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  1. 99 OK so I finally popped it open. The woofer is stamped 80601/W8 which would make it a Philips 8in woofer. The tweeter is stamped with 200430 and what looks like 137 7331. I wasn't able to find anything on the tweeter. Interestingly enough instead of screwing the tweeters in place small staples were used where the screw mounting holes are. The RCA jack is jumped to the positive lead coming from the woofer.?? Here are some photos of the internals. Starting to think they may just have been someone's project. Oh well I'll hook them up tomorrow and see how they sound. Thanks again for the help!!
  2. Wow thanks for the detailed response!! And for the info on uploading pictures. Next time I'll shrink them. When I get home tonight I'll open up the rear plate. The woofers do seem to have rubber surrounds. There was also like a dried up putty around the tweeter that's falling off. The third jack had a simple piece of standed copper cable with an RCA at the end. I was thinking it was a ground or something at first. My research kept turning up Marantz, but the "Made in the USA" stamp makes me think they aren't. Correct me if I'm wrong wouldn't Marantz be Japan made? My other thought is it was a set of speakers someone made. My uncle did that in the 60s from a kit he bought at Radio Shack. Anyway, more info and pictures when I get home. I was just excited because it was the first pair of older speakers I've ever found at Goodwill. Usually all I find is plastic Aiwa'sl Stay tuned more info coming later tonight! Thanks again! Truly appreciate it!!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm hoping one of you speaker experts can help me identify a pair of speakers I picked up this afternoon at Goodwill. Even though I have an AR XA, some EPI and Bozak speakers (yeah really new to this) I'm still very green when it comes to vintage audio equipment. I saw these and what drew me to them were the tweeter adjustment, The Made In USA stamp, and the weight. They are heavy. It appears the grills were possibly homemade as the attach with velcro. Anyway, I'm stumped. I only have $8 in them so it's not a big deal. They're probably nothing special. Just really curious. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!? PS Sorry I couldn't add the photos directly. I kept getting an error that the upload failed and it wouldn't let me link directly to the photo with the URL option. Hopefully the below will get you to the pics. If not let me know and I can try something new. https://ibb.co/cCZGO0 https://ibb.co/kdwVi0 https://ibb.co/gbRkGL https://ibb.co/bLLUbL https://ibb.co/haE0i0 https://ibb.co/bWJt30 https://ibb.co/nGaHVf
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    EPI A70 Opinions And Suggestions

    Great link! Thank you kindly!!
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    Various AR photos

    Sorry it's late and I haven't been able to go through all of the documents posted here. I'm sure this has been posted if not enjoy. If it has been posted my apologies. New here and just trying to give back to the community if I can. It came with my AR turntable. HIGH QUALITY MONITOR LOUDSPEAKERS -Harry F. Olson ARSpeakersHarryOlson.pdf
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    EPI A70 Opinions And Suggestions

    https://imgur.com/gallery/LYj5kWhat do you guys think about the EPI A70s. I bought a refurbished pair and while they sound alright I'm not blown away. I have to admit I don't have much knowledge when it comes to vintage speakers so please excuse my ignorance on the subject. Not sure where they fit in EPIs lineup. If they were a more budget type speaker or a premium speaker. I'm going to get some Allison Model 5s today and wondering what to do with these A70s. Don't think they're worth much. I guess I can store them away for the time. A few pics in the link: https://imgur.com/gallery/LYj5k Thanks much! Joe
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    About To Join The Fray

    Hi everyone, Been doing some reading on Allison speakers because I'm picking up my first pair today! They're refoamed Model 5's. One of the grills is broken which I've heard is common. And I'm told there's a slight dimple in one of the tweeters. The cabinets are absolutely perfect. They look amazing. My question is.. does $225 for the pair sound reasonable? It seems it to me, but wanted to get the experts take. The only vintage speakers I own currently are some EPI A70s so this is new territory for me. I just purchased a 1968ish AR Ax turntable and am hoping the Allison's will be a good match. I'm running a single ended class A tube amp, but I don't think it has enough power to drive them. It only outputs 8w per channel stereo at 4Ω. So I may be in the market for a new amplifier. Too bad Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and ask my question. Thanks for all the contributers here! Some great info. Hopefully one day I will be one. Thanks in advance! Joe