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  1. I'm afraid it has happened?

    Thank you for the help, RoyC. The AR4 tweeters search will need more thought.
  2. I'm afraid it has happened?

    I realize that it makes little financial sense (go figure), as opposed to the HiVi replacement tweeter/coil combo, but the Midwest tweeter really appeals to me for my AR5s. Is there any thought as to a ballpark value for the coil that would be required? Now, if I understand correctly, the HiVi replacement tweeter/coil combo (different coil value?), will work in my AR4(x,xa) cabinets that also need new drivers. But, one project at a time.
  3. I'm afraid it has happened?

    OK, so what are the chances the Midwest replacement AR tweeter in the 8 ohm version would be a suitable replacement for the AR5? Larry/vintage-ar just said it was not an option and not carried by him. That already implies I'm swimming upstream here, but I'm hoping for a little enlightenment, if possible.
  4. WTB- AR 5 midrange drivers

    I followed up on your suggestion. It was an option I disregarded previously as I had not seen any midrange drivers in any of his listings. I had however seen other items of interest that I had planned to acquire. But, when I went to eBay last night I had trouble finding vintage-ar; his listings were down to three and his online store was the same. No replacement tweeters, no grilles, screws, etc . . . I did send off an email, via eBay, inquiring as to the AR5 midranges, but more importantly to me, if he was going to remain a source for AR speaker replacement parts. I have not received a reply yet. I had typed the previous text earlier but some how had failed to send it. He had since replied- "We have hundreds of parts and not all are listed in my store. We keep some in reserve for in house repairs. However, we periodically restock the store and have a large inventory of parts on hand. Feel free to send me a list of what you need. I'll need to check on the AR-5 Midrange." Larry So as I have less experience than others here with vintage-ar, I feel more comfortable knowing there's still a good source for quality restoration products.
  5. I've acquired a nice pair of AR5 enclosures; I've managed to find the appropriate woofers and there are viable options for the tweeters. I am now searching for a pair of AR5 midranges. If you have a pair or know of a source please let me know.
  6. EPI 100 woofer relocation suggestion

    This is in regards to "the sequential progression of the AR-18". This may have been covered elsewhere in The CSP, but a this is my first posting, I'm going to take a stab at this. Now I can't speak to the AR-18 specifically, but this was an answer to an evolving issue. While most speakers had developed to produce music well acoustically, they hadn't produce music well spatially. That is imaging, with a well defined illusion of a performer/s present in our living space. Which is not to say there weren't products that could do this, it just wasn't a priority. The reproduction of sound was. I imagine many made little effort to even place their loudspeakers in a manner to even simulate the stereo effect in that era. With the advent of imaging , or however you wish to phrase it, you now required stereo pairs- actual left and right speakers. This complicated manufacturing , inventory, shipping, etc. . . . This is if any of your drivers were mounted off-center, as most drivers were at that time. Now, take the AR-18 as an example- place all your drivers on the centerline and you've eliminated all your left/right complexity and the costs that go with it. But, now we've reintroduce diffraction from the baffle as our drivers are equidistant from all edges. So begins the evolution of narrowed baffles, rounded cabinet edges, soft baffle materials, and so on. ( Look at Vandersteen, Thiel, Spica, et al). As our listening requirements evolve so do the techniques to meet them- all with costs in mind. At least for most of us. Just my two cents.