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  1. Thinking of doing another system with OLAs or NLAs- I've had several different "mid-hi fi" solid state amps/preamps before (Adcom, Van Alstine, Outlaw Audio etc, never had McIntosh, AudioResearch, CJ etc) and wanted to try something new. I've never had tubes so I'm strongly thinking of doing a VTA modded ST-70 or even ST-120 plus a PAS3 or similar tube preamp. Anyone run OLAs or NLAs? These wouldn't be my only speaker set but wondering if anyone's done this combo before. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello, I have two questions about the LAs: 1) For the OLA (originally my dad's, I blew up the tweets as a kid 20+ years ago and now decided to restore them), I replaced some '73 tweeters with "later" versions- I read about how the tape does not go all the way across on the "newer" versions as seen in the pic below. But I also notice the positive terminal is now reversed. Was this an actual change in production? The right pic is one from Audio Karma, looks like a "newer" tweeter with the partial tape and brown glue- and it looks as though the polarity marker was scratched out, which makes me wonder if someone screwed up the polarity markings on my new tweeters. I plan to check the true polarity by playing some polarity pulses and then visually watching the wave form using a computer based RTA/analyzer program. 2) I've read quite a bit on the Advent stack, including the Absolute Sound article. My question is- what is it about the Advents that make them stack "so well", besides the physical sizes? I haven't tried the stack yet but seems to me another pair put upside down over one pair without any sort of crossover or tweeter adjustment will result in some serious lobing, kind of a fake D'Appolito design with an extra tweeter and midranges too far apart. Does it have to do with the relatively low frequencies the tweeters play? Has anyone done any frequency response analysis on such a set up? In my search for a second set- I wound up buying a pair of NLAs but haven't fully directly compared the NLAs with the OLAs yet (waiting for another woofer to come in on the OLA, and new caps). I have not tried the stack just yet - as I have not come across another local pair of OLAs or NLAs. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello! I was able to source some woofers as referenced in my other post. Now I'm looking for 3 Original Advent screws for the drivers/tweeters. Can't seem to find something that matches too well locally and like my car restoration projects I like to use the original components down to the screws. These are the (I think) #14, 3/4" long silver looking ones with the large pan head and coarse thread. I'm also looking for a single refoam ring for the same original large advent with the masonite woofer ring. Came across an extra driver and want to restore that one- hoping someone was in a similar boat and has an extra one laying around they'd be willing to part with Thanks, Eric
  4. Title says it all- looking for pair of matching original large Advent woofers in USA- either properly refoamed or in need of refoam OK. I want the masonite ring and the square magnet. Please no blown or mechanically damaged drivers. Thanks. I'm located in Maryland.
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