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  1. ReggaeBen

    Early AR6's

    Good advice here ra.ra, I did happen to re-straighten the prongs and added an adhesive so next time the cabs are open I'll do the backs of the other flanges also. I was curious too as to the V cut on the dust cap and thought the last person who refoamed then may have done this, that was until I saw a photo of another pair recently with the same V in around the lead wires.. seems like a production thing but not sure yet why? Yeah I was taken by the high reading, the other was aprox 25uf, both out of circuit. The new P.E npe measured 11uf and I also matched the esr (with bypass added) to .31 ohm. This has improved their output and sound nicely, I decided to leave trying to pull the dimples out for another day. There is a slight rattle noise from one tweeter when played at higher volume, I'll do some detective listening with the stethoscope and generally not push them hard as I imagine this could be an age related issue. I'm still getting to know these speakers and to some degree the caps may not be broken in yet, they have a quite laid back mellow sound that goes deep in the bass, which is awesome for my dub Lp's! My tuner is locked on a classic station and they shine here too so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Couple of other things to mention, the fibreglass fill weight were both 16oz per cab. The tape covering the VC on the woofers was coming away in places so I figured it best to reglue it back down. The design would want air only to come via the spider and if it were leaking in around the tape I'd imagine a slight change in frequency not desired and also an entry for debris. I'll get a couple of pics up soon as I also cleaned up the badges to good effect. Now looking forward to working on my other pair of 6's as learning from these, they're in line after the 5's..... Ben
  2. ReggaeBen

    Replacement rubber surrounds

    The following may be know to many but here's what happened with my attempt to preserve my speaker surrounds. Unfortunately now they're ruined because of using a generic rubber treatment that contained silicone, it softened them up and the tightness has disappeared from them, I'm very upset that I made this mistake when my thinking was to make them last longer. I've come about the Idea to replace them with new OEM if they are obtainable? Or find a pair from non working drivers and fit to mine. I hope that someone can offer me advice here and also this doesn't happen to somebody else with their Dynaco's. I've listed an add in the wanted section. Thanks Ben
  3. Following a recent boo boo with me wanting to care and preserve my A25 surrounds, I followed incorect information and treated the surrounds with a rubber cleaner with silicone added, that's now softened them too much. Wanting either 2 dead woofers for me to remove surrounds or help with obtaining the surrounds that look in untouched condition. Thanks for viewing Ben
  4. ReggaeBen

    Early AR6's

    Hi guys, Update here on the 6's. When they arrived I found that the the cabs had repairs to some small dings and a dark oil added, nice job. Either in transit or something went wrong when the last person had them open, I noticed a t nut that had gotten loose and ended up inside the driver, both cabs too! They'd been refoamed with the inner lip of foam glued to the bottom of the cone, guess it's going to make cleaning and preparing for refoam trickier. So I played them, yes I felt a good Bob Marley track fitting for this!, no issues other than scratchy pots and perhaps an aged sound, like meaning they would improve after a thorough go over and recap.. So far just working on the first speaker. The tweeter cone has been pushed in and slightly torn so I applied a very small amount of speaker glue to "weld" up the gap. Then came cleaning the pot, actually not bad and cleaned up fine along with a steady ohm reading. My cap chosen here is a ltyhic from P.E @ 10 uf that I've bypassed with a Russian silver mica at .01 uf, never tried this combo so hopefully this will sound sweet and natural. The original paper/wax cap tesed a little over at 30uf 😅 Now will be my first refoam on the 8" woofer, got the bose type commonly used to be fitted, shimming as recommended. Question, would anyone like to recommend me to bypass the inductors and run the woofer at full range? Or tell me to stop trying to "better" the design and leave as is. And what could I use to apply on the woffer tinsel leads to slow oxidization? Cheers Ben
  5. ReggaeBen

    Early AR6's

    Good news is that I bought them today, will have them arrive within the week. I'll enjoy comparing these to my other pair of 6's with the ferrite woofer, I assume these alnico ones might sound smoother. Stay tuned
  6. ReggaeBen

    AR-5 advice needed

    Thanks, I had seen this thread, very helpful. I did one woofer and it was a bit of a challenge being the first, but I feel the ones following should be no worries. After putting the last screw in the woofer baffle I began to get excited to play it. Once hooked up and music flowing, I picked up a sound coming from the woofer,, my heart sunk into my stomach, what happened?? Used a 30hz test tone and it's a found out it's got rubbing, did I goof it up?, not entirely. I remember the shims being a bit tight on one section in the gap so I thought I'd better not use to much force or risk damaging something, so I just moved the shim to the side a little not knowing any better (rookie mistake). I managed to lift the outer surround lip from the basket without damage, didn't want to use solvent just a thin fitting blade. I will actually resuse the surround as It looks fine and to get another means $ and shipping from USA. Turns out there is damage one the pole around where the coil is visable on the former. The plan is to use a micro dental polishing strip and a vacuum of course to take out any highs and then use a clear plastic shim to go around again to detect for any scratch showing up on the shim. All simple stuff 😅 Otherwise it's off with the spider but that glue looks really tuff. Keep ya'll posted.
  7. ReggaeBen

    AR-5 advice needed

    Can anyone advise me where is a place to start regarding shim thickness for this model woofer?, I'll use a micrometer tomorrow. Ty. Update- have found the shim size to be between .007-.01 inch. Now on the refoaming, do I need to remove the plastic mesh screens on the basket so I can then have better control of the cone to glue on the surround? Thanks
  8. ReggaeBen

    AR-5 advice needed

    Hi, Some progress has been made with my refresh of the 5's, I'm now able to hear them play and I really like them so far. Still need to refoam because I have no prior experience but will do this quite soon as one surround is fresh and of a different roll size so their sound is slightly imbalanced. I found a pair of reconditioned rheostats that are now in place, I like to keep with originality in some cases. Working on the crossovers was fiddly from there being not a lot of room to move and I found it important to take care with soldering and not to burn your fingers!! Caps were all measured and matched for thier Uf and ESR, then glued with contact adhesive, nice and simple. I made an outline with pencil on the woofer baffle then used a fine artist brush and applied a few coats of clear varnish to fill in around where the woofer seats. This will help create a good seal along with the new caulk strips. Fibreglass was weighed for 22 ounces and firstly packed around crossover then stuffed elsewhere trying to get an even distribution throughout, and then finished with some very breathable tight knit cotton placed behind the woofer. Next up is to- *Refoam and shim. *Reseal tweet and mid.. if necessary? as its unlikely they've ever been removed and looks like special care will be needed to remove. *Make a fused link in the speakers cables for protection. Once all this is done then I'd like to learn about doing a test to assess the sound quality from the drivers ensuring that the are actually performing to spec. I welcome suggestions for doing this that would be suitable for a beginner to follow and not come at much cost. Keep enjoying your own projects as I've done with mine and thanks for reading. Ben
  9. ReggaeBen

    WTB- AR 5 midrange drivers

    Shoot off an email to Larry at Vintage-AR (ebay seller), he may be able to help you.
  10. ReggaeBen

    Early AR6's

    Hi everyone, These sweet looking 6's have become available for me to buy, they are early model from telling of the pot on the rear and what looks like maybe Alnico woofers? Planning on going ahead if these may be considered a bit special. Look forward to hearing some comments. Ben
  11. ReggaeBen

    AR-5 advice needed

    I'm widening my understanding of L-pads and pots through various online reading, it's not quite as simple as it seems just replace an ohm for ohm etc part. The picture should become clear to me soon and I can order the chosen parts and move onto another piece of the restoration puzzle
  12. ReggaeBen

    AR-5 advice needed

    Hey thanks for putting up those dimensions, I had considered their size but didn’t find the specs so thats very handy to have now seen. Yep I thought I'd understood the wattage factor too as just as you described. Now if I could get any more of an explanation just as to how the 8 ohm and 16 ohm would work differently? As I've noticed through cleaning and testing the rheostat, at the "mid" point it reads 8 ohm then decreases to 1 ohm and up to 16 ohm depending on the direction of turn. Will the 16 ohm l-pad mimic this same readings at the same positions too, will the 8 ohm l-pad? Sorry if I seem to ask many questions on the same topic, I'm not challenging at all the advice passed on to me, I know it does work well, its just I analyze things somewhat and hey it could lead to a discovery of a new approach to an application! Many thanks
  13. ReggaeBen

    AR-5 advice needed

    Hi again, Thank you for the sound advice you have given and yes the guide does make an excellent reference. My curiosity though is still dwelling on what will differ from a comparison of the two variables A) using a 16 ohm l-pad over the 8 ohm B It being rated for 50W instead of 25W Would the 16 ohm would react to adjustments closer to the original rheostats than the 8 ohm? As this is still rather new ground for me I'm sure I could be unclear here (and why I ask before carrying out the task) but also possibly on the right track with this option? Btw I noticed a seller on an auction site selling a 15 ohm l-pad described as an AR factory replacement. Hope to hear back some more helpful advise, It's all very encouraging to me.. Regards Ben
  14. Hey there, it's great to see that you like the photos, funny too that you like the Euro cabs because I'd be happy to come across a pair of the US styled myself! Nice effort on those 6's ... imagine them all singing!
  15. G'day! Thought I'd share my current collection of speakers and equipment. Being into vintage audio can be quite a challenge here in Australia, we just didn't have what you guys in the USA had and therefore it makes finding speakers near impossible not to mention more costly! First system is in the Dub Lounge and began with a Marantz 1060 with JBL L100. Since then I've changed amps a couple of times and just recently found a pair of AR6, wow, this is a joyful little setup now. In the lounge room I have another recaped 1060 and sometimes run a Marantz 140 power amp that's paired with OLA'S. While at first It took getting used to the advent sound, I nowlike the room filling low frequencys of these speakers. They are quite different than most with the tweeters offset to the right instead of the normal left, only in Australia!! Not long ago a pair of Dynaco A25's poped up here on Gumtree (like Craigslist) that were an hour away from me, I checked them out and bought them home. They are setup in my bedroom paired with a 2245 receiver and go great together although would benefit greatly with better room positioning. Lastly I am working on a pair of AR5's that had some pretty rought work carried out by someone. I wish to thank everyone who contributes to this very informative Classic Speaker Pages website, and hope that I too can offer something of value to this interest. Kind regards Ben