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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a pair of KLH 20 speakers with two matching turntables. Unfortunately, everything needs a little bit of work. So neither of the tweeters are working on the speakers, however they work when tested externally from the crossover. So, I'm pretty sure it just need to be recapped. I'm looking for somewhere local to buy the caps now instead of paying $8 for shipping. Turntable 1 has cleaned up nicely, however it is missing a cartridge. I've read the KLH 20 uses a modified Pickering V-15 AT cartridge. I see a V-15 AT2 for sale right now, however I know it is not the modified version. Does anyone know if it is possible to rig it up to fit in the head of the tonearm? I assume I'm never going to find an original for sale, so I would like to get this to work if possible. Also, the left channel is not working. I'm hoping and praying that cleaning the pots will fix this, however I have a bad feeling it's blown... Turntable 2 is also missing the cartri dge, one of the red bulbs is bad and the table doesn't spin. Is it possible to buy new bulbs? And as far as I can tell these aren't belt driven, so what could be causing the turntable to not spin? Both channels work on this one. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you James (TT1 on the left, TT2 on the right.. don't mind the dirt, I haven't gotten around to cleaning it yet. I got all of these in the back of an old dirty garage so not the cleanest stuff!)
  2. Okay that's very interesting. Thank you for the info
  3. Thank you for the info, but I was mainly asking why is the dust cap weighted so much? What is the purpose of this?
  4. Hello, I'm very excited to finally figure out how to join the forums, as for many years I was not able to! I recently arrived at college and I'm very excited to have purchased my own pair of Smaller Advents! Unfortunately I got screwed and the original woofers are long gone . I'm looking to purchase a pair of original ones, if anyone happens to have a pair. But anyway, that's not what I wanted to ask in this thread. I'm just very curious about the actual design behind these cabinets and woofers. I've read that they have amazing acoustics and sound about as good as the Large Advents. How is it possible that they could have produced the same sound from a smaller cabinet? I know the "spitwad" dust cap is mass damped which makes it very special. But what does this actually do for the woofer? I guess it increases the inertia of the cone which would allow it to extend further...? Am I correct with this theory or am I totally wrong? I'd really appreciate any knowledge on this topic! Thank you, James
  5. Hello, After many years of off and on trying to register for this incredibly resourceful forum, I finally figured out how to get through the broken Captcha - very excited to be here! It comes at perfect timing too, because I recently purchased a pair of Smaller Advent loudspeakers and unfortunately the original woofers are gone I was really hoping someone from this wonderful forum would happen to have an extra pair (or single one would help too) laying around that they'd be willing to sell me. I know there's a pair on ebay right now, I am following that bid. I'm just very anxious and I don't want to wait until the end! Hahaha. Thank you, James s
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