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  1. After months of looking for mid-ranges I managed to find a set of non-working uglier than heck ar3 mid-ranges. So I rolled the dice and bought them . Won them both in a bid for a total of 230 something along with one I had already had. So I sent all three to Vintage -AR and they managed to repair all 3. Got tem in last night! I now have a working pair of AR3'S. All I can say is WOW!! Now I see what all the fuss is about! Listen to a bit last night but will get a chance this weekend to really hear them. Just want to thank everyone in here and the guys over at Vintage-AR for all your patience and help. The mid to upper frequency's sound so natural. The twitters are unworked originals that sound the even. Although I have come this far? hard to imagine tweeters being exactly right but they sound good? Have to see , Thanks ARKEN
  2. You can send it to vintage AR .He pretty much does anything AR. Does good work . You can get ahold of him through Ebay. Look up vintage-ar. Good luck!
  3. I broke a wire on my AR3A midrange the other day. I remember reading on the AR3A restoration guide that you could use a "silver plated 24-26 guage crimp connector" but I am having no luck finding them? Anyone know where I can find one? Also what size is the wire the connects the midrange to the terminal board? Thanks ARKEN
  4. arken

    Ar3 midrange

    Lakecat Yes please I would be very curious to know the difference in the two speakers. I just couldn't bring my self to spend 600 for the mids not knowing if there even any good and even if they are good you still need to have them worked on in all likelihood? There's another couple hundred. Now your looking at 800 for a set of midranges!!!! I have one of the rounded back style, i'll run into another one day. Until then I'm using the ones from the 11's So please do compare the two and let everyone know!! Were anxiously awaiting!
  5. arken

    Ar3 midrange

    Thanks Roy!
  6. arken

    Ar3 midrange

    Yes, I am going to put the 3's together this weekend. Roy, do you think it matters if you use the 11 vs 3a mids? I have a pair of 11 mids but there is a reasonable set of 3a's mids on ebay if I had to? Is the much of a difference between the two? If not I'll I use my 11mids and run the wire from back to front. Thanks Ken
  7. arken

    Ar3 midrange

    Thought I would update this. The midranges I was bidding on went for just under 600 bucks. Ironically enough there were 10 people or so bidding but the winning bid was placed right at cutoff when the bidding was to end. The winning guy just waited till the end to bid , he did not bid all week. 587.00 with shipping. People have gone crazy with AR3!!! Going back to putting mids from 3A or 11 in there and calling it a day!
  8. arken

    Ar3 midrange

    Yeah I kinda figured that, Is it fair to say the larger squared off ones are more sought after than the rounded back ones are? The year is correct 1965. If they go to high I will just put the newer Ar11 midranges in there and call it a day.3-4 hundred is what I am expecting but who knows, prices on anything ar3 has gone right through the roof. There was a painted pair that were falling apart with holes in the woofer that were in terrible shape that sold for 500 in a matter of a few hours and they were for pick up only!
  9. arken

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    I'm curious, how thick would you say the veneer is on them. By the way they look terrific!! I see you have some pretty deep scratches on them but the finished product looks really good. I've heard the veneer is much thicker on the 3's than on some of the newer models. Great work! Arken
  10. arken

    Ar3 midrange

    There is a pair of AR 3 mid ranges on EBay. They have readings of 3.1 and 3.3 and they both have sound but that still no guarantee there any good correct? I have one of the same round back style as those I bought a few months back that I can use if one happens to be bad or even keep as a spare if they were all good? They are up for bid with no buy it now price so well see. Be curious to hear peoples thoughts. Thanks ARKEN
  11. Just an update: I tried hooking up the 11a's again to the fisher 400. I wanted to really give it some time, rather than just swap speakers and listen for a few minutes. I've come to the conclusion I didn't give them enough of a chance the first time. So I had them hooked up all weekend. All I can say is wow? I started out with a flawed mindset. It's never going to compare with a 150 watt Luxman amp. That bass that hits with authority, That ability to get loud and still hold tight. I think I put to much emphasis on that. When I really just sat down with no distractions and listen what I heard was a musicality I had never heard before. A warmth, that was truly a pleasure to listen to. I found myself listening to jazz most of the weekend. The sound of the piano and horn instruments was truly amazing. I love this combo This is my first tube amp(receiver). I cant believe how much I love it. The 11's have the ability to play with thunderous bass and go as low as any speaker I ever heard but they also have the ability to play accurate and smooth and be really musical. I have this combo in my living room and plan to keep it there, so I can enjoy it more. The tubes I have in there are original fisher tubes that were at 65% according to the tech. I have no idea how long they will last given that I cant stop listening!!!!! Thanks GUYS!
  12. Update: Found a pair of Ar4x at a very reasonable price and they sound terrific! Now it's not the kinda bass that you feel ponding on you chest but that's not what I'm doing here. The get plenty loud. When I play on the tube receiver I'm usually playing some acoustical piece or something along those lines. I've become quite fond of Bob Dylan(insert joke here) and Miles Davis both sounding quite good on tube! I still wonder what those AR15 would have sounded like given there size. I really like the 4x you don't need a ton of power to drive them and the are very musical. I didn't relies just how small they are are but that works in my not very big living room. ARKEN
  13. I do have a thought after hooking up a few different speakers. I tried a few different pair's to start to get an idea of what I'm working with. First try was the ar11's They sounded good as long as you didn't try to turn up the volume. Tried the 90's but that was not working at all, Just severely under powered. Just bought a set of 91's really cheap that I replaced the twitters in because the guy before me put Pyle tweeters in but you couldn't tell until you pulled them out. They sounded good as well even producing a little more bass than the 11's, Though still under powered. Having said all that the dynamic range seems to be limited as well. So I am defiantly going to have to scale down the speaker to something smaller and more efficient. I love the sound of the tube Receiver, it just has to be the right speaker. Tried my little elac's to see how a small speaker sounded , while they sounded good for a modern day 100 dollar speaker, they just aren't big enough for my taste. Here what I learned: While you can play most any speaker with a tube receiver especially at low volume it wont sound like the speaker it was designed to be. So I guess I'm going to have to get the 5's going. I have never replaced a set of surrounds and I'm certainly not going to start on a set of ar5's. I would never be able to forgive myself. I have a speaker to practice on this weekend , well see how that goes? On another note I can't believe you guys don't talk more about the AR91? The sound is terrific! I love the way you can listen all day and not get fatigued. They are going to be the new speakers in my main system at least until I get the 3's going.
  14. Picked up a fisher 400 that I was going to use with a set of Klipsch Kg4 that I have had for 30 some odd years. I have always remembered them as being a little harsh but wow they are harsher then I remember?? Anyone want to recommend a smaller Ar to pair with the fisher? I have a set of Ar5 (needs new surrounds) but is 25/30 a side really going to drive them? There is an inexpensive pair of ar15 on flea bay right now I was considering? What do you guys think?
  15. arken

    Cello Amati lst??

    There are speaker cabinets on eBay that look just like LST's , there called Cello Amati? Can someone tell the story behind these? The cabinets are really nice looking. Not a whole lot about them online?