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    speaker pic

    Hey Sam, I'm new here, was just asking this same question, in a new posting, regarding optimal speakers for a 70 tube Dynaco. Dirk
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    Dynaco 70 PA's and fm proper connectioms

    New guy here, started back into stereo gear in sept. I recently scooped up a Dynaco 70 tune amp, re worked. a PA'S tube pre amp, and last week I purchased a tube Dynaco FM tuner. I'm hooking this kit up and need to be sure of the proper way to connect all three together. I just hook up a set of Delquist 10s, I picked up in Eugene Oregon last weekend. However I'm open to changing speakers if suggested, I've got Warfdale 70s, stacked on Warfdale 90s, in one of my other rooms, which are attached to a SS A/D/S system. My other option is a set of Klipsch Cornwalls, stacked. Im told the 10s eat up power so don't know if the Dynaco70 has the Watts to make em work right. Ive been busy buying gear, especially speakers, from Washington, here in Oregon and Nevada. Figured great speakers will work on most every kit. I do have a set of Dynaco A-25s, a set of four Magenpens, and another set of Warfdale 70ds I haven't even seen or played yet. " a friend in Reno picked them up for me. I'll get them end of the month, while we're at a Buddy Guy Concert in Reno. ive also purchased Dynaco SS120 amp, a PAT SS pre and a SS Dynaco, am/fm tuner. I'm going to have a young man in Bend re-work this SS set up, as something in the pre amp and the amp isn't right. " got em cheap" like 100.00 for the amp and 35.00 for the PAT4. Figure I'll spend the money and make em nice sounding. So so far ive spent a ton of money on speakers, and several individual pieces of gear. My my goal is to have a decent tube system, and a decent SS system aswell. i do intend to build a killer tube rig, around a BERNING, TF-12 pre amp I have. I mention ion all this stuff, cuz I don't want to hurt any of the equipment especially the tube gear. thank you in advance. Dirk Williams Klamath Falls Oregon