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    Questions on OLA (stacking and fried tweeter change)

    Off topic temporarily: my system is great, Rythmik F12 sub rounds out the bottom very well. On the Emotiva Forum my signature is "I'm done chasing!"
  2. EsoxLucius

    Questions on OLA (stacking and fried tweeter change)

    Back in 2008 I had a vintage stacked double New Large Advent system with a Harman Kardon Citation 11 preamp and two Phase Linear 400 power amps (one 200 watt channel for each speaker). The New Large Advent had a different tweeter/woofer configuration as well as different tweeters and woofers. With Pete's BSC circuit and staying in the sweet spot they were impeccable. But it was all a bit massive and I got rid of it all for a modern system of Emotiva gear and Magnestand modified Magnepan MMG speakers. formerly jackfish, can't remember my password