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  1. thornev

    2ax L-pad check ? please

    Mike - I use that caulking too. It is a nuisance to remove the caulking. I use a wood chisel to get into the cracks between the woofer and surrounding wood enclosure. The chisel helps to remove the caulk and to pry the speaker away from the enclosure. I'm very careful not to apply too much pressure that it damages the enclosure. Usually takes me about 20 minutes using that method. Thorne
  2. thornev

    2ax L-pad check ? please

    Looks good to me if: 1. the right pot is the tweeter control 2. the yellow wire on the right pot, middle terminal, goes to the tweeter 3. the skinny black wire on the right pot, left terminal, goes to the tweeter 4. the left pot is the mid control 5. the skinny yellow wire joined to the thick yellow wire attached to the middle terminal of the left pot goes to the mid speaker 6. the green wire from the left pot, left terminal, goes to the mid speaker
  3. thornev

    Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    sarals... Perhaps air is escaping around the woofer. How is the seal? You know 2Ax' require an air tight enclosure, right? Good luck with your healing. Thorne
  4. thornev

    What was ARs Sweetest all round Speaker?

    I like deep deep bass so the AR-2Ax with a subwoofer hits the mark with a 500-C pushing the tunes. Thorne
  5. thornev

    Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    sarals... As it was explained to me, Marantz's, because they don't use tubes, have a more natural and flat response sound. Tubes tend to increase to around 1% harmonic distortion which in part gives tube receivers like Fisher's that warm sound. Marantz' harmonic distortion is way less. However, both receivers put out a very full sound and both are great with my AR-2Ax speakers. I have the tweeter control full out and the mid control at about 1/2 in a 9'x9' room. I like to hear those cymbals !
  6. thornev

    Restoring the AR-3a

    Roy - Can you elaborate on that "25 ohm parallel resistor" please? I've read that it corrects a crossover problem with the MID speaker (assuming you're talking about connecting the resistor to 2 of the lugs on the pot), but I haven't read anything about exactly how the frequencies are affected without that resistor. I'm planning on installing that resistor, but since it's such a hassle to open up a 2Ax, it would help to know that installing the resistor makes a significant difference in the sound. Thanks, Thorne
  7. thornev

    Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    Thanks, Monkey. I went ahead and purchased the 2 resistors. It's such a pain to reopen these speakers, but if it makes that much of a difference, it'll be worth it. I wish I could find an explanation about how different the crossover point is. I find the MID speakers seem to carry mostly high frequencies so maybe the resistors will bring the low end of the crossover to the MID down some. Thorne
  8. thornev

    Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    I was reading another thread about restoring 2Ax's that some users, when they install L-pads instead of original pots, don't like the sound. As a remedy they install 25 ohm 10w resistors between 2 of the lugs on the MID control (or maybe it's the HI control). I don't see explained anywhere what it is about the sound that some users don't like. Can anyone explain it? Thanks.
  9. thornev

    Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Interesting review, sarals. I have a 2265B and AR-2Ax speakers that were recently hooked up to a restored Fisher 500-C. I found the 2265B very difficult to setup so that the entire frequency range was well-represented especially in the low bass and mid ranges. The Fisher sounds fabulous and pulls in more FM radio stations. The 2265B fell a little short with its FM reception comparatively. I just hooked up the restored 2265B today so I'll give it more time to settle in, but I'm quite surprised at how different the 2 receivers sound when driving the 2Ax speakers. UPDATE: After acclimating myself to the sound of the 2265B, I find that I was wrong about not getting a close to flat frequency response. Because I was listening to the Fisher with the loudness switch on, THAT was the colored sound. With the MID control on the 2Ax turned up a bit and the bass cranked on the 2265B, I've got a nice natural sound.
  10. Very close to the seller.
  11. Easy - EQ the speakers you have with a subwoofer.
  12. thornev

    Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    I purchased the controls and caps from vintage-ar on eBay. I just installed all of it in one of my 2Ax's and wow ! They sound great. And it's nice to have working controls so I can tune in the mix between the 3 speakers. I'm going to redo the other speaker now. Psych !
  13. I live very near you. Can you PM me pictures and asking price please? Thorne UPDATE: Never mind. I was told you are not the seller.
  14. thornev

    Options in restoring AR-2ax

    And thank you to everyone from me too as I've been reading this thread and learning while I repair/replace my 2Ax controls.
  15. thornev

    Options in restoring AR-2ax

    That curly spring-like thing in the white half of the pot against which the wiper moves, if the spring is bent at any point, is that bad and requires a replacement?