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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Given what I've already spent on the AR replacement mids, if i'm going to replace them with originals, as I would like to do, they would have to better examples than those pair. For one thing, mine are rear wired. I know there's a work around but I'm not currently in a position to have to spend the extra dough then have to jerry rig drivers. I'd rather someone who needs front wired mids have them. If a good example of the proper drivers comes along I can then opt to make the effort. Again, thanks.
  2. Pete B, I found this schematic for the AR5 crossover elsewhere on CSP. The reason I make note of it is that it says it's for the AR5 with the ceramic magnet woofer. Would this woofer be different than the AR2ax woofer you provided which has a ceramic magnet? AR5_schematic.pdf
  3. Though I had never heard of AR5's prior to purchasing the cabinets (,AR2's, AR3's, AR4's and many later ones I was aware of, if not familiar), it was the warm reviews of the AR5 that has encouraged me to continue on with the effort though it seems like forever before the job will be done. So, though it may seem as if I am disparaging of the AR5, it's more that I was unaware of the investment required to restore these- I originally purchased the cabinets for $35 because the seller wanted to move them with the 4x cabinets he was selling for $15. Sounded good to me! I didn't know the midranges where near unobtanium. Oh, and then I learned of the front vs rear wiring versions of these, and also the tweeters (almost as difficult to find). OK, I've cobbled together the parts that will give me a reasonable facsimile of an AR5- thank you, RoyC and PeteB. Would I prefer all original? Sure, but what's the point if I never get there. And I appreciate all those who aimed to help. CSP is truly the finest community when it comes to member support. I think I now have a clearer concept of what's required to finish the crossover and controls and I am really looking forward to these being the prime members of my speaker collection. I will probably need more help. Just so ya know.
  4. OK, So I just done a little CSP research re: L-pads, and I now have more questions. Go figure. I saw where it was recommended to use a 25 ohm resistor when using an L-pad- is that still the case for use with my midrange application? And, as opposed to my plan of using pots for the tweeters (for originality's sake, though why at this point . . .) and L-pads for the midranges it was suggested not mix the two types of controls. Is this still still true? Would I then use a 16 ohm version for the tweeters (which by the way, sigh, are 3a tweeters supplied by Roy with the appropriate add-ons) vs the 8 ohm for the midranges? And then what of that 25 ohm resistor thing? I'm beginning to believe that AR5's are the red- headed stepchildren of the AR product line. Bu, damn it, I'm going to love them as my own!
  5. Roy, Thank you so much for your recommendations. The suggestion of the L-pad is appreciated as I would have purchased 15 ohm pots to replace the severely corroded units I currently have. Now, I just need to gather the appropriate caps, resistors, two 15 ohm pots (tweeters), two 8 ohm L-pads (midrange) and I can put this project to bed. I'm really looking forward to putting these in play.
  6. I appreciate your suggestion of alternate an solution to my midrange issue, but, as I already own these dome midranges at a not insubstantial cost (sigh), I will have to make these work as best I can. So, what power rating should I look for in this 2 ohm resistor? Does any one know where to best find this particular resistor- PE, Mouser, Digikey . . . ? Edit- Found good supply of resistors at Madisound- still, what is considered minimum value for power, 10W, 20W, more? I have no basis of knowledge for this. And as I'll now be ordering new caps will I be looking for different values for the midrange portion of the crossover? It seems with these 5's it's always two steps forward, one step back. I really do appreciate all y'all's help.
  7. I've been looking almost a year for a pair of midranges for my AR5 cabinets. Had I known how unlikely it would be to find AR5 midranges I never would have picked up the cabinets for cheap. Everything else to make these functioning speakers is a small fortune. But, I'm all in now. Having said all that, I had read in a posting or two here, somewhere, that one could substitute AR 3 midranges with the addition of appropriate resistors. I purchased a pair of new "AR3", et al, midranges. Has number printed on back- 12100103 over 1718. They're all black, like later model AR midranges, but they fit the hole in my cabinet. So, I have that going for me! So, now these are 3.2 ohms- can any one suggest the resistors I should acquire to make these work properly? Then it's on to new pots and recapping the crossover. And new/refurbished grilles. in my opinion, never let someone sell you AR5 cabinets cheap. They're not really doing you any favors.
  8. Whenever I would go to Fred Locke they would try to sell me Genesis speakers. They also had Avid and JBL. As well as their FLS speakers! They were big on Pioneer elcronics. I was a Tech Hi-Fi person, myself. And yes, I was born, raised and live in CT. I couldn't imagine living any where else!
  9. So while on my continual hunt for used vinyl I went into this store in Wethersfield, CT, Integrity 'N Music, a store I had last stepped foot into in 1979, and the first thing I see as I walk in is what looks like an AR cabinet. I ask if these are indeed AR's and he replies they're something called acoustic Research. Okaaaay. So I ask if I might take the grille off the one by the door and he agrees to let me. Not being intimately familiar with the whole AR line, they seemed to be 5'ish in size. And sure nuf when I took the grille off there was the AR5 layout. Now it may have been an AR woofer, I can't say for sure, but the midrange looked like the same cone unit as used in the Infinity Quantum speakers- the ones with the eight (?) sided chassis. The tweeter was some dome I also didn't recognize. Not even close to being original, but he didn't know and didn't care. I let him be in his ignorance. So I didn't find a kindred spirit in terms of AR speakers, but he was happy playing Dexter Gordon as he worked.
  10. Yes, they have stuff, but not a lot that I found of interest. He seemed kinda pricey, but he is running a business, not a hobby. Had you asked when he sold the AR9's or how much he had gotten for them? I feel I failed as I should have posted sooner,
  11. A couple of weeks ago I wandered into Merle's Record Rack, in Orange, CT the last store of a small chain of record stores here in Connecticut. They have some used audio available, some of interest, much of it not. The owner/technician uses AR LST's for his test speakers. At that time he had just gotten in a pair of AR 9's. Said refoaming was needed. The cabinets looked to be in good condition. If anyone has interest this is their link- http://merlesrecordrack.com/index.html I have no affiliation, don't often shop for records there. But they had a pair of AR 9's that may be of interest.
  12. I'm looking to replace the smaller x-over caps in my AR-5's. If I'm correct they are 4 uF. I haven't looked into this in any detail, but while looking at one site, they offer Solens at 3.3 uF and 4.7 uF- one too low, one too high. Is either for all practical purposes useful? Alternatively can I parallel two caps to arrive at a closer spec, e.g. 1 uF and 3.3 uF? Thanks
  13. Lucky for you he had only the one; if had two I would have long ago purchased them. I'm happy you were able to use it.
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