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  1. I don't want to give you a heart attack. Moving on...
  2. Where have you ever seen a pair of screen protected midrange Allison drivers for the Allison, not AR line of speakers? I'd love to get a hold of a pair, or two, or perhaps three. I see these on Ebay, but I don't know if they are for the Allison line, or CD line. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173020884792&frcectupt=true EDIT: These are for "Autosound Installation".
  3. I have only seen a scant few of those "Bookshelf" style Allison Eights ever on Fleabay. It seems that the design wasn't as good as the "Modified Seven" design you have just explained. I have a pair of those Eights like yours as well. I like them, but they are far from my favorites. I have a color brochure with those bookshelf eights pictures right on the front of the brochure. Someone pointed out that the specs on that particular brochure may be in error. The Nine's are 8 ohms I believe, as well as the Eights being 8 ohms as well,not 4 ohms that's stated in the text on the brochure. Maybe someone can confirm.
  4. If anyone has an Allison Eight in this bookshelf configuration, I'd love to see them and know more about them. My Allison Eights are just like the Seven, but with the midrange included as a three way speaker of eight ohm impedance instead of four ohms like the sevens. Edit: I believe that the Eights and Nines are eight ohms and not four ohms like the brochure says. I could be mistaken however. Please correct me if that is indeed the case.
  5. Allison Fan


    I talked to the man who was running the company at the time, I believe his name was Dave, and he said that the drivers were specced to a higher power rating and he never said anything about downgrading the sonic parameters of the woofers. I replace my Threes with all of the new drivers from the resurrected firm, and I found them to be pretty darned good, except for a minor loss of detail from the midrange drivers, which has been noted by some reviewers . I had asked him about the xovers for the new models, and he said these were corrected slightly for the added differences in the new drivers, but the quality was upgraded to reflect the cost premium. The price was up there, so they had to perform in order to reflect that. Did you do an A/B comparison on those new 10"woofers you had acquired from Allison? I am just curious as to how you came to that conclusion. The woofers you received from the regrouped Allison firm had round magnets. Do the 10" CD9's have square magnets, like the 8" woofers on the CD8's? I'm just curious is all. My CD8's have square magnets, which was a very unexpected surprise.
  6. That's very interesting. I am now suspecting that this product may be from a different line of products than what I am assuming here. The giveaway to me is the finish of the sub enclosure and the lack of binding posts on the sub xover. After my post earlier, I started to look at the sub, and got to suspecting that it wasn't as high quality as the remade classics from the early 2000's. This is a disappointment to me in a couple of ways. One would be the Allison name on a lesser quality line of products. The impression that I had on the company was that it was stellar in quality and would never compromise on a line of products for any reason, but it looks like I am mistaken about that. The question about rebuilding this sub is still out. I don't know if it would be worth fixing up the coils and putting a driver of higher quality in it, or just let it go to the wayside. It would be interesting to know what this would sound like comparing the two drivers that I have currently that are working. I could do an A/B comparison on the original woofer and the upgraded one from Kentucky. That could be a very interesting project. I have no use for a passive subwoofer at this time, so it may just go to collect dust in the garage, or not. ?
  7. AFAIK, the only square magnet assemblies for the Allison line of speakers is some CD series units. All of the ones from the 80's are round, and there are far more of the round ones floating around than there are square ones. Out of the 14 woofers I currently have in my possession, only 2 of them are square.
  8. I had a pair of CD-6's that were destroyed during shipping as well. Fortunately for me, I believe the tweeters were newer, and had hard grills over them, just like my CD8's. I had replaced my allison four woofers and had the originals left over to use to fix the damaged ones. I wasn't lucky enough to get the grills for the fronts, but the grills over the tweeters, and the fact that they are black, like yours around where the grill goes, they are looking good, and sounding like Allison CD6's.?
  9. Update: It looks like someone switched out the driver in this speaker, and forgot to take off the "Made in Korea" sticker! The saving grace of this speaker/subwoofer was going to be the free Allison made woofer, but someone has already removed and replaced it with a much cheaper, damaged one. It looks like someone took the really nice Kentucky co. driver out before shipping it to me. How am I positive of this? The surrounds on this driver were rotted out and the drivers that I purchased from Allison when they were made in Kentucky when they reformed the company in the early 2000's are still in great shape. For those of you who didn't realize this, the Allison company that was reorganized in the early 2000's had revamped their drivers with updated ones that were more robust and with larger magnets, both in diameter and in weight, as the original is 5 1/4 lbs, or thereabouts, and the one from the Kentucky co. weighs 6 3/4 lbs. The dust caps are larger on the newer ones as well. You can see the diameter difference clearly in the pictures. The reintroduced speaker line was equipped with finer furniture as well, and radiused corners. I replace all of the driver on my Allison Three's and Four's when they were offering driver replacements at that time. It cost me $750 to buy the drivers just to do the Threes and Fours, and the woofers are in great shape still. The bottom line is that I would have been ripped off if the xovers hadn't been ruined during shipping. The driver on the left is an Allison replacement from Kentucky when they got together again in the early 2000's. Here is a pic of the driver after the surround dissolved in my hands upon removal next to a driver from the replacement subwoofer unit from above, below and the side. The speaker on the left is the expected driver, weighing in at 6 3/4 lb whereas the one on the right is the delivered driver in the subwoofer unit weighing in at 3 3/4 lb. I have included a picture of the made in Korea tag from the counterfeit speaker. Next is a picture of the original Allison driver from April of 1980 Made in USA, then the bottom comparison view. Next is the top view comparison. The original Allison driver on the right has been refoamed. Then there's a picture of all three speakers from the top. If anyone is interested in 10" woofer differences, I can post pics and specs on them as well, but I would have to remove the drivers from my Threes to take pics. To summarize, The good news for me is that I have a pair of Fours that need xover repair, and I can "borrow" the 8" driver from the Kentucky co. that SHOULD have been in the unit I bought on Craigslist to begin with. If I fix the Fours, I can use the original Allison 8' woofer to use in the sub. I should have figured something was fishy when the price listed for the subwoofer was a whopping $19.99! It looked like someone didn't know what they had from the way the listing was. I guess they did. EDIT: I talked to Dr. Hsu personally and he said they had nothing to do with the design or implementation of this subwoofer. He personally called me back after I left a message with someone who worked there to discuss the use of a lot of specifics such as coil impedance and such and he was very open to answering questions. Very good company. Disclaimer: I don't have anything to do with Hsu subwoofers or the company.
  10. Hello gentlemen/Ladies. First time poster here. I had just bought this unit on ebay and it was damaged in shipping. The coils had separated from the crossover network as seen in the pictures, and I don't know if they can be repaired or if it's feasible or not. I am asking for your advice/help here. The good news is that the driver survived, and I have deemed it "The Driver Survivor". "I have been lurking here for a while now, and have a lot of questions about my speakers, and I really like the atmosphere on this forum. The subwoofer was largely ignored on ebay, as you really can't find anything by searching for them generically. They were from the Kentucky rebirth of Allison that I had sourced a lot of my drivers from, and I purchased all of the drivers to fully replace my Fours and Threes, "just in case" :). That being said, it looks like the coils had separated from the crossover during shipping, so the insurance refunded my purchase and I was able to keep the unit. :). If anyone knows what I can do to get these repaired, it would be greatly appreciated. The crossover is in good shape, all things considered, but the coils are rather heavy and need to be reattached and working again. This is a passive 8 inch sub that is a MS-W4 and I have heard they are from a Hsu laboratory, but I don't know if that's correct or not. Here are some pictures of the damaged unit.
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