of Glenn, but for my first attempt I'm ok with the results. And yes, I did make the stands.
  8. Nevermind. Got darker laminate, starting over.
  9. It's a little thing but I now have all the badges.
  10. I ordered some original ARinc badges today. A guy has been trying to sell them for $30 for weeks now. I offered him $20 and he took it. I'm sure I could recoup close to half my money if I sold the one I don't use . 1 step closer .
  11. Congrats. The rest of the story would be good though
  12. I noticed that the top end was missing a bit as well. I have the l-pads on the tweets at 95% and the mids at about 60% on the ARs in the video. I now have the mids turned up to about 80%. It seems to have helped some. I am wondering now if I have the polarity right on all the drivers . I feel like sometimes the stage seems shifted too far to the right when I sit straight on and last night watching tv I was sitting in my recliner which is quite a bit left of center (actually a bit left of the left speaker) I was hearing wide open stereo with sounds coming well left of me and well right of the right speaker. This could be the crazy layout of my living room but I am going to open them up this weekend just to double check myself. believe it or not, I am human and have been known to make mistakes.
  13. Yes I can. They are recorded with a phone so the audio is, of course, not great. But there is a difference between the speakers that is audible. I would recommnd listening to the videos through headphones. I'm honestly not completely sure which I prefer.
  14. In case anyone is interested, I posted a couple videos over in AK. They are comparisons of my Onkyo towers and my Ar's.
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