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  1. AR's reason for being

    I have to disagree with OP. I work in a major software/hardware company that has always been at the forefront of both innovation and profit margins. It's a chicken and egg debate. Those companies didn't get rich simply by selling shit. They got rich by selling products on which a lot of consumers were willing to spend their hard-earned money. Of course a company's bottom line is to stay in business which means maximizing revenue which in turn feeds more R&D, more employees to manufacture more products, etc etc. But if they didn't manufacture desirable products, they wouldn't have achieved their goal. I completely understand losing arguments for squeaking out a few extra Hz's because it wouldn't have been worth the cost versus the forecast revenue. But a company also looks at the competition as input to decision making. If no other company is cranking out those few extra Hz's, there is no compelling business reason to take on the additional cost. And in that specific case, how many consumers really would have spent the extra money for a few extra Hz's when (A) they couldn't hear the difference anyway and (B) their stereo systems were incapable of producing frequencies that low? I am very big on bass in my stereo systems. I want to hear 40Hz coming through my subwoofer. Between my Fisher 500-C, my AR-2Ax speakers and my Behringer DEQ2496, I get what I want. Heck, the radio alone (which is a late 60's model) sounds fantastic without additional EQ beyond the unit's bass, treble and loudness controls. I believe there are enough, well-respected, innovating employees in these companies that are able to convince management to spend the extra bucks to squeeze out those last few Hz's. Well that's my $.02. Thorne
  2. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    I bought speaker putty, a whole giant box full. I doubt I'll need it all so if you need some, I'm sure I'll be able to throw some your way, save you a few bucks. They really need to sell an economy size. Thorne
  3. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    Seawolf, Although the speaker is probably blown, I'm reluctant to open the cover again now that I have it perfectly situated so there is no rubbing of the paper. What I meant by opening the cover is removing the 4 outer bolts and the one center bolt so that I can partly lift the cover away from the speaker. However, the cover would not come off completely as it's apparently attached to something. I could lift the cover only about a 1/4 inch so I couldn't see anything under the cover. I've ordered a replacement woofer. When I get it and if it works, I'd be more amenable to forcing the cover off the old woofer if you still want to see the inside. Deal? I'll have to be sure first that the old woofer is not repairable. If it is, I'll want to keep it intact as a spare in case I blow a woofer. These parts are getting harder to find. Thorne
  4. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    Sorry, Seawolf, just saw your post. Of what part of the woofer do you want a picture? Thorne
  5. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    I have removed the woofer from my 2Ax. If I unscrew the magnet cover, is there anything I can do to fix or analyze what might be wrong? I can't seem to rotate the magnet so that the excursion pressing on the woofer paper doesn't cause rubbing. Can that be fixed by adjusting the magnet and cover? Thorne UPDATE: I moved the magnet and cover so that pushing on the woofer paper no longer rubs. But the speaker is still distorting when hooked up. I guess it really is blown? The paper is extended as far forward as it can go. It doesn't travel back and forth the way a woofer does when there is sound. If I push the paper in to about the middle of its travel, it sounds good. But I can't get the paper to stay at that point.
  6. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    Thanks, Kent. I've PMed Roy and will contact Bill at Millersound too. eBay options are also bookmarked.
  7. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    I have a blown woofer too in 2Ax. Where in NY can one go? Thanks, Thorne
  8. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    Well, after turning the HI and MID controls thousands of times on the back of the good speaker, I'm getting sound out of all 3 speakers (woofer, mid and hi). So on this speaker it looks like just the controls need to be repaired. On the bad speaker (woofer blown speaker) doing the same thing I was able to get sound out of the mid but so far not the tweeter. On both speakers the controls operate on only a small portion of the full turn. When turned to other areas of the control, there is no sound from the speaker. Do I remove the woofer to get at the controls on these speaker cabs? Thorne
  9. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    Good news I guess. I've been twisting the controls hundreds of times and I do get a very quiet signal out of the tweeter and mid on the blown-woofer speaker. But in order to get the tweeter to work, I have to push in on the back control. So I think repairing the controls is number 1. I don't know what kind of woofer is on the other speaker. The grill is well-glued. So, do I remove the woofer to get at the controls?
  10. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    Thanks, stupidhead (Gee I hate addressing you that way)... The seller has given me a full refund. Long story but fair. So now I can do with them what I want. The woofer is blown because the grill fell off the speaker and when I move the woofer back and forth, it produces sound but very distorted sound. And I can feel the rubbing in the woofer. I've repaired speakers before so I know a little something about them. I want these speakers for my own so if I can restore them to their original, fabulous-sounding condition, I would be willing to do it. I've seen the schematic. Electronically, these speakers are not that difficult. I just restored a Fisher 500-C so speakers are easy comparatively. My fear is the cost of replacing the speaker components. I know the woofer in one is blown. That means buying one and knowing how to seal it since these cabinets require an air seal. I would guess the first thing to try is to replace the controls because they look and sound corroded. I tried turning them both ways several times and no change. Maybe the other speakers will produce sound if I fix the controls. I read in a thread about restoring 3AX speakers. Is there enough info in that thread with which to restore these 2AX speakers? If not, where could I go to find from where to purchase the components? PS - These are cloth woofers, not foam.
  11. I am so bummed. I just bought a pair of AR-2Ax speakers (serial numbers AX 120075 and AX 90582) off eBay and here's what I got. Woofer blown on one, controls on back when you turn them sound like they are grinding something and the tweeter and mid produce no sound. On the other speaker no sound comes out of the tweeter and the same crunching noise turning the controls. I expect the controls would have to be replaced and maybe some of the speakers. Are these speakers beyond repair? That is, is it going to cost too much to repair them? Or is it better to find another pair for under $400? Thanks. Thorne
  12. Thanks, Stupid (I don't usually type such greetings !...LOL). It's not a pickup. The seller seems amenable to accepting a return if I'm unhappy with the sale. Thorne
  13. The pictures the seller posted are blurry, but one of the serial numbers looks like AX120075. The other serial number is illegible in the picture. I asked the seller to take the grills off and look, or shine a flashlight through the grill to see how many tweeters there are, but she already has them boxed up. Here's a link to the eBay auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Mid-Century-1969-PAIR-OF-ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-AR-2ax-SPEAKERS/263411894209?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Thorne UPDATE: Maybe it's a coincidence, but I'm guessing the "AX" in the serial number means it is an AR-2Ax. I looked closer and it looks like the other serial number is AX15068.
  14. Kent - Thanks for the post. The papers on the back of both speakers has "AR-2ax" on them. I don't know how to tell the difference just by looking at them, but I can research online and learn. Thanks, Sam. Great minds think alike !
  15. Hi All. I just joined the group because I just purchased a pair of AR-2ax' (see attachment). They will be hooked up to a Fisher 500-C that I am restoring. I am expecting stereo heaven ! These are the stereo components with which I grew up and that my parents owned (not the very same units they owned). I've been a solid state listener for so long. When I got back into tubes with my Little Dot MK III headphone amp, I was reminded how wonderful tube components sound. And this Fisher 500-C... OMG !!! Anyway, my name is Thorne and I'm glad to be here among my fellow AR and vintage stereo component lovers. I shall enjoy reading everyone's experiences. My 2ax's are supposed to be original and working perfectly, but if any restoration is needed, I believe I'm in the right place. Rock n Roll ! Thorne