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  1. i Am forever changing around speakers, some like this one to my delight. The AR 91 is a little more sensitive than some of it's older brothers. I have had just about everything hooked up to the old fisher 400 . While it doesn't have a lot of power it sounds terrific in combination with the 91's. The lows really come through not with chest pounding authority but in it's ability to go deep. It's the best combination with the Fisher yet. Truth be told i really didn't think it would be a audible difference but i was wrong. No more switching this is a good combination !!
  2. arken


    I bet that does sound good!! That is a beast of a receiver . Those things are going up and up in price. I love they era when they were all in competition .
  3. arken


    I'm intrigued. Thanks for the reviews theirs a lot in common with those reviews. I'm not sure anyone thinks they sound better overall but they have areas where they shine. The one reviewer said the bass heads will love it. Thought that was an interesting comment.
  4. arken


    Thanks Stimpy, Interesting, I would be curious to hear a set. You don't see these come up for sale that often. Speakers are so subjective. it's so hard to know without listening to them.
  5. arken


    There is a set of AR303A on eBay. There really isn't a ton of information online about them. I understand different people were behind the development of these speakers using some of the same thinking behind the 3&3a but how do they sound? They look kinda nice?
  6. The is a set of the foam inserts on eBay. Not sure if your interested just thought i'd tell you.
  7. Ar_pro hit the nail on the head. I bought a set of 91's to have spare parts for my 90's. They wanted a 100 bucks for one tweeter and i got the set of 91's for 250. What i didn't really expect is that the 91's are a great speaker. You can't go wrong , a great speaker that has sentimental value.
  8. Thanks Guys, I am going to do some experimenting this weekend. The 3's are really growing on me. The higher frequencies don't wear you out like other speakers do. You can listen for hours and not get fatigued. I watched something on you-tube that said pull your speakers back a 1/5 of the distance of the length of the room and sit 1/5 of the distance off the back wall. In may case that puts me a little over 14 foot away from the speaker when in the sweet spot. That seems a bit far to me but what do i know. I love these speakers the look , the sound everything. I bought the correct speaker grill material but once i got them done i was able to preserve the grill material on a new frame. Even though the material darkened quite a bit i still prefer over the newer material. Thanks Again guys for all your help and advice!!!
  9. First i wanted to thank everyone in here for all your help rebuilding the 3 and 3a's . After much changing around of speakers the 3's have become my everyday speaker. Now that my system is pretty much complete i want to work on room acoustics. I am going to put in a couple acoustic diffusers at the reflection points and a few acoustic panels to take care of the echos. I have always been told to put acoustic research speakers up against the wall but everything i read says pull them out from the wall. If it means i will sacrifice some bass to correct the imaging i'm ok with that. What are your thoughts? Thanks ARKen
  10. I thought the pair I have were in good shape WOW!
  11. After months of looking for mid-ranges I managed to find a set of non-working uglier than heck ar3 mid-ranges. So I rolled the dice and bought them . Won them both in a bid for a total of 230 something along with one I had already had. So I sent all three to Vintage -AR and they managed to repair all 3. Got tem in last night! I now have a working pair of AR3'S. All I can say is WOW!! Now I see what all the fuss is about! Listen to a bit last night but will get a chance this weekend to really hear them. Just want to thank everyone in here and the guys over at Vintage-AR for all your patience and help. The mid to upper frequency's sound so natural. The twitters are unworked originals that sound the even. Although I have come this far? hard to imagine tweeters being exactly right but they sound good? Have to see , Thanks ARKEN
  12. You can send it to vintage AR .He pretty much does anything AR. Does good work . You can get ahold of him through Ebay. Look up vintage-ar. Good luck!
  13. I broke a wire on my AR3A midrange the other day. I remember reading on the AR3A restoration guide that you could use a "silver plated 24-26 guage crimp connector" but I am having no luck finding them? Anyone know where I can find one? Also what size is the wire the connects the midrange to the terminal board? Thanks ARKEN
  14. Lakecat Yes please I would be very curious to know the difference in the two speakers. I just couldn't bring my self to spend 600 for the mids not knowing if there even any good and even if they are good you still need to have them worked on in all likelihood? There's another couple hundred. Now your looking at 800 for a set of midranges!!!! I have one of the rounded back style, i'll run into another one day. Until then I'm using the ones from the 11's So please do compare the two and let everyone know!! Were anxiously awaiting!
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