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  1. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing the site, but it does seem to be an AR exclusive site since that's the only section of the forum that's constantly moving. The rest of the sections see maybe half a dozen posts a week, if that. Sure I have the "chops" to make such a statement. I'm just stating what I'm observing. It's not like I'm wrong or inaccurate about it. My amount of time here as a member has no bearing on it at all.
  2. "I just wish members here would"... Be MORE ACTIVE! I don't think I've ever been on a forum less active as this one. Man.
  3. Chops

    My listening room

    Nice! Care to give us a rundown of the gear?
  4. Chops

    Any Genesis Fans Out There

    Well, let me put it this way... I have a mint pair of NHT 2.9's, a mint pair of Martin Logan SL3's that are actively crossed over (stock passive networks are bypassed), and a mint pair of GR-Research X-Statik's with completely hot-rodded crossovers. Those are all now moth-balled in favor of these Genesis II's. These upgraded Genesis II's do just about everything right, including outperforming those above mentioned speakers in just about every area imaginable.
  5. Chops

    Any Genesis Fans Out There

    Genesis fan here, both Genesis Physics, and Genesis the band! Oh yeah, and new here! I've had a pair of Genesis II's for about the past 7 years. Shortly after getting them, I upgraded the crossovers with a cascade bypass design, using three caps, each increasing in quality and smaller in value (Dayton 1% 6.8uF, Jantzen Standard 2.2uF, Jantzen Superior 1.0uF), along with an upgraded Jantzen 18awg inductor. Also upgraded the rear terminal plate, added quality binding posts and upgraded the internal wiring. Last weekend, I decided to do some upgrading again and went with a single Jantzen Superior Z-Cap 10uF and a Jantzen 16awg wax-foil inductor.